For your health

For your health

Trust the experts and the army (lolz)  Clown world Australia.

Tasting stink beans

Tasting stink beans

The second article in my Garden-health series The video below is called “The Tasting”  which is a bit like “The Shinning” but without the horror (lolz).    When I prepared my natto beans I used black beans and mixed in some lighter colored soy natto from the Asian shop.  Natto supposedly has all sorts of benefits:

Effect of Fermentation Parameters on Natto and Its Thrombolytic Property

Nattokinase decreases plasma levels of fibrinogen, factor VII, and factor VIII in human subjects

I actually cooked the beans in a Pyrex dish in a pressure cooker so the dish and contents were sterile before I started the fermentation process.  My pickled vegetables, beans and eggs were  kept in the fridge not on the shelf.  With any future batches I will use pressure sterilization for the eggs and the veg with a view to be able to store them on a shelf.  This website is useful:

I used the green tea leaves that I had drained off the  kombucha and added fresh garlic, ginger,lemon juice and salt to make Laphet which is Burmese for fermented or pickled tea. Myanmar is one of the few countries where tea is both consumed as a drink and as an eaten delicacy, in the form of pickled tea, which is unique to this region.

The Tasting (7 min)

No more Covid brain (lolz)…actually a great feeling to know that you grew something and preserved it yourself.




I have added a new tag called garden-health in the trend of “let food be your medicine” as nothing beats wholesome home grown food.  So I thought I would create a new category detailing  my attempts at gardening and different recipes etc and combine that with articles about health.   I will still keep the health tag running but this allows me a bit more leeway.

In about October-Sept 2021 I planted a garden built a small chicken coup and started prepping. My first four chickens were obtained from a farm and were different breeds (I can’t even remember the breed names).  We got them as chicks and I kept them inside in a large cardboard box lined with plastic and lamps. One of them got poopy butt which I managed to clean after watching a YT video. Long story short they grew up but one of them turned into a (beautiful) rooster (which we found a home for in the country – he was called “poopy butt”) and another beautiful white chicken became slowly paralyzed (poor thing).   I believe it had Marek disease and was probably unvaccinated ( I know…most chickens are vaccinated see my article on Marek). Anyway I had the poor thing put down by the vet and got two more chickens (these are reddish brown and smaller) from a grain and feed store.   Henrietta and Eggy are great layers. The other two chooks lay bigger eggs  but less frequently but I tend to get two eggs a day.  I have an ongoing battle with swallows getting into the run and I am trying to find their entry points (I put shade cloth and smaller gauge wire and still they come, I tried wind chimes and electronic hooting owl and still they come).    I have started pickling eggs and have bought calcium hydroxide because apparently you can keep raw eggs (unwashed straight from the chicken therefore covered with the “bloom) in a solution outside the fridge for two years. Apparently you can still fry them up after you wash them in water.  Anyway, that is another experiment that I will try.

Anyways, I am into the second year of planting and learning fast.  Making my own compost using the wood shavings and chicken poo when I clean out the run. Also kitchen scraps. Added worms to the compost bin and keep it moist.  The soil is rich but field mice have made a home in the compost.  I put down traps in the garden (to catch them live to release elsewhere) but they are too smart.  I had to resort to poison (carefully hidden and inaccessible to the dog) because they were chewing through my chicken feed (seed) bags.  These have now been placed in large plastic boxes on a pallet (live and learn).  Problem solved but I hate baiting and have left the mice in the compost alone (I know I should  probably do something). I have two tame doves who now strut about the garden and I give them a handful of seed (I know I should not do it).

