Israel is in trouble

Israel is in trouble

🔴 John Mearsheimer: Israel is in trouble in the Middle East | Syriana Analysis (1:35 min)

🚨WEST’S COLOSSAL MISTAKE: US Decline, Rise of BRICS, Tariffs Damage US Economy |Prof. Richard Wolff (1 hour)

EXPOSED: IDF Wannabe Revealed As Protest Attacker (3 min)



When even a left wing glowie like Colbert starts speaking out then you know that you are on a hiding to nothing.

Unconfirmed Reports Iran Strikes Tel Aviv (2 min)

U.K. Official Accuses Israel Of War Crimes In Leaked Audio! (18 min)

🔴 Outrage Over Israel Targeting Aid Workers in Gaza | Syriana Analysis w/ Rachel Blevins (31 min)

Israeli Spokesman Visits Iran Embassy in Damascus (5 min)

Stephen Colbert: World Central Kitchen Commentary

Max Blumenthal: “Everybody has to Starve” (3 min)

Scott Ritter: “Israel Doesn’t Want These People Fed” (3 min)

Max Blumenthal: Netanyahu’s Crimes Against Humanity.(30 min)

Bassem Youssef on Palestine: The West is terrified of Israel (55 min)

Gaza Ghosts

Gaza Ghosts

Aaron Maté : Israel slow-walking aid, even from the U.S. (2 min)

Joe Rogan Goes ROGUE On Gaza (11 min)

IDF Film Themselves Firing at Ghosts and Call it “Combat Footage” (16 min)



The US lap dog

The US lap dog

The US does not run the show.  ZOG government.

Incursion into Rafah and Biden’s failed diplomacy (24 min)

IDF to attack Rafah regardless of US support; CETCOM warns of Iran-Russia-China TV7Israel News 22.03 (13 min)