Solar Climate

Solar Climate

Long Duration M7.2 Solar Flare & CME – 7 Dead After Hurricane-Force Winds Pound Houston – Warp Drive

Earthquakes & Planet Alignments (2 min)

First-Ever Aurora, Planetary Alignment Coming | S0 News May.17.2024 (3 min)

Ibu Volcano Eruption Update; Risk of a Major Eruption, Evacuations Underway (4 min)

Doubling Energy Costs (3 min)

Cycles and more Cycles

Cycles and more Cycles

Solar Eruption on the Way, Hurricane Approaches, Top Stories | S0 News Sep.15.2023 (3 min)

Large-scale flooding and hurricane! Cars are carried away by the current in Oujda, Morocco (2 min)

Confirmed Cycles Happening to the World (Jeff Harman 1/2) – 49min

World’s FIRST Map of Ancient AFRICA Will Shock You (1:08 min)

Cosmic Rays

Cosmic Rays

Meteorites Bombarding Earth Compounds Problems with Agriculture (14 min)

Hurricane Hilary 120mph Winds Cat3 Barrels Towards SW US – El Niño Forecast – Largest Impact Crater (10 min)

Hurricane, Weather Modification, Ice Layers | S0 News Aug.17.2023 (17 min)

What A Scam Looks Like (12 min)

Nir Shaviv: Cosmic rays and climate | Tom Nelson Pod #138 (1:00 min)




The earth has been shaped by catastrophes (see the third video) and our ancestors survived. I agree with Diamond from Magnetic Reversal that there will be no global tsunami (but there could be massive local flooding) and that Ben Davidson has schematized his dates to fit neatly into a precise recurrent pattern. However, I believe that Ben is correct about the micro-nova. Randall Carlson is (in my opinion) a Mason.

Solar Micronova | Q and A Nov.10.2022 (10 min)

Galactic Magnetic Reversal Evidence, Stars Dim Out, Hurricane Landfall (4 min)


The Unbelievable Story of Earth’s Most Epic Flood (14 min)
Good video then they had to spoil it by talking about carbon capture and climate change at the end (after talking about catastrophe) the irony. Noah’s flood was bigger….also a similar cause (ice dam breaking at the Bosporus) due to heavy rain.  The Middle East and Africa were flooded.

Huge Sunspots

Huge Sunspots

X-Class Flare, Huge Sunspots, Geomagnetic Field | S0 News Oct.3.2022 (3 min)

16 Day Forecast The Next Hurricane !! (55 min)

Mike is still battling cancer and improving so I think it is apt (when talking about the coming trouble) that he exhorts people not be afraid and says (at about 38 min) that it is in God’s hands not ours.  If you want to skip the US weather the UK/EU and Oz/NZ are 29 minutes onward.


Wild Weather

Wild Weather

We certainly seem to be seeing an increase in extreme global weather events although the weather patterns in the USA are being steered by Geo-engineering.  First a number of 2 min videos showing extreme events around the world. The video titles are a bit OTT and lurid (Kremlin destroyed and Europe destroyed… lolz) but the footage is good.

The Sahara Desert is flooded! Shots of devastating flooding in Algeria (2 min)

On 23 October 2021, heavy rain caused massive flooding in the city of Masouna in Algeria. As a result, the rivers overflowed their banks and a flood was formed, which flooded the roads. Hundreds of cars were in the water, and swift streams of water were sweeping them away. A lot of citizens suffered. The infrastructure of the city was damaged. Huge material damage was caused. In some areas, residents are being evacuated. Special teams are working to help the residents of the region. According to forecasts of weather forecasters, the rains may intensify. Natural disasters have become more frequent in 2021 due to global climate change. It is not known how the year will end.

The Kremlin has been destroyed! Terrible hurricane in Moscow (2 min)

A real hurricane hit Moscow on October 22, 2021. The wind blew with gusts of up to 20 meters per second attacked not only the outskirts, but also hit the very heart of the capital – the Kremlin. See how easily a raging hurricane demolishes the scaffolding installed at the Kremlin wall. All this happened in front of numerous passers-by. It’s good that no one was hurt. The hurricane easily picks up and demolishes almost all light and loose structures. The wind in some districts of Moscow began to carry away garbage cans and fell trees. One of them fell onto the playground. Several more trees landed on parked cars. In 2021, natural disasters have become more frequent. We are seeing climate change in many countries around the world. It is not known how 2021 will end.

Shock! Europe is destroyed! Hurricane Aurora turns western European countries into ruins. (2 mins)

The powerful storm Aurora hit France, England, the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries. In France, on October 21, a stormy wind stopped trains, the wind speed was 175 km / h, 250 thousand houses were left without electricity, a large number of trees were felled, a large number of citizens were injured, many cars were damaged, and a lot of material damage was caused. A hurricane struck a city in Cheshire, England, causing damage to property and vehicles. This hurricane wind echoes the storm that is now raging in Europe, Aurora. In the Netherlands, roofs have been ripped off many buildings, also a devastating tornado swept through the city of Gelderland, which brought significant destruction to the city. Part of the stadium in the Belgian port city of Antwerp was damaged. In 2021, natural disasters have become more frequent. We are seeing climate change in many countries around the world. It is not known how 2021 will end.