In the first year we planted a radish from the fridge that had a root and it grew into a big plant that flowered and produced seed pods which I harvested.  Obviously, I did not know what I was doing and had to YT a lot but these pods provided lots of seeds that are now being planted and producing radishes.   We planted a lot of chard and that did well in the first year. We also planted spinach and carrots.  Some successes but lots of failures.  Bugs and over-watering were problems.  It is going better this year. We covered everything with fine netting and have less bugs.  I am growing bok-choy from the shop. Simply bought it at Woolworth’s (no longer shop there due to them sacking the unvaccinated) and stuck them in the ground.  Did the same with potatoes (in grow bags) and beetroot.    Bought a whole load of root vegetables and plan to make a new flower bed (front garden) – ginger root, turmeric, galangal, Jerusalem artichoke, kipfler potatoes and sweet potato (purple).  Sweet potato is not a potato but a vine root.  These are all shop bought and are lying on a tray outside. I am waiting for them to sprout and I will plant them just before spring.  Going to make a special flowerbed for the root veg.   We are still experimenting but I have enough soil and other materials to make raised flower beds and scale up the quantities quickly if necessary.

The moral of the story is start experimenting….it takes time.  It is OK to fail that is how you learn.  I thought it was just a case of stick it in the ground and it will grow but that is not the case. We are now in winter but it will soon be spring.  My advice is to get your beds ready now, buy your seeds, soil,tools and fertilizers and get your beds ready for spring.

My harvest

Here is my harvest and attempts at pickling eggs and vegetables.  The two jars of veg which are from the garden with the exception of the onions and garlic (but we have planted them for next season).  We pick the outer leaves of the bok-choy and chard leaves (they grow back). A lot of stuff (spinach leaves) can be continuously harvested during the season. We have lettuce growing (and doing well during the winter).  We cover the lettuce with netting (in pots) and we save our clear plastic bottles and square containers and cut a hole in the top and use them to protect the small plants. Together with slug pellets (dog safe etc uses EDTA) it seems to be working thus far.  We even have tomato plants outside in hanging pots. I put them in a very sunny location and protected with clear plastic containers. Seems to be working as they are less liable to get frost when they are off the ground.  Anyway it is all an experiment.  I have a bunch of Russian Red tomatoes (lolz) which will go in the small green house that I built (I forgot about that -lolz).  I take some pictures when I have time.  So, I am not busy blogging all the time….gardening and prepping keeps me very busy.

I have started making water-kefir, milk-kefir, yogurt and natto beans. kefir water tastes like (slightly alcoholic) lemonade. The milk kefir can be tart if you ferment too long but at 2 days it is like drinking yogurt. As for pickles…I like sauerkraut etc. Will report back next week after tasting. The covid virus stays in the gut for weeks. If you take quercetin other supplements they reduce your gut flora. Fermented products are pro-biotic and restore gut health. Kombucha made with green tea is good against amyloidosis and heart attacks.
Stinky beans (natto) has an enzyme called nattokinase studies show benefits against amyloid build up and dementia. The Japanese eat it a lot and have an elderly population.

Gut health

It is all connected (lolz) – we are a complex system…far more complicated than they suppose. We are not just “code” that can be manipulated.

Our butt is connected to our brain.  “The trigeminal and vagus nerve or the gut-brain axis are the entrance of SARS-CoV-2 in brain” find here. So perhaps a brain fart is a real thing? (lolz)  The vagus nerve is the connecting link.  Now you know why the  Chinese were obsessed with anal schwabs (or is it swabs?).

Stinky beans

Stinky (natto beans) is supposed to help restore gut health.  That is why I have started with all the fermented products.  Gut health is critical.

Not only that but people are shitting out covid and it enters the drinking water. What have these lunatics done to us? In South Australia they are adding Chloramine  to drinking water. I use spring water for my fermentation but should it not be available I will boil puratap (filtered) water or use my treated rainwater.

However, back to stinky beans. I will report back on the tasting of pickles etc and include recipes. I believe the smell disappears if they are kept in the fridge and then you need to vigorously stir them (100x) serve mixed with lemon juice, raw onion, hot mustard etc. There are various scientific articles on the benefits but here is a vox pop article:

Kombucha can be made with green tea. Mine has been fermenting for nearly seven days and I will leave it another seven. Walter Chestnut has an article showing that green tea extract combats amylodosis.


Has this given you a headache?

Has all this given you a headache?  Take an aspirin and give one to your plant as well (lolz). Not all plants (or people) may be suitable for the aspirin regimen, but it has been shown that the nightshade family (eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes) do benefit greatly. Just keep an eye on your flowers response to aspirin and make conclusions.  So not only can aspirin help with covid clotting it can help your plants (see my health article on aspirin before taking any).

