Eating Bugs

Eating Bugs

George Monbiot is a left-wing activist and writer for the Guardian.  Turns out he is a Jew.  Who would have guessed? (lolz).  Every. Single. Time.

BREAKING: You Are What You Eat (15 min)

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Climate Butterfly Effect

Climate Butterfly Effect

This article is actually a comment that I lifted from the Discord under the tag Sven. Much of what he says in the comment has been discussed on this blog before but the comment is concise and comes with reference sources so it is worth repeating (with minimal editing).   Before I place the comment I just want to remind everyone of the obvious and that is….that the climate is changing naturally.  So we have natural change and Geo-engineered change and they overlap and sometimes reinforce each other and sometimes negate each other (to a certain extent).  However, we have always maintained that the natural changes cannot be stopped and they will eventually overwhelm any tinkering that man may do.   What we are doing at the moment has unforeseen consequences and just makes the situation worse.

  1. When we grounded 50-80% of all planes at the start of the pandemic it started a cascade reaction (think butterfly effect) that resulted in basically the start of a severely oscillating extreme weather pattern. >Effect of contrail overlap on radiative impact attributable to aviation contrails >”We show that there was an anomalous increase in the average diurnal temperature range for the period Sept. 11-14, 2001,”. “Because persisting contrails can reduce the transfer of both incoming solar and outgoing infrared radiation and so reduce the daily temperature range, we attribute at least a portion of this anomaly to the absence of contrails.” Because of this it also resulted in a sudden change in the radiative forcing that ensured more radiation would be absorbed into the magnetic field, both through outgoing and incoming radiation. This is basically the amount of radiation that gets recycled, and reflected, from the planet. This resulted in the first early sign of this with the planet essentially getting a Mario star. >The Earth’s 28 fastest days on record (since 1960) all occurred in 2020. VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM VROOOOM Gaia said and everything started going crazy, and suddenly we had Amphan in May (IIRC) of 2020 which was the first sign that something was off, since the only other super cyclone back in ’99 in the Bay of Bengal was in October. The next major sign was the extreme heat that suddenly caused Europe’s warmest summer on record (by a considerable amount) with most areas breaking BOTH heat and cold records in the same year, which is pretty much unheard of and basically showed that the planet was spinning out of control (well, almost literally, the planet is still spinning faster)
  2. >Several notable maximum and minimum temperature records occurred across the region during the year. >2020 was Europe’s hottest year on record ‘by a considerable amount,’ scientists say >2020 is Sweden’s warmest year since records began 160 years ago–kallaste-natten-pa-44-ar >Coldest night in July for 44 years with -3.3C >Sept. 9, 2020, was the coldest on record in SLC. Sept. 9, 2021, was the hottest. For instance, this last one shows that it’s an extremely oscillating pattern that isn’t stopping and only increasing. See, back already in mid 2020 I was already saying 2020 would be one of the, if not the warmest year on average and it tied for the warmest ever, DESPITE breaking all these cold records (in some places breaking multiple cold and heat records from across a hundred years in the span of a few months, hell, as in Sweden we broke the hottest June (by 2 to 5C higher than average) and then the coldest recorded temp the month after. Extreme oscillation. This was only confirmed for me when I predicted the hurricane season of 2020 would go Greek and basically break most record, which I was saying was coming a couple of months before the official start of it when NOAA and everyone I talked to predicted an average season. So I was already talking about how last years winter would be in terms of both extreme colds and snowfall way ahead of that winter and I was proven right with rare snowfall not seen in decades as well as the extreme cold that hit Asia, France (IIRC some place got electrical blackouts due to it) as well as some regions of Siberia being without electricity for weeks due to the extreme cold.
  3. Then came the summer, which I said would break basically all records in heat and rain which, not surprisingly, it did. (And yes ,I can show you all of these predictions if you want in the archive with dates and all :P) and I even called the Alaska 8.0+ earthquake two months in advance, down to the correct week. All because of this increase in energy towards the core and what that would cascade into, now some of it I can explain now because I have learned more but the majority of it, at the time, was simply a major hunch/intuition/instinctual thing where it just made sense to me and there was nothing else it could result in. It’s the same reason I was screeching about the Pest-o-pocalypse and how we would be seeing a huge increase in insects in the coming years, which has been increasing ever since last summer (by a FUCK TON) and I started talking about that BEFORE I realized how severe the weather would be and how favorable that would be for the insect life, yet here we are, with all of it just still basically playing out exactly as I predicted. >The state is seeing unprecedented numbers of bugs of all kinds in 2021, and residents want to know: what’s with the gargantuan uptick in flies, moths, and the like this year? >He told News 10 this year has been one of the worst for the pests. >”We’ve been in business for 34 years. We’ve never seen an outbreak like this before,” he said. >Insect invasion: Armyworms are coming for lawns >According to The Smithsonian Magazine, the insects are attacking at an “unprecedented” rate due to weather patterns. So to be honest, the reason I am so certain is because I know it, simple as that, and I’ve known it was going this way even in the former half of 2020 and had even dubbed it the “Ecopocalypse” with the extreme oscillation in weather coming as a result.
  4. Now there are also some streamers starting to talk about the increase in energy hitting the core, which is basically what this theory started as which they (if you ask me) are attributing to partially the correct reason, but not necessarily understanding how the planets rotational rate as well as the changes in radiative forcing is playing it’s part in it.


Meet The Climate Changers: Weather Warfare & Control of Resources (60 min)

This is a very good overview by Jim Lee of the Climate Changers. His website is a great resource.


Mike Morales 16 Day forecast (15 min)

I have started this at approx 5 mins and if you run it to 22 minutes you will have Mike’s summary of global news. If you want the forecast watch from 22 minutes onward.