Sunken Shipwrecks Re-emerge (Forecast Cali Ark Storm East Coast Nor’easter) (9 min)

Sunken Shipwrecks Reemerge after Iwo Jima volcano erupts raising beaches, record hail size Australia, California Ark Storms and East Coast Nor’easter. Massive wind damage Europe flattening crops.

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EU Grain Situation Update July 2021… European Severe Weather Database Record Breaking Storms Possible for West Coast… Powerful storm wreaks havoc across Europe, leaves over 500 000 homes without power… EAIFR Seminar: Spin crossover in iron in Earth’s lower mantle phases by Prof. Renata WENTZCOVITCH… Seismological expression of the iron spin crossover in ferropericlase in the Earth’s lower mantle… Seismological expression of the iron spin crossover in ferropericlase in the Earth’s lower mantle…


The grid of earthquakes on La Palma is due to the placement of the censors. At around 48 minutes Mike shows extensive Geo-engineering. They are obviously trying to steer the atmospheric rivers to achieve their political objectives but as we have said before the ongoing magnetic reversal and changes in the global electrical circuit will eventually overwhelm their manipulation.


Price Gouging

Price Gouging

Although this is specific to the USA  we can expect similar infrastructure disruptions and inflationary shocks everywhere. Some will be very real and others manipulated but the effect on ordinary people will be the same.

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Electrical Collapse What You Missed While Gas Prices Spike


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Traveling By Car For Labor Day? Expect To Pay Highest Prices In Seven Years… Major electrical tower collapse leaves New Orleans completely without power… Power outage maps New Orleans… New Orleans Without Power After Transmission Tower Collapses into Mississippi River… Electric program budget… New Orleans Goes Dark After Hurricane Ida Inflicts “Catastrophic Transmission Damage”… New Orleans Without Power “For Weeks” As Dangerous Heat Sets In… Traveling By Car For Labor Day? Expect To Pay Highest Prices In Seven Years… Motorists should be charged per mile to counter electric vehicle traffic fears…



I have called this blog article “cracks” because cracks are appearing all over the earth. That is a consequence of the surface moving (just the top layer of the mantel). We will of course see more earthquakes but the slow movement of the surface (top 2 km) causes massive infrastructure damage.  Cracks in bridges, in railway lines, in buildings, in pipelines etc will grind the economy to a halt. And then there are the sinkholes.  This is a consequence of “space weather” and increased cosmic radiation penetration due to our weak magnetic field. Our earth is rotating faster. These glitches effect the shear viscosity or Magnetostatic and electrostatic torques within a planet which of course they are not telling you about. Suffice to say that these changes are linked to Space Weather and cannot be induced by Geo-engineering. The earth is gradually being charged like a capacitor.  Of course it does not help if they are spraying conductive metallic nano particles in the atmosphere. 

The façade of lies is cracking

Space Weather Tests of the Field, India Cyclone | S0 News May.16.2021

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Hundreds of houses are destroyed by a huge wave of Cyclone Tauktae in Kerala, India

Mike Morales Cat 6 was Geo-engineered?

Mike presents evidence that the Cat 6 was Geo-engineered. It certainly looks like EMF interference (see image below) but were they trying to prevent damage, or were they trying to steer the cyclone in a different direction? (Iran)  There does not seems to be any strategic benefit in hitting the coast of India.  Admittedly it does look strange. The three Gorges Dam is already struggling. If that area gets hit by rain bombs and the Dam breaks that would be catastrophic. Australian viewers skip to 41 minutes for South Australia.


Geoengineering with Black Carbon Lofting

A great video by Jim Lee with my comment below.


Jim, great show and I agree that geoengineering is happening and has been happening for a very long time on an unimaginable scale. However, you neglect to mention how this ties in with natural climate change which is happening because we are entering the galactic sheet and undergoing magnetic excursion. The outer planets are already experiencing changes (earthquakes on Mars,Neptune lost atmosphere, changes to the storm on Jupiter etc) as the galactic plasma, dust and magnetism increases. Our climate is influenced by solar forcing, the global electric circuit, increased cosmic rays etc.and because our magnetic shield is getting weaker we can expect more solar induced volcanic activity, earthquakes and extreme weather. We are in a solar minimum but as the sun cranks up we will be very vulnerable. It is getting colder (not warmer) and the grow zones are changing. My point is that the Geo-engineering is (deliberately in my view) muddying and confusing the issue. You cannot draw a "baseline" or a "standard" against which to measure natural changes if you are constantly intervening and messing with the climate. Could it be that they are trying to block cosmic radiation? Unless geoengineering is halted immediately we will never know what changes are natural and what are man made. Eventually natural changes will completely overwhelm their tinkering. When that happens the pressure from the approaching plasma and dust wave will cause the sun to micro-nova. The technocrats know what is coming. It is their intention to reduce the population, Lock us down in SMART cities and place us under surveillance and food rationing. They need to maintain their power structures. They are psychopaths but their is method to their madness. Tomorrow I will place your video on my website blog. Keep up the good work. Be well.