See What Happens When You Use Aspirin in Your Garden (3 min)

Why not try gargling with a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide to stop sore throats and viruses. Or you could give it to your plant! (always try on a small area first).


I will be reporting back with recipes and tastings and a record of what works and does not work in my garden and with more photos. I only have a small garden but it is big enough if used properly. My advice get growing now.



If anything the pandemic has taught me the importance of natural herbs and supplements which can be very powerful. It has also taught me the about the incredible healing capacity of the body.  Here follow some scientific articles and some recommended blogs/links.

Immune-Boosting, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Food Supplements Targeting Pathogenesis of COVID-19

Systemic production of IFN-alpha by garlic (Allium sativum) in humans



Blog Spot

This is a very handy blog for information.

Government Harm

Government Harm

This video I present three sure fire ways to detect if your government actually cares about your health specifically or public health generally. Spoiler alert – most don’t. The dysfunction we are seeing with the health authorities is just the tip of a very rotten, and corrupt iceberg. The same levels of dysfunction exist throughout the entire edifice of agencies upon whom so much depends. It’s time for your voice to be heard and it’s time for you to become more resilient – just in case. Links: CDC – Children Hospitalized… Children RSV in Australia… Early Treatments – Pooled studies table Peak Prosperity 2022 Event… NY AG sends ‘cease & desist’ to doctors on ivermectin… Martenson – Comprehensive Ivermectin Toxicity Review DC March rm

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:45 – How To Find Out if Your Government Cares About Your Health in 3 Easy Steps
  • 01:31 – Step #1: Has It Produced A video Like This?
  • 11:03 – Step #2: Are Your Citizens Still Sent Home To Tough It Out?
  • 18:02 – Step #3: Does It Waste Resources Blocking Treatments?
  • 26:27 – Conclusions

Five Eyes Health Agenda

Five Eyes Health Agenda

The intelligence services care so much about your health that they devote conferences to discussing your bowel movements.  They don’t want you catching a cold or feeling unwell.  They care about you.  They really do care.   We are not in the middle of  a bio-war and the virus is completely natural.    Oh, and please stop spreading disinformation about vaccines.  What are you?  A Russian (Chinese) bot?  Nothing to see here….move along.



A few quotes from the article by Dr. Gemma Bowsher from King’s College London. Strengthening Cooperation on Health Security Intelligence Across the Five Eyes: Conference Of Defence Associations Institute.

During the pandemic, the security sectors of all members of the alliance; Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand and. the UK have been deployed to fulfil public health roles in support of domestic responses (Gad et al. 2021). Additionally, intelligence Agencies, such as the UK’s GCHQ have been tasked with handling specific threats such as vaccine disinformation, whilst the CIA has been examining questions of viral origins (Fisher & Smyth 2020).

How signal of an emerging hight threat pathogen is detected is essentially an intelligence problem (Levy & Wark 2021, Wilson & McNamara 2020).

COVID-19 has demonstrated the grave risks of global health insecurity.

Health disinformation in particular has appeared as a tool of cyber-warfare by hostile states, and so too has the targeting of health sector infrastructure, both digital and physical.

Health disinformation has been characterized as the future of biowarfare (Bernard et al. 2020); able to perpetuate and propagate pathogen transmission through secondary effects, as 
well as engendering hostility and violence towards health actors (Broniatowski et al. 2018).

The growing calls for ‘intelligence-led approaches’ to disease control reflect an overdue focus from the intelligence sector on ‘health security’, a domain encompassing a variety of traditional and evolving threats ranging from pandemics to engineered bioweapons (Walsh 2020, Bowsher et al. 2016, Bowsher et al. 2020, Lentzos et al. 2020). Repeated inattention to this critical threat paradigm demands high-level recognition from decision-makers and practitioners across health and security networks to remedy the systematic failures experienced across Five Eyes nations.






mRNA Found In Organs (TLAV)

mRNA Found In Organs (TLAV)



Click HERE For Super U



Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

Links Coming Shortly…

Important TLAV Mask Coverage

Most Recent Mask Studies

5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:

Cloth Mask Study

SOME of the mask studies on efficacy:


Double Jabbed

Double Jabbed

The side effects of the vaccine are already proving more serious than many anticipated.

