White Replacement

White Replacement

Apparently discrimination is OK as long as it is against white people.This Scottish lad (or is it a lass-lolz) is in my twitter feed.  Here is an exchange on twitter after his hernia operation. He is living in Australia now but wrote to all of the Scottish MPs just before First minister of Scotland Humza resigned (in order to start a corner shop or something – lolz).

He passed new “hate crime” laws. A bit like the anti-Semitic Bill in the USA.  This is globally coordinated action and I am starting to suspect that the push back (in most cases genuine) is also being used as a psychological operations tool.


These people need serious push back.  If anything they have damaged race relations irrevocably. Their polices have caused more division and tension ….but then…that was always the intention wasn’t it?

As to not making any jokes about gays (the height of PC blasphemy) or poking fun at woke culture….this makes it your patriotic duty to poke as much fun and mock as much as you can.  A level playing field. No discrimination. Everyone is fair game.

Scottish Politician says “Scotland Needs Africans and Chinese in the Scottish Parliament” (13 min)


The fact that the curry muncher (lolz) Rishi is on the side of the tranny basher JK Rowling stinks of Psyop to me. We are all being played.