Vax Induced Chorea

Vax Induced Chorea

Vax Induced Chorea The stream starts at about 28 min with an analysis of the Russo-Ukrainian war. At about 1:26 the Faucci email is revealed where he discusses the origin of Sars-CoV-2 and also the suppression of the Indian paper that found HIV epitopes. These are all things that we were pointing out over two years ago and now we have it confirmed. We are dealing with criminals.



At about 1:37 Dr McCairn discusses Chorea following sars-cov-2 infection and vaccination which is a neurological disease (a bit like Parkinson). These are the result of protein misfolding and Dr McCairn warned over two years ago.

NATO “It’s My Party & Ukraine If I Want Too”, Vax Induced Chorea, Immune Driving of α-Synuclein & PD (2:23 min)

My Big Toe

My Big Toe

My big Toe is a website about  the Theory Of Everything (T.O.E.)  but this article is actually about my big toe (lolz).  Well not actually, (my little toe as well) it is about the complexity of the immune system. Later on I will reference Jonathan Couey’s last video which I have managed to watch and digest (it was very good) so bear with the boorish recounting of my ailments because there is a health point to this story and you may find it helpful.

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I had trouble with my feet swelling and then with tingling and numbness (tinnitus as well but that is another story). I also had “covid toe” (red and itchy inflamed and sore). Now, there are a number of conditions that can lead to swelling of the feet. Swelling feet could be related to heart problems or the lymphatic system and numbness and pins and needles to peripheral nephropathy which can have many underlying causes.   Red toes could be chilblains or gout or…..

The problems with my feet started in the last two years and I believe that they are covid related but not entirely.  I have an 11% loading for Fabry (inherited from my mum) that is related to mitochondrial disease and  lysosomes that function in lipid processing. My hypothesis is that the virus (I am unvaccinated) which is immunogenic can trigger any latent diseases, particularly autoimmune responses.  It is unavoidable that you will come into contact with the virus especially as it exists as  quasispecies swarms in the vaccinated who are able to maintain high viral loads and shed viral exosomes (that is now a proven fact).

I have seen improvement with my feet.  I no longer have as much trouble with with stabbing pains or tingling (pins and needles) or numbness. I no longer have much trouble with swelling. Initially, I took garlic and aspirin and elevated my feet. That worked and I went to the doctor and asked for a D-dimer blood test.  There was none present?  (I was worried about micro-clotting).  I started seriously supplementing and raised my Vitamin D levels (taking about 2,000 units a day) and  quercetin, Vitamin C with Zinc, turmeric, aspirin, fish oils,NAC and many more. It seemed to help but then I started getting red inflamed toes?  Could it be a side effect of supplementing, or covid or latent Fabry?   Very difficult to disambiguate.  I went and had another blood test and they phoned me up and said that I had high calcium levels. They wanted me to call into the surgery and I did not bother but it raised alarm bells.

Dysregulation of the calcium channel at the cellular level is dangerous as it is involved in so many processes.  On top of that I began hearing that Vitamin D can leach calcium from the bones and that it is a hormone and immune suppressive.   You do not want to suppress your immune system (at least not permanently) but different studies showed that low Vitamin D levels led to higher death rates from Covid.   So what should I do?  That led to the article To D or not to D?

My research (so far) shows that the immune system and T cells in particular are hyper-activated (see Walter Chestnut et al on this), therefore it will be beneficial to damp down the immune system temporarily.  The leaching problem is solved by taking the D together with vitamin K2 (MK-7).  Moreover, I have reduced my D intake and only use it when I believe that I have been exposed (like now when the toe next to my big toe is going  red).

As far as the Fabry is concerned (which can also dysregulate calcium) I now take R-Lipoic Acid and A-Lipoic Acid together with (Flush free) Niacin and the enzyme CoQ10.  I have also taken up intermittent fasting (and am losing weight) and make sure I walk at least an hour a day.  Recently I have started taking skullcap and drinking green tea or making green tea kombucha. Also making water  Kefir and probiotic milk Kefir.   The one thing I need is more sleep but I don’t seem to have enough time (lolz).  All in all I have seen massive improvements with my feet and I am losing weight.  Also I have noticed an improvement in bowel movements (as if you wanted to know) because I had a time with constant loose stool and diarrhea which should come as no surprise considering the lung-gut-brain connection discussed in Jonathan’s previous video.

Feed back loops

The immune system and biochemistry is very complex and there are many feedback loops.  I believe that is why you get so many conflicting results when assessing different treatments. It is all about balance.  Down-regulation and up-regulation of genes. Push and pull.  Even water can kill you if you drink too much.  Everything is poisonous it is all about the dose. I am a mere bucket chemist and in my world you have a limited number of outcomes with chemical reactions and even then “unknowns” can happen. A salutatory lesson was when a reactor blew up showering people with hot sulfuric acid in what was a runaway side reaction (we didn’t know that could happen! lolz).  Now the human body is far more complex and any PhD scientist who thinks they have it all figured out is in my view a nob and suffering from a god-complex dose of hubris.  How about a bit of humility?  You think you can “correct” natures mistakes?  Perhaps you are one of natures mistakes (lolz).