Apart from problems with the cardiovascular system (including blood clots etc) it is suspected that long term effects may induce protein miss-folding and therefore  be neuro-degenerative (see Dr. Kevin McCairn articles on this blog). I certainly hope that is not the case but it is apparent that this unnecessary gene therapy (it is not a vaccine) has increased  immune stress on the body. The mRNA therapy instructs your own cells to produce spike proteins but the spike protein itself is toxic.  Your body reacts by making specific antigens against that spike but in my book this is Frankenstein science messing with delicate cellular mechanism leaves the process open to the law of unforeseen consequences.  And that is if you trust the scientists and the people behind this.  Which I definitely do not.  Why would I trust people who openly call themselves eugenicists and trans-humanists?  Why?

I hope and I pray that the vaccinated remain O.K.  Even if the worst case scenarios do not emerge their immune system is compromised. It will never be the same.  Think that I am exaggerating?  What do I know…I am just a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist.  Well perhaps you are ready to listen to Dr David Bauer from the Francis Crick (you know the guy who discovered DNA) Institute?


So, let me summarize for you. Leaving the worst case scenarios to one side you have destroyed your God given natural immunity and made yourselves dependent on pharma who can apparently whip out “boosters” at will with their brand new shiny mRNA platform. I told you in advance yet here we are.  ARE YOU READY TO LISTEN YET?

The first step is- no more boosters. Nothing. Nada.  Whatever happens, happens.  The second step is to maximize your immunity. It does work if you stick with it.  This list comes from Dr. Judy Mikovitz and I have looked up the scientific literature.  Start straight away with these treatments.  The treatments below will prevent viral load and they will work against the spike as well.  Give your body a chance to recover. 

Holistic Therapies for strengthening immunity


As a PDF (to download)

Download and send it to your family and friends if they have been jabbed.  It will do them no harm and may save their life.

Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles

Medical Technocracy

Medical Technocracy


On this episode of Objective:Health we talk to Dr. Lee Merritt about the rise of medical technocracy and how Covid is an act of stealth warfare against our nation. The corruption of the medical profession and why the coronavirus vaccines are dangerous bioweapons being deployed against the people. Dr. Merritt has taken two oaths: the Hippocratic Oath and the Oath to the Constitution as a Naval Officer. She is in this fight to support those two oaths. Dr. Merritt studied bioweapons while serving as an orthopedic surgeon in the United States Navy for 9 years. And has been in the private practice of Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery since 1995, served on the Board of the Arizona Medical Association, and is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She is the author of Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through The Disaster of Obamacare and also authored an informative paper for the Journal of American Physicians & Surgeons The treatment of viral diseases: Has the truth been suppressed for decades? Join us as we talk in-depth about the history of masks, MRnA technology and effective treatments for viral disease, like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and vitamin D. Dr. Merritt’s website: Link to paper:… For other health-related news and more, you can find us on: ♥Twitter: ♥Facebook: ♥Brighteon:… ♥LBRY:

Be Afraid

Be Afraid

Another good show by the Objective Health Team.  They do not get as many views as they should. They are always thoughtful and well informed. 

Be Afraid: Is the Fear of Covid Making Us Sick and Crazy?

Ha…..I watched the video this morning and it has already been removed from You Tube.  This is just ridiculous.  This video was rather good and has not yet appeared on their Brighteon Channel:

As soon as it appears I will notify people by placing the link in this article.  I will also tweet it our everywhere and encourage people to tweet and/or view the video.  At this point it doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with the video but we cannot allow Jew media to decide what we should watch especially as they have piled filth and porn on us.  So when the new link comes available I would like to see this go everywhere.  I hate bullies.


Here is the video on Facebook:–Is-the-Fear-of-Covid-Making-Us-Sick-and-Crazy-:c

Here it is as a tweet: