Sky Heaters

Sky Heaters

A really good show by Mike. I have placed the links underneath.  At 14 mins Mike discusses an Australian document about weather modification.

Artificial Aurora and Ionospheric Heating by HAARP

Climate Global Control Trading

Enhancing the weather: Governance of weather modification activities in Australia

Mike is using Jim Lee’s website for some of his info:

Climate Viewer

Don’t forget the natural change

It is not just Geo-engineering, we are facing unprecedented natural changes as well. When two systems are competing chaos will ensue until one dominates and stability is reached.  Brace yourselves for climate mayhem. No show notes with these videos. Select watch on Youube if you want the notes.

Solar Watch, Cold Wave, Hunting Past Disasters | S0 News Mar.8.2022 (4 min)

Big Solar Storm Coming Soon? Ionosphere, Jet Shutdown | S0 News Mar.7.2022 (5 min)

Shocking Discovery, Pole Shift Hitting Ionosphere | S0 News Mar.6.2022 (5 min)

Magnetic Strands

Magnetic Strands

Solar Flare/CME at Earth, Pole Shift & Micronova News | S0 News Jan.30.2022 (4min)


Coronal Rain CME:… Geomagnetic Reversal Plasmasphere: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Persistent Antarctic UV Spike:… Pre-Seismic Geomagnetic: Pre-Seismic Ionosphere: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c…

Hundreds Of Magnetic Strands Imaged @ The Heart Of The Milky Way, Kristian Birkland Would Be Amazed! (10 min)

Hundreds of mysterious strands found at the heart of the Milky Way Birkland current

Next end of the World

Next end of the World

In this video Ben speculates at the Discovery of a Mammoth tusk deep at sea and suggests that it may have been caused by a tsunami.  There are many other suggestions because we have only recently discovered that Mammoths walked the earth as recently as 5,000 years ago in clod regions (about the time of Moses). Maybe people were trading tusks?  (If interested see: and

Beaufort Gyre, Mammoth Mystery, Solar Wind, Solar Flares | S0 News Jan.1.2022 (3 min)

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Solar Micronova Mechanism, Evidence of Disaster, Solar Eruptions | S0 News Dec.31.2021 (5 min)

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RECOMMENDED VIDEO – Philosophy of the Community: Rapid Magnetic Accretion & Burst: Magnetic Stellar Evolution: 1500 & 2200 (2400) year cycles:… Ancient D-Os:…

Solar Polar Fields & Megaquakes, Ionosphere Model | S0 News Dec.30.2021 (30 Dec)

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Ionosphere Modeling:… Articles Citing Our Best Paper:…


Climate Collapse

Climate Collapse

As the climate collapse (reset) accelerates so will the tyranny.   They are hoping to have everyone vaccinated and locked-down (locked -up) before the stupid masses realize what is going on.  It is imperative that their ID and tracking system is in place and the digital currency implemented.  They need to rigidly control the populations during this rapid and devastating change so that they can emerge as the transhuman “gods” of the New Age.

Solar EMP with NO Warning, Major Disaster/Climate Confirmation | S0 News Oct.17.2021 (5 min)

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ESA BepiColombo:… X-ray Ionosphere Effect: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Heinrich D-Os: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Past Article – Solar-Heinrich-Bond Cycle:…


Methane in the Arctic region

Very High in the Arctic region? It must be all the cows. And the oil wells and their off-flaring of methane. It could not be natural. No way (lolz). It must be man made.





Scary Forecast

Scary Forecast

Question, can everything rise to record levels at the same time all using the same excuses from Palladium to semi-conductor chips to chlorine to chicken to base food products? Same lame horse excuses and reasons, if you look a level deeper, maybe its not random.

Price Spiked out of Everything Summer 2021

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Ford’s Semi Shortage Meltdown, Morgan Stanley Says Industry Won’t Recover Until “Well Into 2022”… How This Inflation Plays Out Will Be Different From Anything That Has Come Before It… Flaming fireball seen in Oman’s Sky… Palladium Tops Record $3,000 Amid EV-Demand Surge, Supply Chain Pressure… America Runs Low On Chicken. Blame Surging Demand And Labor Shortages… Fried-Chicken Craze Is Causing U.S. to Run Low on Poultry… Chlorine Prices Explode Just In Time For Peak Pool Season… Chlorine markets higher… US Factory Orders Disappoint In March… Ether Soars Above $3500 – Now Bigger Than Walmart… Global food prices rise for 10th month in a row… How USDA Forecasts Retail Food Price Inflation… Food Price Outlook, 2021…


Earth Skeleton, Scary Solar Forecast, Venus Change | S0 News May.4.2021

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Big Asteroid Headed our Way as NASA and FEMA conduct Asteroid Impact Emergency-may3rd

Of course, this has already passed without incident but the near misses are increasing as we enter the galactic sheet.


The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection: Part 2 – A Sun Most Pure And Most Lucid

The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection Sunspot Numbers Since 1600 Observed AMO Observed PDO Butterfly Effect… GISP 2 Data (Greenland Ice Data) UAH Global Temps (Dr. Roy Spencer) The Dynamic Climate System Solar Irradiance Graph of the Little Ice Age Grand Minimas Sice The 1100’s

Not so Normal

Not so Normal

Mike Morales

At about 30 minutes watch the MIMIC and see the artificial plasma blast
changing the atmospheric river. It could not be clearer. They are manipulating the weather. Deliberately pushing the water away in California. Global warming. (lol) Look at West Virginia at 40:11 and tell me that is natural.  At 54 minutes Mike shows heating in Antarctica caused by ionic compression.  Not so sure about that and think it may be natural. This was my attempt at using Noah (see my settings). It is about 9 Celsius in the upper ionosphere above the Peninsula (which is warm -see my settings). When I zoomed in on the location I found an island called Adelaide Island (my home town lol). During the Mesozoic, the Antarctic Peninsula was the site of an active volcanic arc, with deposition of a fore-arc basin sequence.  Maybe this is the precursor to volcanic activity?  Everything is connected.  Space – the sun -the earth.


We  need further investigation looking at TEC data.  Pressure cells and atmospheric indicators can be used for predicting quakes. TEC is Total electron content from Ionosphere.
TEC Code Level:
Green: High risk with 3s in magnitude are possible.
Yellow: High risk with 3 to 4s are possible.
Red: Extreme risk, Possible 4 to 5 in magnitude.
Black: Extreme risk, Watch for Moderate to Major quake.

Earthquake Prediction Center

I have no doubt that large scale weather mods are happening in some places.