Headless People

Headless People

TERRIBLE Live Footage of Headless People. Crisis Actors in Rafah? | #GrandTheftWorld 186 (Clip) -12 min

The “Young Turks” might well be a bunch of lefties but on this they are correct:

Deplorable Representatives Come Together To Punish The ICC Over Netanyahu Arrest Warrant (20 min)

Russian Momentum

Russian Momentum

The Russian Momentum is back (23 min)

Putin Warns Strike Europe Missiles Hit Rus; Nuclear Risk; US Backs Off; Rus Reaches Ukr Supply Bases (1:26 min)

Putin warns West. Macron humiliates Scholz. Guardian, ICC stalking. Elensky, Biden not strong (46 min)

INSANE VIDEO: Victoria Nuland Says The US Should Bomb Russian Cities (30 min)

Putin & King of Bahrain; Ready to mediate in Middle East (16 min)


Modern American Imperialism Part 2: Building Eager Armies Helping Colonize their own Nations (31 min)

Is it just me or does yseali (young south east asian leadership) initiative look like ysraeli ? (lolz)


Putin WARNS Russians prepare for NATO attacks along border | Redacted with Clayton Morris (21 min)

Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t miss the end of the world (lolz) on  July 18




Mileikowsky the War Criminal

Mileikowsky the War Criminal

Perhaps a bit reductionist but hey…all is fair in war (lolz)…

How Israeli Prime Ministers Changed Their Names to Sound More Middle Eastern (5 min)

Iran stands strong, Netanyahu’s dystopian plans for Gaza – New Rules Podcast (37 min)

Israeli Leaders FUME That World Is Leaving Them Behind (5 min)
These are “leftists” but hey….   what they say is true…

Netenyahu Doesn’t Realize How Dumb This Sounds! (7 min)

This was a threat…we will take you all down with us in a political Sampson option if you don’t back us…

Back us or else… we expose everything…..




Israel Vs. Hamas

Israel Vs. Hamas

Max Blumenthal: The Media and Oct 7th Truth (33 min)

Israel Vs. Hamas: Claims Of Genocide | #GrandTheftWorld 184 (Clip)-17 min

Israel’s Fascist Thugs Are ‘Checking Papers’ Now (17 min)

Ireland, Norway & Spain Recognize Palestinian State! (7 min)

Hillary Humiliated By Bill Over Who Killed Peace In Israel (Live From The Zephyr Theater!)-11 min

🔴 Israel in Big Trouble Over the ICC | Syriana Analysis w/ Kevork Almassian (57 min)

Iran and Israel

Iran and Israel

My reply (see below) does nor display properly because it has limited visibility because it contains hateful content (lolz). The truth is very hateful.

The USA is no longer ZOG it is Greater Israel.

Trouble is brewing on multiple fronts.

🔴 Breaking: ICC Issues Arrest Warrants Against Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant (10 min)


🔴 The Future of Iran After Ebrahim Raisi | Syriana Analysis w/ 𝐄𝐡𝐬𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐚𝐟𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐣𝐚𝐝 (1:00 min)



I don’t want war to end

I don’t want war to end

Borrell, I don’t want war to end. Biden ends Ukraine talk. Cameron ditches Macron. Joe-bi Wan Kenobi (29 min)

Panic Zelensky Any Cost Defence; Chasov Yar Crumbles, Biden Blames China, Saudi No Rus Asset Theft (1:30 min)


ICC (Int’l Criminal Court) is finished (20 min)


Americans and British furious

Americans and British furious

The Americans and the British will be furious with the Russians (38 min)


Keep Tucker silent until 2024. South Africa ICC flip-flop. UK depleted uranium in Ukraine. U/1 (34 min)

Dems & GOP & News Media ALL WANT WAR With China! (15 min)

Hang on! Biolabs under attack in Sudan? What is going on? | Redacted w Clayton Morris (18 min)

Biden White House fears spring offensive failure (35 min)

U.S. Harvesting CHILDRENS Organs In Ukraine. Why Western FASCIST Mercenaries Fight For Ukraine (25 min)


Russia Claims Ukr Split; Lavrov, West Policy Absurd; Ukr Defeat Fears Grow Calls Biden Comes Clean (1:15)


Ra Ra Ras Putin

Ra Ra Ras Putin

Putin ICC warrant debunked. China, Ursula needs better script writers. Dancing Queen election. U/1 (35 min)

The Critical Hour: Myths and Reality Re: Taiwan + Ukraine as a War of Attrition (15 min)


So THIS was all a LIE in Ukraine? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (18 min)


We don’t want Peace

We don’t want Peace

Instead of peace we are going to send depleted uranium shells and cluster bombs.  We want to poison the incredibly fertile black soil of Ukraine and maim as many civilians as possible. We want our wrath to be felt for generations.

Sunak, one step closer to nukes. Hungary, no to ICC, Borrell & NATO. Elensky, call me, maybe. U/1 (35 min)

UK sending depleted uranium to UKR, ICC hypocrisy and reasons for arrest warrant, Xi & Putin meeting (27 min)

Peace In Ukraine Is “Unacceptable” Says Biden Spokesman (7 min)

Putin and China just dealt a KNOCKOUT blow to the west with this move | Redacted News (26 min)

The US freaks out over New World Order shaped by Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin

Germany wants to arrest Putin

Germany wants to arrest Putin

What a farce.

Germany, we will arrest Putin. Denmark denies Russia. Vucic, close to deal. US airlines upset. U/1 (28 min)


Putin Visits Mariupol. Ukrainian Troops Gas THEMSELVES. UBS asks for $6bn government guarantees (7 min)


WTF Is Happening? Vladimir Putin is wanted by the ICC! (33 min)


This proxy-war is the “Acme of Professionalism” (lolz, now they even use cartoon words)

U.S. General Says The Quiet Part Out Loud About Ukraine! (6 min)


Richard is correct.  Most people are brainwashed and clueless:

“Our Society Is Sick” | They Brainwash You About Ukraine (7 min)