The one thing I want you to take away from this article is the complexity of biological systems.  We are not mere machines and we do have an indefinable spiritual element and consciousness that transcends the constrictions of reductionist approaches. The image that Spartacus posted in Jonathan’s stream should be downloaded and inspected (and I bet that does not even cover everything). Not only do we have interactions between the virus and our body and the vaccine (transfection) and our body, but between the virus and the vaccine (transfection) itself and also between any latent disease and or substances and the virus/vaccine. The possibilities are astounding and anyone who thinks they know it all is an idiot.

Covid 19 interaction Map

In case you missed it here was Jonathan’s discussion of the Spartacus interview.  This was a first rate presentation.  Jonathan discusses vitamin D at about 38 mins:

Gigaohm Biological (15 July)


You are responsible for your health.  Experiment with what works and keep an eye on how  your body reacts. Tune into your own body.   I will probably go for another blood check when things settle down but I am very wary of the medical establishment at the moment.  Very few doctors stood up and did the right thing.  Unlike Johanna who took her oath seriously.


Gigaohm Biological (12 April)

Gigaohm Biological (12 April)

Another great show. We have to keep pushing because we will see an inundation of disease. First come the heart attacks and strokes, then the autoimmune diseases and inflammation, the cancers etc. Then comes the neurotropic -amyloidosis giving rise to Alzheimer,dementia,CJD, Parkinson etc., etc.   Not to mention infertility and miscarriages.

Whether the disease was caused by the virus or the “vaccine” (transfection) matters little.  They are guilty.  I earnestly believe that they have more in store for us.  We must not comply.


EMF sensitivity

EMF sensitivity

Microwave induced sickness.  This is a very good interview.   I honestly think all these things overlap.  The perfect storm.   These three things can give you similar symptoms:

  1. Microwave radiation from 5 G towers
  2. Increased cosmic radiation due to weak magnetic field (the magnetic excursion)
  3. Covid virus or vaccine (transfection)

The symptoms that are induced can for example effect the heart or cognitive function but the mechanism is of course different in each case.  In the case of radiation it is the electric fields that are disturbed and in the case of pathogens cell death is induced so we are dealing with biological and chemical reactions. However, electric potential is at the basis of all chemical-biological reactions so there is overlap.  If your immune system is under attack by EMF then it will not function optimally.  Some people are more sensitive to electro-magnetic fog than others (about 5% of the population) but the constant EMF fog places us all under immunological strain until a tipping point or trigger is reached.

Ep 71.9: W Scott McCollough interview (1 of 2) / idahoansforsafetechnology / Apple reveals FakeG (1:38)


Gigaohm Biological (23 Dec)

Gigaohm Biological (23 Dec)

Most definitely worth watching as JC analyzes the latest immuno-mythology. This is nearly three hours but very interesting.  Watch over Xmas with your family and see how they are gaslighting everyone.  Watch Fauci talking about the difficulty in making an AIDS vaccine during an interview about a decade ago.  How surprising that the spike contains AIDS epitopes (gp120HIV).  Jonathan thinks they were working towards some sort of universal vaccine and it escaped.  I think it is far more sinister than that. Anyway, not only are they gaslighting they are straight out lying and anyone who questions the narrative is insane (so Sam Harris)

The virus on a motorbike

The virus on a motorbike

The virus on a motorbike is of course Kawasaki disease which tends to target children.   I blogged about this in a previous article but would like to add extra information and a clarification.  We are being deluged with information and disinformation. This is done on purpose so that people can no longer tell the truth from the lie. Eventually people will find this so tiresome that they will be relieved to give away their “freedom of speech” and they will gladly accept the “official version”.   It is admittedly hard work to wade through all the conflicting noise but people need to do this and they need to keep an open mind because eventually the truth will out….it always does.


Before adding some new material I want to just give a very brief summary of where we are before we lose track.  We still have “competing” theories……but are they really competing?

1. The virus is a psychological operation – it has not been isolated using Koch’s principles and the spike protein codes to 72.  Coincidence?

2. The virus is an exosome, the result of the bodies own immune system going into toxic shock.  The “cytokine storm” is a reaction to chemicals and/or electromagnetism, vaccines etc.

3. The virus is a pathogen following the normal epidemiological understanding – originating in this case as a manufactured bio-weapon with enhanced gain of function (deliberately made worse) and released either accidentally or on purpose.

