Prion Rap and Prion Gaming

Prion Rap and Prion Gaming

Dr McCairn is a domain level expert in systems neuroscience and his observations regarding the science have been data driven and nuanced.  He has resisted the corrupt science institutes by using unconventional methods to neutralize  one of their main weapons which is the wielding of woke critical Marxism as a blunt club to shut people down.  If you “notice” you are immediately ostracized as antisemitic or racist or…..   The only way to counter this strategy is with humor, memes and anti-woke language.  You do not play by their rules especially when they gate-keep the science and disallow any contrary evidence to be published.

In the first video Dr McCairn is being slandered by Mark from Housatonic who has teamed up with J. Couey in an effort to defame Dr McCairn.  According to them prions don’t exist or are harmless. In their paranoia they accuse Dr McCairn of going over to the dark side and running a PsyOp.  Mark lost his son recently in the fentanyl wars (chemical warfare) and J.C.was sacked by the RFK Jr Children’s Health Defense team (after doing the dirty on Rixey).  Their attack is suspicious and it looks like they caved to deep state pressure.

Their accusations are nonsense because Dr McCairn’s streams are throttled to ensure that their reach is limited.  They are not boosted as you would expect if they were supported by the establishment. Moreover, Dr McCairn is setting up a lab to inject hamsters with vaccines in order to induce prionopathy  or amloidogenic responses and to investigate methods to control or prevent prion cascades.

We know from sequencing that the spike protein contains prion-like domains as well as GP120-HIV1.  We know that these epitopes cause different pathologies in different people that can on the surface be as divergent as brain disease, heart disease  or immune collapse. Although they manifest as different sickness they have the same root cause. There has been a huge uptick in excess deaths and neurological diseases. Dr McCairn admits that we cannot say with any certainty if we will all be overwhelmed by prion disease which is why he is perusing lab work.

I have included two streams (starting after the intro). The stream with Stephanie Seneff and Joachim Gerlach is the more serious discussion about prions but below is the take down of Scooby-do (J.J. Couey who believes he has cracked and unveiled the villain). But first some fun with two short 2 minute videos –


Prion: Infection – Official Game Trailer – Steam

J. C needs to stay of the Scooby Snacks. Doing science while whacked not a good idea (lolz). Better to rob banks.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Scooby Snacks (Official Music Video) -4 min


The Take-down (ouch):

You Spin Me Right Round, Like a Giga-Spiral – Housatonic’s Shit-Tier Takes – 4/29/2024, 4:09:29 AM (2 hours)

“In the chaotic world of online fame, Gigastoned Judas Couey and Mark Jewsatonic, two useless YouTubers known for their dimwitted and often contentious content, are desperate to boost their dwindling viewership. In a reckless bid for viral success, they target Dr. Kevin W. McCairn, a well-respected neuroscientist renowned for his groundbreaking research on amyloids and prions, predicting their potential weaponization in bio-warfare scenarios.
As Judas and Mark spiral into paranoia and misinterpretation, they launch a series of misguided attacks on Dr. McCairn during live streams, accusing him of conspiracies and malpractices, hoping to stir controversy and capture attention. Unbeknownst to them, their actions spark a broader a further precipitous decline in their viewership.”

With serious -head on:

PRIONS With Stephanie Seneff & Joachim Gerlach- 4/24/2024, 4:52:27 AM


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Housatonic Nails Bob Malone

Housatonic Nails Bob Malone

A take-down of Malone (who was always suspect with his DAPRA links).  As I said from the start….if you wait long enough and keep probing the truth will reveal itself. The same with J.C…what is he playing at?  He hitched his wagon with JFK jr. now running as a Presidential Candidate.  The game is afoot.  Do not be fooled. Starts at 12 minutes:

Housatonic Nails Bob Malone, Microglia Targeting By SARS (1:35)

CV19 initial spread

CV19 initial spread

I have not watched this yet but I understand that Mark discusses virus evolution and is partial to JC’s hypothesis.  Apparently Mark Kulacz removed the video after the stream but once something has been placed on the internet it is difficult to erase.  This is not meant to be an attack on Mark or even on JC. I have enormous respect as Mark has endured personal tragedy and done a sterling job  as a dot connector and archivist during this difficult time making his website freely available to everyone.

