Locked & Loaded

Apparently Trump is locked and loaded.


Loaded for what?
Loaded for what?





















Despite being ready to dump a load (of ordinance) on Iran the President sent his Press Secretary to clarify the tweet in what seems like a step back from the brink.  Perhaps his policy is constipated?



Something smells bad

All we can say is that something smells about the whole affair.  Who do we go to for the truth?  Should we ask Pompeo who admits that he lies,cheats and steals or should we ask the Saudi’s (LOL)?

You can trust me
You can trust me















The lying liars lie

The only thing that is a certainty is that everything you are told is a lie.  We live in the post truth era.  Truth does not matter only perception.  We will tell you what to think.  What we know is that the Houthi’s admitted it and that Iran denied it.  Any truth to those statements?   Well, the Houthi’s apparently do have the drone capability.


Houthi drones
Houthi drones


















Yemen has endured bombings by Saudi and the killing of elementary school children in their buses by using lockheed missiles delivered by US and Saudi pilots in US Aircraft. Only Iran has condemned these killings. We must not forget that it was Trump who left JCPOA, declared a de-facto war on Iran through sanctions, and has ignored the call to stop aiding the Saudis in the attacks on Yemen.

Double speak or News speak?

















Now for some conspiracy theories


Four in a row?
Four in a row?
















Like four ducks in a row.  So neat and so precise and very little burn marks. They should be easy to repair just put a stop valve in the hole….voila!   Some say that this is all about pumping and dumping the oil prices as shale prices were falling. ( https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-09-01/murderers-row-oil-and-gas-bankruptcies-accelerate-137-billion-debt-matures-over )  Oil demand is plummeting (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-oil-demand/oil-demand-growth-grinding-to-lowest-in-years-as-global-economy-stalls-idUSKCN1TD0YI ).       The fires have been put out in less than a week.  Job done. See the images of the Abqaiq infrastructure: https://imgur.com/a/OKmcC18    And despite  the satellite surveillance of the most congested area in the world no one saw the attack?   And despite a “shield” of  Patriot missiles and Hawk batteries the flying Houthi junk-drones could not be stopped (LOL)?   This is all very strange especially as Trump mentioned American military technical (weaponry) superiority . Might this be in response to Putin’s recent trolling?

Putin, trolling Trump, says Saudi Arabia should buy Russian air defense system. Russian president’s barb comes after Washington says Iran likely to blame for drone attack.https://www.politico.eu/article/putin-trolling-trump-says-saudi-arabia-should-buy-russian-air-defense-system/


Some (conspiracy theorists) are saying that the US capability is not up to scratch.  The Russians have developed the S-300 and the S-400 and are supplying them to their allies.  It is generally acknowledged that these are far superior technology.   The reasoning goes that the USA now produces junk through the military contracting system and that everything is corrupted.  After the fiasco with the Boeing aircraft (Boeing is also a military contractor) this seems likely.  Just because you spend “trillions” on it does not make it better and Russia has been concentrating on defensive equipment such as the S-300 and S-400.  This might well explain why the USA has backed down (albeit temporarily).

American Military Doctrine Backfires, Hyped and Extortionate US Air Defenses are Pathetic


Others point to Bibi being given  a slap-down by Putin.


This is where and how the winds -and with them the tectonic plates-have 
shifted. And don’t underestimate it. Bibi can presumably count on Trump
more than any other US President in his time, and the US is supposedly
this almighty force, also in the Middle East, but today Putin just tells
him “don’t you dare!” Putin refuses to let him touch Assad’s territory
and -Russian- weapons.
The clincher is those weapons have become so sophisticated that Bibi,
Trump support or not, puts his tail between his legs and flies back,
hoping nobody notices what shape he’s in. And in that humiliation, Lebanon
is the cherry that Putin puts on top of the pie. “Now that you’re here,
I want you to stop harassing Lebanon too. Yes, now you may go.”
Lebanon must have stunned Bibi.


See the article below:


It’s a New World Order, Alright

Others are saying that Israel is behind the attack: Israel stages F35 Saudi attack after Putin’s smackdown of Netanyahu over Syria  https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/09/15/israel-stages-f35-saudi-attack-after-putins-smackdown-of-netanyahu-over-syria/


Comment of the day

Referring to the Epstein incident one joker says;


Two American spy HD satellites covering the region in KSA where the oil
facilities were attacked were malfunctioning and footage is unusable.
Moreover, the NSA/CIA employees tasked with monitoring events in the
region were asleep while the incident occurred.


He should have added that the drone pieces were buried in an unmarked grave and it has been handed over to the FBI to investigate (sic).  What a shame that Bolton was fired only a few days ago.


UK Column report:



Big Mistake

Big Mistake

Trump says that Iran made a big mistake.  In this video Trump strikes a conciliatory tone and offers the opinion that the incident may not have the support of the Iranian government but might be down to an over enthusiastic IRG  (terrorist organization?) soldier.  Trump adds that it is lucky that the drone was unmanned (aren’t they always?) so no loss of life.


It seems then that Trump is less inclined towards war than Pompeo or Bolton. Perhaps Trump remembers the promises he made to voters or perhaps he remembers his previous tweets?


















Disputed Location

The location of the drone crash site has become clearer:


UAV shoot-down location 0
UAV shoot-down location 0











Ooops!    Big Mistake.   That is not the drone crash site but the site where the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian passenger plane in 1988 (AR Flight 655) that was definitely “manned” (including 66 children). Bush senior publicly stated that America would not apologize and Bush gave the Medal of Honour to the captain of the Navy Vessel.   Perhaps the Iranians should hand a medal to the drone shooter and blow a big raspberry at the US.  The only one making Big Mistakes here is the US. Here is the crash (and launch) sites:



UAV shoot-down location 1
UAV shoot-down location 1


















It is a big Mistake for Iran to continue its war mongering:



Countries attacked by USA and Iran
Countries attacked by USA and Iran















Banker Wars

Although the Yinon Plan for a greater Israel lies behind much of the trouble in the Middle East, the situation cannot be reduced to a single factor as multiple intersecting interests (including oil supply and the petro dollar) are driving the chaos.  The old adage that “all wars are banker wars” holds true because many of the moneylenders have the same interests as the territorial expansionists – it seems they have hit a sweet spot   that allows the simultaneous achievement of multiple goals namely, territorial expansion, oil security and petro dollar supremacy with the strategic goals of Israel merging with those of the US.  It is not for nothing that many of the countries that rejected the petro dollar soon found themselves at war. Read the following article, authored by Lee Camp via Truthdig.com; “I know which country the U.S. will invade next”.




It seems that everything was ready for early morning retaliation and Trump backed down.   Trump must be under a lot of pressure from the war hawks.  I wonder how he backed them down?

New York Times: Trump abruptly calls off military strikes against Iran after approving them