All three theories can find arguments for or against but why does it have to be exclusively one or the other?  No matter what anyone says there can be no denial that a psychological and behavioral operation is underway but that does not rule out other factors. Further, there is no doubt that toxic shock syndrome is a symptom that can have multiple contributing factors.

Perhaps all the symptoms attributed to a single vector are triggered by differing factors. Perhaps the symptoms have so much overlap (because they are all immune related) that they all seem to come from a singular cause. We also note that multiple bio-weapons labs were working on viruses and  that a number of prominent virologists and epidemiologists  who are certainly not engaged in a “conspiracy” have offered considered analysis on the virus (these experts are not funded by Gates and they are not conducting military research).

Of course that does not rule out that the premise of this whole field of science is wrong (or only partly right).  What if all viruses are exosomes?  What happens if you take such “exosome” material from a bat and introduce it into a human?  The human gets sick and the human body also produces and sheds exosomes?   I honestly don’t know but I am willing to keep an open mind.  Moreover, as I have previously suggested it is perfectly possible and in my view plausible for unscrupulous (and frankly evil) people to use a virus (or exosome?) to be employed as cover.  For example the damage caused by electromagnetism could be masked with a virus.  As for the particular section of code being cut and manipulated to give a value of 72 is that really so unbelievable with the current technology of CRISPR. Watch the video below (only 1:36 minutes):

 New information

We have more information to add regarding the “virus on a motorbike” or Kawasaki disease.














As you can see there are a number of studies above which link Kawasaki disease with toxic shock caused by vaccinations, chemicals and a lack of vitamin D.   We would add electromagnetism to this list (5G). Our previous investigation pointed to the rolling out of telecommunications in Japan in the 1970’s and 1980’s as being a probable cause of three epidemics. All the children in these epidemics got sick during spring which in Japan is usually cold and wet despite it being the cherry blossom season. Perhaps they were more susceptible because of the lack of sunlight (vitamin D).  In a previous video from Del Bigtree,  Dr Zak said that Wuhan and Northern Italy were very high pollution areas and studies had shown that particle size and quantity exacerbate respiratory diseases.  Also recent evidence of cyanide air pollution (HCN) caused by car exhausts. Both regions are known for heavy traffic and both areas had recently had 5G activated. Moreover, the industrial area of Northern Italy had previously had a bad flu season and vaccinations.  All the above sound like the perfect conditions for the perfect storm (cytokine storm).   We need to move away from simplistic explanations and look more at complex interactions.

One thing is certain (a) chemicals are not good for you (b) pollution is not good for you (c) Electromagnetism especially 5G is not good for you (d) Lack of vitamin D is not good for you (e) Uncontrolled and untested vaccines are not good for you.

Vaccine information

I was sent a link to this book which looks really good.  Vaccine contaminants can be found from page 190 onward.   When you see that you wonder what we are doing to ourselves.














Here is the link: Truth will Prevail


Anything that compromises your immune system is not good.  We are fighting a war and it is against an “invisible enemy” (lol) that is using behavioral science and disinformation against us as well as biological weapons.   Ordinary people have now become enemies of the state or more exactly enemies of the 1% who want to force unpalatable change on us and are using fear and pathogens (some real and some imagined) to force change.

The first step is to bolster your immune system which I have been saying from the very start. Virtually before anyone else I was recommending Vitamin C with Zink and Echinacea. I was also recommending vitamin D and  Sambucol (Elderberry syrup). Also drink Tonic water (contains quinine) with fresh lemon slices. Manuka honey (the higher the factor the better). Of course a healthy diet is most important. Also heard good things about potassium compounds but here I recommending eating food rather than supplements. Particularly things like bananas and lamb (every fatty) are very good.  Smokers…don’t worry too much because recent studies show you are more protected (lol).  No, I am not recommending that we should all take up smoking (I only gave up myself last year)….just saying don’t worry too much about it.  Stress is a big killer…reduce your stress.  If chesty make yourself a hot whiskey toddy 50% water with manuka honey, sliced lemon,cinnamon sticks and cloves.

The second step is to do your own research and think for yourself. Do not let the propaganda get to you. Switch off your television or watch a movie. Refuse to be bullied and cowed by social pressure. Be your own person.  You do not need anyone’s permission to live or breathe. Do not give them power over you.  Power can never be taken only given.

Stand up and be counted. This does not mean you have to be violent but you do not have to put up with lies. Here follows a court case against 5G. Get involved, help raise money and/or awareness.  Even if you do not vote or participate politically let your voice be heard. Raise questions and objections. Do not download any tracking or distancing app.  Start paying everything with CASH.  Refuse to shop anywhere that does not accept cash and let them know why you are not shopping there anymore. Do not wear a mask they do you more harm than good. If out with friends remain bunched together do not keep your distance. Nobody has the right to make you feel guilty or put social pressure on you.

