Solar Super Storm Danger to Satellites

Solar Super Storm Danger to Satellites

Magnetic Pole Shift – We’re On Our Own (6 min)

Big Earthquake, Solar Change, Solar Wind Coming | S0 News July.11.2024 (3 min)

Flood with lava and kilometers of ash after the eruption of the Stromboli volcano, Italy (2 min)

India in tears! Record landslides and flooding demolish houses in Uttarakhand (2 min)

The Tallest Volcano in Existence; Olympus Mons (7 min)

Olympus Mons is an absolutely huge volcano on Mars.  Why have I included it on this climate-catastrophe page?  Because it demonstrates that seismic and volcanic activity happens on other planets. Are these phenomenon purely driven by internal mechanisms?  We would argue that incoming energy from the galactic sheet influences our sun which in turn influences our solar system.  Everything is connected by electric filaments and plasma. Planets charge (and discharge) like capacitors. That is what causes seismic and volcanic activity.




EU elections. Macron’s chance to rule Europe. Politico, Biden family & staffers under scrutiny (37 min)

Rus Captures Chasov Yar District, Ukr Retreats; Biden Macron Tense Talks: US/EU States No Troops Ukr (1:24 min)


“Something HUGE is about to happen” and U.S. dominance is on the line | Redacted w Clayton Morris (15 min)

Elections India, South Africa and Mexico (19 min)

Douglas Macgregor WARNING: US Unveils Hypersonic Missile, threaten to Russia and Nuclear Escalation (37 min)

The Aussie Cossack Show: Here’s Why NATO Has Lost (56 min)

Royal Navy and Ukraine

Royal Navy and Ukraine

Elensky, 45 days to get money. Shapps, Royal Navy & boots in UKR. Medvedev, more regions. U/1-(28 min)

The Fall | The Russians Sent A Clear Message To Western Investors. Military Summary For 2023.10.01 (22 min)

NATO Testing Waters on Buffer Zone as Ukraine Offensive Grinds to Halt (1:01min)

Medvedev: Kiev Regime Change, More Territory; UK Intervention, India: Relations w/Rus Non Negotiable (1:16 min)

India; Justin Trudeau and diamonds (19 min)


Bashar al-Assad exposes the American empire on Chinese TV (23 min)


Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Straight Talk with Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto | Ukraine-Russia Conflict | India-Hungary | WION (14 min)

Trudeau, $650M to Elensky. Black Sea HQ strike. Bakhmut, Tokmak on foot. Lavrov-Szijjarto meet. U/1 (45 min)

“They will have to leave or be killed” Armenia REVOLUTION unfolds, calls for new government (17 min)

Trudeau’s Skripal moment, ruins relations with India (20 min)