Murderous Monsters

Murderous Monsters

These are good videos.  So many of these viruses come from monkey tissue – RSV, monkeypox, SV40 and AIDS.

Merck introduced AIDS to Africa. Millions died. Africa was ravaged. We are dealing with eugenicists and psychopaths.

Did Fauci coverup the origin of AIDS? ChatGPT lays out the indisputable facts (9 min)


Hep and adenovirus

Hep and adenovirus

We speculated about hepatitis in children in a previous thread and more or less concluded that it was too early to tell but suggested that it seemed to be either linked with adenovirus or with ADE.  Here is the previous article:

Hep in Children

Here is the latest video by Dr. Raszek

New mysterious hepatitis – COVID-19 vaccines update 41 (10 min)

What is causing the recent mysterious hepatitis around the world? First scientific evidence linking to COVID-19 spike protein effects. Also discussed is the concept of how viruses can trick our immune systems via “pathogenic priming” and finally we discuss how atomic structures of biological molecules are solved using an example of hepatitis virus. Described content: Hepatitis T-cells:… Pathogenic priming:… Hepatitis virus structure:….

Below is an excellent thread by Jikkyleaks (Fan Account) including another contributor…which I turned into a PDF because the thread compiler did not work (and these things tend to go missing as they delete accounts).

This is an excellent (and frightening) thread. It looks like some sort of recombination producing a chimaeric adenovirus.  The vaccine virus picks up the E1 gene (in whole or part) from another circulating adenovirus.   Children are probably very susceptible because young children who haven’t been exposed to intestinal adenoviruses are now hit with a supercharged (chimaeric) adenovirus as their first exposure.  See also the side-note on adenovirus contamination.

Future articles will look at natural supplements that strengthen liver function.

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Murderna Hepatitis in Kids

Murderna Hepatitis in Kids

Keep injecting those kids folks…..give them hepatitis and vaids…

The solution

The solution is more of the same.  They create the problem and offer the solution.  Take a look at their development schedule.  Vaccines for hepatitis and autoimmunity.  HOW DID THEY KNOW?   HOW DID THEY KNOW?   They have a load of other “vaccines” (mRNA transfections) lined up.   They are safe and effective (are they not?).   And they are preparing for other diseases (like Zika and hemorrhagic fevers).  So you know what is coming next. If you don’t put these people back in their box they will kill you and your kids.

Aids,blood and Hep

Aids,blood and Hep

All these epidemics are connected through the same people. Fauci was involved and Katz (the father of Rebecca Katz).  Contaminated blood was distributed.  All sorts of stuff happened in the late seventies and eighties.   They even exported contaminated blood which was used by CSL in Australia and harmed 1,400 people who never received compensation.  We have posted about CSL on this blog in the past but my attached tweet account and some videos are already gone.

Hep blood testing (or lack thereof) in NYC in late 1970s/1980s – 2003 newspaper


The video can be found here (the owner has disabled playback)?

Recommended 34 minutes long:

Katzwoman (involved with Covid) is his daughter: