Devastating Hail Storm

Devastating Hail Storm

Devastating Hail Storm DESTROYS Giant Solar Farm! (21 min)

Forecasting the Fate of a Filament (2 min)

Something Weird Is Happening On Venus..(12 min)


Freezing Temps & Snow Head South – Eruption Warning Issued Iceland – Earthquake Watch – Anthropocene (7 min)

Earthquake Watch! – Deadly Blizzard Exits Midwest – Actors Do Dumb Things – ‘Resurrection Biology’ (11 min)

Dave White: Climate Change Truth | Tom Nelson Pod #182 (55 min)



Earth Is Boiling

Earth Is Boiling

The Climate War Begins | The Opening Shot (4 min)

Dan Andrews announces he is sending Victoria back to the Ice Age (1 min)


Hailstorm Causes Emergency Landing – NH Tornado – M-44 Cyanide Bombs – Annular Eclipse Update (11 min)

Climate Fakery Part 17 (7 min)


Rogue Geoengineering Lawsuit, Make Sunsets (2:03 min)



Geoengineering Lawsuit

Geoengineering Lawsuit


Solar Maximum Could Hit Us Harder And Sooner Than Predicted. How Severe Can The Sun’s Cycle Peak Be? (9 min)

These Changes Are Hidden So You Don’t Panic (15 min)

Humans & Dinosaurs Together, Big Sunspot Keeps Growing | S0 News June.28.2023 (3 min)


Geoengineering Lawsuit with Reinette Senum and Jim Lee – Pt 1 (1:34 min)

Beautiful Day For A Wildfire – 3Canyons Permaculture Front Row Seats – Pre Evacuation Orders Issued (2 min)


Western Australia Spiral Geoglyphs – Evidence For An Ancient Global Civilization (44 min)



Italy’s Campi Flegrei Supervolcano Edges Closer to Possible Eruption – Last Erupted in 1538 at VEI3 (9 min)

Huge Filament Eruption, Solar Storm Modulations | S0 News June.12.2023 (3 min)

Massive Hail Destroys Parts Of North Texas – Sun Diving Comet Boom! – AMO & PDO Are Lost – Aliens (13 min)

“Scientists Say” (8 min)

The Big One! This Could Trigger The Next Massive Earthquake Along California’s San Andreas Fault (5 min)

North America’s LARGEST River FINALLY Dried Up And Something TERRIFYING Is Happening!(25 min)


Global Warming

Global Warming

Hail Pummels Chicago- Blizzard Conditions For Northern Plains – Shift To El Niño – Venus’s Volcanoes (10 min)


The Channel below does click-bait fear porn but their videos are good and Yellowstone Park is spectacular. Nature at its best.  The fact that cracks appear and that there is geothermal activity is a good thing. It relieves the pressure.  I would be more worried if nothing happened.  Interesting fact mentioned in the video was the caldera Taupō  in NZ erupted 26K years ago and Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia about 76K years ago (74-76).  This fits the 26K great year precession cycle and roughly three times (=78) the cycle.

NASA Just Announced A 100ft Wide Fissure-Crack Just Opened Up Yellowstone Volcano in 24hrs (18 min)