Broken Hearts From PRION

Broken Hearts From PRION

Dr McCairn is starting to draw in a much larger audience.  The first seven minutes are a very good summary of what contributed to the excess deaths during the pandemic.  Never forget:

They stopped antibiotic use
They sedated
They ventilated
They killed
Please applaud them they are heroes.

Kristan T. Harris: The Science of Elon Musk’s Neuralink, & Broken Hearts From PRION (2:26min)

The Great Retarding

The Great Retarding


Lethal Infection of Human ACE2-Transgenic Mice Caused by SARS-CoV-2…


The Great Retarding: SARS Related Long-Term Cognitive Decline

Vaccine-Induced Abnormal Heart Physiology – Potential Mechanisms (11 min)

Latest IgG4 publication and Dr. Geert vanden Bossche connection (IgG4 part 10, update 122)-28 min


Vaccine Generated Spike

Vaccine Generated Spike

If you are still under the delusion that the vaccines are somehow good for you then you should watch this:


Vaccine Generated Spike in the Blood of Children with Myocarditis

And this……

Full article:

How about this:

IgG4 Antibodies part2 – why are they appearing? – update 87 (24 mins)


We are Doomed

We are Doomed

Bill Gates meets Albo-sleazy (1 min)

We don’t know what’s causing this but we know it’s definitely not the vaccine.(2 min)


Madonna is coming to Adelaide

The Kabbalist occultist is coming to Adelaide. Someone who is going to a concert said the prime seats cost over $4000 (lolz) and asked my wife if she would like to go.  Even if you paid me I would not go.  These celebs are nuts.

This Could End Madonna’s Career!  (16 min)

…and talking about Jamie… (click image to see full birth announcement)

Rare complications

Rare complications

John Campbell calls them “rare” in an ironic fashion but they are not rare at 17% of children with heart problems. This is now beyond criminal.   Along with others I have been warning for three years.  I have never seen people so brainwashed and in love with servitude.

Rare complications (20 min)


I don’t know who said it, but to paraphrase….   an emotional man sees the world as a tragedy an intellectual man as a comedy. In truth it is probably both but if you don’t laugh at the absurdity you would go insane:


Jabracadabra (4 min)

There a number of great songs on this channel check out Pureblood (lolz)

The Boatrawker


Sudden Doctor Deaths

Sudden Doctor Deaths

Ninety Canadian doctors have died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout out of the dangerous and ineffective Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines,” according to the research of Dr. William Makis, MD (Gettr:

…without any investigation by the organization saddled with protecting its physician members, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Shockingly and to the contrary, the CMA has instead publicly stated on social media that Dr. Makis’ work is dangerous “disinformation” and ignored 2 open letters of concern with research findings from Dr. Makis. (See letters below.) Compared to the number of deaths pre-Covid jabs in 2019-2020, the numbers of deaths in 2021-2022 is exploding.

Join us for this explosive interview where Dr. Makis reveals disturbing trends within the 90 deaths, a major mechanism of vaccine injury and death, the Canadian Medical Association’s conflicted dismissal of the deaths, mainstream media collusion and the attacks on Dr. Makis himself for bringing such important information to the world.

The mainstream media will not bring you these reports. We urgently need your help. Please fund independent media and donate today at or send an e-transfer to

[INTERVIEW] 90 Sudden or Unexpected Canadian Doctor Deaths -Dr. William Makis, MD

Dr Peter McCullough issues emergency warning

Dr Peter McCullough issues emergency warning

When the most published heart Doctor in the world speaks you should listen. No matter what you think about Alex Jones (Zionist Shill) and InfoWars, Peter McCullough is featured on this segment from September 3rd (yesterday) The link is for Ron Gibson on bitslide (he removes all commercials prior to posting).