Two Collapse Pinpoints Sept & Dec 2022

Two Collapse Pinpoints Sept & Dec 2022

With Schwab allowing “sell only” orders for wheat and corn options and record gold derivative contracts are in motion. Food now locked being barriers in supermarkets and record numbers of people running out of gas on the roadways. We need to stitch this planet back up with gold threads.

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Urgent News From the Trucking & Energy Industries (11 min)

From personal contacts to others with connections across the transport and energy industries, massive shortages are beginning now and will amplify deeper into summer. Now we are being hit with Temporary Inflation Fees across our daily lives and corporations are preparing for life with less human workers.

In this video David mentions Casey and his  “cold sun ” theory supposedly based on on a 206 year cycle.  The last one happened in 1816 and was known as the year without a summer.This resulted in major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere.Evidence suggests that the anomaly was predominantly a volcanic winter event caused by the massive 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in April in the Dutch East Indies (known today as Indonesia).

It could be argued that the eruption of Tambora was caused by solar activity (it was) but a 206 year sub-cycle is not significant when compared to the 12,600 year cycle. The accretion of dust and plasma brought by the galactic sheet into the heliosphere is more likely (in my view) to make the sun  hotter (and the earth cooler) until the sun throws off the enveloping blanket in a micro-nova.  See the video below this one on the Tambora eruption.

The sun is definitely changing color and I have seen it going from yellow to white….and then???

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Aspire Food Group completes production of manufacturing facility… A ‘Great Purge’ is pushing small truckers out of business at an unprecedented rate… Could a food shortage be coming? Record diesel prices are crushing Pa. farmers… Grain: World Markets and Trade… Tree Nuts: World Markets and Trade… Coffee: World Markets and Trade… Corn Jul ’22 (ZCN22)… Robusta Coffee 10-T Jul ’22 (RMN22)… Rough Rice Jul ’22 (ZRN22)…

Mount Tambora: The Year Without a Summer (23 min)

The Adjustment Reaction

The Adjustment Reaction (30 min)

This is very good and recommended.  I prepared early because I understood what was coming and wanted to prepare and warn others.  Many actions were intuitive and early. 

This from the comments below:

I couldn’t watch. But read it. Nice  1. Be prepared  2. Think if scenarios and how you will react  3. Stay calm  4. Don’t try to convince others unless they trust you implicitly. Otherwise they will blame you and attack you.  5. Have boundaries and self respect. Stick to your plan and rules. If someone doesn’t want to follow leave them behind otherwise they will pull you both under  I’ve been through a lot in life. More than most. Go through enough and it will steel you. Empathy yes. Sympathy not so much. Allow myself to fail because someone wants to shame me, ridicule me, etc. Never. Times that are coming will test people greatly. How much you suffer or thrive will depend on all these things. People that doubt will find out. I know my bonafides. I have no need to prove them to others. But I know what I know and I know how good I am at what I do. I know very serious times are coming and already underway. The worst will probably not hit until late 2024 to mid 2025. You best be ready for 3 to 4 years of serious 💩💩💩. Good luck to all.

Here is the original document:


PROOF That it’s Coming

PROOF That it’s Coming

PROOF That it’s Coming – (You Must Prepare NOW)-13 min

Control Over Your Life is Solidifying: What’s Next (13 min)


Language warning (lolz)

Ep 147.1: “Mish” Shedlock blog – Inflation, deflation, CPI forecast misses (55 min)

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(Critical Updates). NOW EITHER I WIN BIG! OR I GO DOWN IN FLAMES… Here’s Why. Mannarino (14 min)


Print Moar

Print Moar

This tweet video explains the economic situation:

BE READY! A Series Of “New Crises” Is Coming Straight At You.. AND YOU WILL FUND IT ALL. Mannarino (11 min)


Blame Russia

Of course it is all Russia’s fault.  The Putin price hikes (lolz).   If you believe that I have a virtual bridge in the Meta verse to sell to you (I only accept payment in gold bouillon).

RUSSIA – USA & UK now on Brink of RECESSION. FED & OECD Latest Figures Reveal Extent of Decline.(8 min)

Destroying the world

These people are destroying the old system so that they can Build Back Better (for them). They intend to wipe out the middle class and small businesses.  Go get your jab. Nothing you see is an accident.

Frozen assets and hyperinflation

Frozen assets and hyperinflation

(Alert). World Bank WARNS. Goldman Sachs WARNS. Bank Of America WARNS. Stock Market Gains! Mannarino (18 min)

Germany Issues Dire Warning As Russian Banks Announce Scheme to Release Frozen Assets(14 min)

Comments: The financial scheme is actually a forerunner to what might be coming in the tranche of larger frozen assets amount of "300 billion." It is a brilliant warning shot. What this will do is advise all creditors from unfriendly countries that any bills due will forthwith be paid out of frozen asset accounts. That puts the stress back on the governments of unfriendly countries. Russian economic advisers are geniuses.
Looks like they are packaging the unfriendly assets and liabilities into a new entity. In this manner the unfriendly liabilities holders (bank liabilities are assets of bank customers) are pitted against unfriendly asset holders (the new entity since banks treat loans as assets) in future proceedings. Since the two sides of the ledger are balanced, the transaction, or reorganization, is a net zero transaction. On another level it makes sense that in the past they probably balanced unfriendly A&L to maintain net zero or limited exposure to unfriendly problems. Put another way - all the unfriendly stuff goes in one bag, they are handing over and saying pound sand mf. The west did similar things to clean up the books after the 2008 debacle. Germany knows all about this since they were left holding the bag on septic assets - mortgage backed securities. In that money laundering exercise the central banks bought up the septic assets so that our corporate overlords didn't suffer losses. National Socialism in action.


Economic War

Economic War

Some video bloggers and news papers are still insisting that Russia is being destroyed by sanctions.  That is not what I am seeing.  For some reasons this video reminds me of the EU imposing sanctions on Russia:

Here we have Joe Blogs telling us how much Russia is going to suffer.  Seems to me that if you have oil, gas, wheat and fertilizer you won’t suffer that much.  The sanctions are counterproductive.  They are strengthening Russia and pushing Asia closer together.


JPM CEO Jamie Dimon WARNS: “An Economic Hurricane Is Coming.” Very Important Updates. Mannarino (13 min)

Does this look like winning to you? 

More winning

This is What Happens Next Through September 2022 (17 min)

Rampant Inflation

Rampant Inflation

A ship of fools….or clown world…take your pick.  They are shooting themselves in the foot.    This is deliberate destruction of the economy. A lot of people are going to die from the cold and lack of food. The Deagle forecast for the UK was a reduction of population by 2025 to 15 million.  But go get your jabs your govt loves you (lolz).

RUSSIA – $1 TRILLION Increase in Home Energy Bills. Rampant Price INFLATION Hurts Global Economy (19 min)

She is either stupid or thinks you are (3 min)

“I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’VE BEEN SANCTIONED!” – The New Russian Supermarket Gameshow! (3 min)

The world’s worst financial thief (10 min)