At this late stage many will think that it is a moot point how CV19 spread nearly three years ago.  Who cares?  It is just an academic debate.  We beg to differ because such a position wants us to believe that the original CV19 was not really dangerous (therefore long covid is more or less a fabrication) and all the subsequent “variants” are just  computer fabrications and rebranding of flu.  Now, the situation is complicated because they did conduct a psy-op and they did abuse PCR and COD and no doubt they fiddled the stats.  They also caused many iatrogenic deaths.  None of that is disputed.  We also do not dispute that synthetic clones were used to amplify the GOF virus as the work of Kevin McKernan is revealing.

What we do dispute is that GOF either did not happen or is more or less harmless. The JC hypothesis is that CV19 “synthetic clone” more or less de-attenuates and cannot maintain virulence or produce variants.  According to this hypothesis the pandemic was maintained by spraying synthetic clone everywhere, not by natural transmission. This from a virologist/epidemiologist on our discord:

There is NO need for continue seeding of recombinant viruses, when the original virus is firmly established in circulation. The Omicron offshoot can be clearly explained via normal host species jump of Delta into rodents then back into humans. The data in mice showing that hACE2 expression is no longer necessary to establish productive infection of Omicron in mice is clear evidence. I think JC is continuing to fuel divisions among dissenters creating a large deal of confusion on an offshoot topic which should not be our primary focus.

1.The infectious clone is already a mutant swarm because it has to be amplified in cell culture. 

2. Delayed pathogenic effects from infection would allow the virus time to transmit and spread prior to disease/death. 

3. Viruses natural state is to evolve toward high transmissibility and low lethality, but GOF viruses don't exist in a natural state.

Our position is that the virus can maintain its characteristics and can spread and therefore precautions must be taken.  We also believe that the vaccine is dangerous.  I personally believe that “shedding” and constant vaccination maintains and evolves the “swarm”.

We should not be complacent with the virus or with the vaccines.  The virus is not “just a cold” it is a bio-weapon with untold long term consequences.  It is my belief that the original CV19  strain was meant to lay the groundwork for the “vaccination campaign” as in preparing the immune system  to be breached.

In any case, discounting the possibility and danger of GOF lets them off the hook.  They want to continue with GOF because….it does not really do any harm (JC/Mark). The harm was caused by spraying synthetic clone.  Sorry, I am not buying it.  This must be fully investigated and the people that did this must be punished.


The virus as a Pet

The virus as a Pet

Mark Kulacz from Housatonic makes a pertinent observation:

Interestingly, whether you believe the capabilities of “remote viewers” or not some of them predicted in 2017 that the virus creator would treat the virus like a pet.

It was in 2017 that remote viewer Edward Riordan had an ominous feeling going trough his body and decided to investigate it. What he came up with was this virus. The first thing he said is that it was man-made. He also describes a man with a very strange personality who talks to his virus creation as a pet and releases it into the world. Edward Riordan Nov 23, 2017 “This person wants to change the world In this persons mind they feel a relationship with these tine organisms… …like they feel they feel like a father figure to these organisms as a psychological profile I can see this person talking directly to the organism like it is their pet. like they talk to it like an other living organism. very strange person like they are releasing their pet into the world” (The remote viewing girls at Farsight Institute mention the same thing that this person treats it like a pet.)

Spartacoon and Housatonic Live

Spartacoon and Housatonic Live

Not watched this yet but it is only a 5 hour stream (lolz).  It promises to be very good and is a follow up of the Spartacoon chronicles.  I do not have time to post a running order and will listen in the background while I do other things.  The information stream is accelerating.  A good thing that I am already half -cyborg.  I will just up the clock-speed and process faster. If the stream disappears it can be found on WTYL (in two parts I think).

The Spartacoon Housatonic Live Chronicles – 5th Gen Neuro-warfare (5 hours)

This is the previous  Spartacoon stream:

The Spartacoon Chronicles



A number of one minute sorts by Mark from Housatonic.   He keeps digging and exposing the bio-swamp. The world of virus research is very incestuous. There are no good guys.  These one minute shorts give you an impression but Mark has a wealth of information.  All archived.  I recommend that you visit his channel and website.

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