New Volcanic Threat On Iceland

New Volcanic Threat On Iceland

New Volcanic Threat On Iceland – Michigan Residents Stunned By Record Hailstorm – Fake Climate News (13 min)


America is Planning to Control the Weather & They’re NOT Alone (19 min)

It is not heat that is being kept out but radiation. We are undergoing a magnetic excursion and our weak shield is allowing cosmic radiation and EMF to “charge” our earth resulting in seismic and volcanic activity. They have been geoengineering for decades. They are using it to force people into urban centers. And by the way the grade of jet fuel has changed. They are not just water condensation.

Climate Controls

Climate Controls

Get Ready! Global Elite Planning “Finance Shock” And Climate Controls to Launch Their Great Re Set – 4 min

Real Climate Information | Volcanos and Magnetic Pole Shift (4 min)


Bagana Volcano Explodes to 59,000ft Into the Tropopause – Shishaldin To 40,000ft – Peach Apocalypse (10 min)

Lava overflow up close! Sudden volume increase from the new volcano in Iceland (2 min)

Climate Fakery Part 11


Volcanic Winter And Accelerated Glaciation Following The Toba Super-Eruption – Population Bottleneck (56 min)

7/13/2023 — Earthquake spread going to Japan — West Coast USA California — STARLINK EMF LEAKS! (1:36 min)




Gates to Hell opening?

Gates to Hell opening?

Hekla is one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes; over 20 eruptions have occurred in and around the volcano since 874. During the Middle Ages, the Icelandic Norse called the volcano the “Gateway to Hell” and the idea spread over much of Europe.

Of course, Hekla is not erupting but Iceland does seems to be waking up from its slumber and their are plenty of other volcanoes…the plate boundary runs through Iceland. Space weather will increase seismic and volcanic activity.   The electro-magnetic changes will cause jet stream instability.  They are lying to you.

Fissure Eruption In Iceland 10X Larger Than Last Year – Biblical Flooding In Vermont – 6.6 Mag Quake (13 min)

Climate Fakery Part 10 (6 min)

Earthquake, Ice, Oceans, Galaxies and the Sun | S0 News July.11.2023 (3 min)

Return to the Dark ages?

Return to the Dark ages?

Return to the Dark Ages? | S0 News July.8.2023 (3 min)

Hottest Year on Earth Explained and What’s Next (24 min)

Iceland Eruption Likely In Next Two Days – Flood Alert, East Coast – 1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora (6 min)

Michio Kaku: “Pole Shift Is HAPPENING! Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Getting Weaker!” (32 min)

1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora Caused The Year Without A Summer In 1816 – When Will It Happen Again? (56 min)


Space Weather Incoming

Space Weather Incoming

Big Sunspot, Space Weather Incoming, Magnetic Microbes | S0 News July.6.2023 (4 min)

NASA Sounds the Alarm on Solar Superstorms (10 min)

4000+ Earthquakes On Iceland Beneath Fagradalsfjall Region, Reykjanes Peninsula – Hottest Day Ever? (20 min)

7/05/2023 — Earthquake activity across North America , Fires in Arizona + California (1:04)

Professor Ian Plimer on ‘Green Murder’ (1:21 min)

Planet Defies Death

Planet Defies Death

Strong Earthquake Swarm In Katla Volcano, Iceland – 58 Earthquakes And Counting (4 min)

Planet Defies Death, Magnetic Field Behavior | S0 News June.30.2023 (3 min)

Crop Yields Down Planet Wide (All Major Growing Regions)-15 min

Doom porn from Future Unity….

This is not due to man made climate change but due to volcanic activity underwater and is caused by space weather as is the ongoing magnetic excursion see the link….(

NASA: “North Americas Worst Disaster in 300 Years About To Happen in 2023!”(18 min)