Becoming China

 Becoming China

Propaganda or not??

Lucky that we are not like China and our govt will keep us safe from those nasty hackers. Perhaps we should have a centralized ID controlled by the bankers and AI and linked to everything? That should keep us safe (lolz)

As popular as…

As popular as…

As popular as a Turd in a swimming pool.  Perhaps that is why he is called Turd-eau?    All the leaders in the West are falling.  Some are calling it the curse of Zelensky.   I cannot help think that this is all planned.   As bad and stupid as these leaders (puppets) are the people waiting to fill their shoes are inevitably worse. It looks to me like they want to create absolute chaos and they want it converging at the same time.  They want an economic crash, food shortages, war and anarchy.  Ordo ab Chao.    Then the “hero” steps in and says..  see…democracies don’t work. Corrupt and incompetent….but I have a solution…

Trudeau is doing it AGAIN and he didn’t learn anything from the trucker convoy | Redacted News (14 min)

WARNING The death of freedom in the UK (3 min)

Market Evaporation Sept 2022 Get Used to Not Eating  (30min)

PR Guy controlled op

PR Guy controlled op

Here is the background.  Avi is a Jewish Anglo-Zionist and an ex-Israeli soldier and friends of Tommy Robinson.  He works for Rebel News and the Jewish lawyer Ezra Levant. Rebel News is owned by billionaire founder of Palintir boss Peter Thiel. He was a Trump supporter and has left the board of Facebook Meta and is regarded as a right-wing kingmaker.  The CEO of Palintir was just at Bilderberg over the weekend (Karp, Alex (USA), CEO, Palantir Technologies Inc). Thiel was born in Frankfurt (home of Rothschild) and is regarded as German but nothing more can be found on his ancestry. I am calling it as east European Jewish heritage.

They are suing the “anonymous” twitter account of PRGuy (Public Relations) which is boosted and supported on twitter and most certainly funded by Victorian Labor and Dan Andrews. They supposedly want to reveal who is behind the “secret” account.  This is pure Hegelian dialectic. Create the problem (anonymous boosted account) then offer the solution (online ID for everyone).

All this is a scam in order to normalize the necessity of ID in order to be able to use the internet (not just Twitter).  Supposedly these people are champions of “free speech”.  Elon Musk wants the same, supposedly to eliminate the “bots”.  These people do not care about free speech they want control of what you say and where you go.  Avi and Craig Kelly are working together on this.




You are being played. There are no good guys.  They all want the same thing and it is not your freedom.  They are all fighting to see who will emerge as top-dog in the NWO.   There are no good guys.

2022 Sum of All Fears

2022 Sum of All Fears

The first part was excellent…if you have already seen it part2 (and 3) starts here (

2022 Sum of All Fears in Real Life (Jeff Nyquist FULL INTERVIEW)-  [1:32]

IRAN: Digital Food Rationing rolls out using Biometric IDs amid food riots (13 min)


Ukraine and Transhumanism

Ukraine and Transhumanism

This is really an interesting video because it demonstrates that the Ukraine is a test-bed for the NWO.    Not just the bio-labs but they are also at the forefront of pushing digital ID and linking it to vaccines and also to income.  They are even doing it during the war.  Before you watch the video by Mark from Housatonic have a look at the following thread which is still up on twitter even-though they closed the thread.

The Ukraine seems to be ground zero. Utterly corrupt and captured by the deep state and various Soros NGOs.  It is run by thugs and criminals and was brutalized and traumatized by its past history (Holdomor). Destroyed by Communists and Nazis.  History does not repeat but it rhymes. The Jews back then played a big had in destroying the Ukraine and collectivizing the farms. Now more than 90 years later those farms are being used to cause global shortages.



PDF back-up here

Ep 138.1: Ukraine, digital IDs, and bio surveillance in the USA homeland (59 min)


Welcome to Digital Hell (18 min)


The gloves are off

The gloves are off

Over the last two days I have seen threats and threatening language directed at the unvaccinated by Joe Biden, senator Jacqui Lambie and Israeli PM Bennett.  They are all reading from the same Rothschild and WEF script.  They have been instructed to tell the public that the gloves are off. They are obviously concerned about your health (lolz). Even though the vaccines are not working:


They care about you

Bennett is an American Jew and even more of a creep than Bibi. The vaccines are working really well in Israel:


They care about the economy and the NWO

They do not care if you live or die. All they care about is digital ID.  In order to get everyone into the One Health Agenda and get everyone a “vaccine passport” they need to get everyone vaccinated.  They cannot launch their digital currency until everyone has a “passport” or some sort of ID that is linked to their person. This is an excellent thread on the subject.  It is all about the economy and the NWO.  Follow the thread:


Planet Lockdown

Planet Lockdown

Some people are still stupid enough to believe that this is about a virus.  At this point they are probably beyond help.  The “new normal” means very limited travel.  If they do allow you to fly it will be very onerous and will result in consenting to give away ever more freedom and privacy.  Can you believe that there was a time on this earth where you could travel anywhere without documents or ID? The rich still can.  Don’t think for one moment that they line up to show their Passports when they use their private jets and private airports.  It makes me sad because I still have family and friends abroad.  We last saw them in Sept 2018 I wonder when that will happen again?

Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins To Materialize As Airlines Call For Digital ID Tracking Systems

Peter Hitchens was correct – the term “lockdown” is an American term that refers to locking down prisoners. What is being done is not normal.  It is psychological abuse.  Healthy people are being treated like prisoners and bullied.

They want to turn the planet into a prison. They want full control over you.  It is not an exaggeration to say that you will become a slave.  For the first time ever people are awakening from the matrix but if the majority do not wake up  we are done for.


They are already rolling out the 5G and the satellites.  Before long the infrastructure will be ready.  Plenty of people warned about the coming tyranny but the brainwashing was too pervasive.   The problem is that most people cannot imagine such cold blooded, single minded wickedness. It is so far outside of their terms of reference that they ignore it.  In that sense they are like sheep – they are trusting….and that is a good thing but not when that trust is abused.

The elite are probably 0.001% of the population…let us say 0.1% (if we include a wider circle). Of course, they are supported by the police and the military who “follow orders” but even so their grip on power is only tenuous.  They can only rule by consent even when they establish a tyranny.  That is why it is so important to get the truth out and wake people up.  The idea is that they are forced to openly reveal their evil face.

 Their strategy

The following article demonstrates the strategy that they will probably adopt.  I think the article is correct.


COVID-19 vaccination: what the plan looks like