You have sovereignty over your own body.  No one can force a vaccine or a treatment on you without your consent (or without complete transparency and information). Demand that the principles of the Nuremberg Code be applied ( Trump is indicating that the military will be used to apply forced vaccinations.  That is scandalous and tyrannical. 

Finally a reminder of the interview with Del Bigtree

The interview with Del starts at 1:16 Prof. Dolores J. Cahill, PhD
Immunologist and Molecular biologist
– no need for masks
– no need for social distancing
– lockdown totally unnecessary
– HCQ+AZT+Zink works

Previous article on Kawasaki Disease



The Second Wave

The Second Wave















The peak has passed

Not to lose sight of the fact that the virus has passed, this year’s epidemic is over -“Knut knows”


The Second Wave

I am sorry to disappoint you all thinking that the “plandemic” has peaked because there are  more waves coming.  At least a second wave maybe even a third or fourth as many as it takes.  They are already preparing the ground.  They have begun the programming. It is almost as if they have a crystal ball and can see the future.


We have already noted that different strains are emerging. This is one headline: Scientists Discover More Aggressive Strain Of Coronavirus Responsible For 70% Of Current Infections.  However (follow the tweet links) this website maps the spread of the different strains:


Don’t be afraid of the Coronavirus

I am all for making sensible preparations but do not panic or be afraid. This video offers some good advice especially about the immune system and vitamins. Also about hand washing. Use soap or alcohol based (not BPH).  Stress is a killer. A lot of what he says makes sense, however it is the sheer number that will overwhelm the system. Cases that might otherwise recover with hospital care will not get care.  I read somewhere that Japan has 18 beds per thousand people and the UK only 2.7 beds (bottom of the list).  Some people will hardly notice the Wu-flu others will especially the elderly and sick. Its almost as if it has been engineered to leave a younger more malleable and compliant population with no historical memory.



How will they use the Wu-flu?

Well, firstly they think we are mugs.  And they are right!  They killed three thousand people in front of our eyes and another 3 million in the Middle East and we did nothing.  We believed them. They can tell us anything.  They can tells us that the earth is warming.  We are very easy to program. They know. Well the  Chinese have shown the way forward:



The global institutions want to implement a similar strategy. Look what is happening in Australia:


 Now look at how China have used technology and the virus to control people:



It is all about population reduction and control










This has been planned for a long time. With 9/11 you saw that it was possible to fool the public and use fear to program the public.  We are 20 years down the road and no one (except BIN LADEN lol) has been punished.  Then you saw that it was possible to make a load of people delusional and anxious with a climate hoax. You also continue the right/left narrative (which you started as long ago as 1917) to keep people distracted. Moreover, you poisoned people with your big pharma “health” and fractured society with your cultural Marxism and gender, race politics and feminism and porn.   All out onslaught against Christianity , family and community.

One of the better scams is to get the “religious” right and Christian-Zionists all fired up and cheering for the chosen one (and Qanon) to teach those crazy commie Demonrats a lesson (lol).  But the best scam of all….absolutely top job (here I tip my hat to the Machiavellian foresight) was the exporting of all jobs and manufacturing to China and the Neo-liberalization  of the economy.  All the wealth was sucked up in the hands of the few until such time as you were ready to crash China and take down the system. Absolutely Brilliant.  And now you are ready. You have introduced the virus.  Time to gather up dissenters (especially Christians) for quarantine (lol) and to inject the remaining population with genetically tagged vaccines.

The writing is on the wall


How The Pandemic Crisis Will Probably Develop Over The Next Year

"Liberty websites like mine and many others will eventually
be shut down or blocked from public view by the government.
They will claim that we are “spreading panic” or “fake news”
and “putting the public at risk".
-Brandon Smith


Here’s what’s coming for America as the coronavirus spreads…city-scale quarantines, overrun hospitals, domestic flight lockdowns and MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW



I tip my hat to you.  You have won brilliantly. You will even have some people cheering you on (the stupid ones). You will make the others disappear because….the disease…the quarantine.  You will suck up the remaining wealth and genetically tag everyone with your vaccines and watch them in your technocratic  Panopticon.  You will control the world court and have your temple and exercise godlike power. You and yours will be drunk with your power. It is a heady mixture and has taken a lot of planning. Truly you are gods and not men (lol).  Who can make war against the beast?

Whatever happens to me and mine let this stand as a testimony and a witness against the psychopathic tyrants.  You will lose.  A punishment is coming that is so great that you cannot even imagine. Your victory will be snatched from you by the one you despised and rejected.  Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will smash you and all those that are his will stand by his side in that day. Ours is the victory.  Even death will not stop us. Enjoy your deception and your time in the sun. Your day has almost come to an end, your centuries of iniquity are almost finished. You deceived and led the whole world astray.  But no matter your rage you will lose. Tyrants always lose…always.   The only virus here is you….and a permanent cure is on the way.