Proxy Wars

Proxy Wars

Battle for Avdeyevka Coke Plant. Elensky uncovers Maidan 3 coup. Germans beware Putin comedians. U/1 (34 min)

Rus Taking Khromovo; Advancing 3 Sides Avdeyevka; West Ukr Funding Ending; USS Eisenhower Near Iran (1:13 min)

US Proxy Wars: Ukraine Crumbles, Gaza Burns, as Tensions Rise in Asia-Pacific (41 min)

The Fall | The Ukrainian SU-27 Pilot Defected To The Russian Side. Military Summary For 2023.11.18 (25 min)

Pentagon Doubts Gaza Success

Pentagon Doubts Gaza Success


Pentagon Doubts Israel Gaza Success; US Blames Iran, Shia Militias Attack US Bases; Rus Offensive (1:32 min)


Vivek, comedian in cargo pants. Ukraine/Moldova enter EU. REPO Russian assets. US-Syria tripwire U/1 (44 min)


The Fall | Without Western Aid, Ukraine Will Not Last A Month. Military Summary For 2023.11.09 (31 min)


World on Fire

World on Fire

Stalemate Ukraine, shift in strategy. Blinken warns Iran, don’t do it. I have a lot of powder. U/1 (44 min)

Blinken Spurned, Drifts Across MidEast, Dems Attack Biden; 22 Ukr Officers Killed, Ukr Avdeyevka (1:27 min)

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Speaks: Supports Palestinians, Won’t Rush to Hamas’ Aid (18 min)

Israel’s Ultimate Goal in Gaza (4 min)

I$rael Is Antisemitic (9 min)

Media Language Tricks to Hide Israel’s Carnage in Gaza (5 min)

Jews are JOINING anti-war protests with Palestinians and the media are HIDING IT | Redacted News (28 min)


Geopolitical failure

Geopolitical failure

The USA and its allies are failing.  They are failing in Ukraine and failing in Israel. That makes them very dangerous.

Blinken Summit Fails, Arabs Demand Gaza Ceasefire; Kiev Crisis Grows, Zelensky Sacks Generals (1:23 min)

Ursula in Kiev, Ukraine to enter EU. Protests DC, anger at Biden. Arestovich, I lied about war. U/1 (35 min)

Russian economy surges. Full employment, labor challenge (12 min)

The Fall | The Russians Destroyed The Officers Of The 128th Brigade. Military Summary For 2023.11.05 (20 min)

(Video) Police Brutally Attack Anti-Zionist Jews IN ISRAEL! (10 min)

The Illustrated War Prayer (2 min)


War From Hamas To Iran

War From Hamas To Iran

A discussion hosted by Dr McCairn featuring Ryan Dawson and Doovid among others. Dawson has a reasonable geopolitical analysis but believes it is OK to insult 2.3 billion Christians as brainwashed morons. Not a very good strategy in my opinion. And as a historian he is very incurious and I have criticized his reductionist and unsophisticated approach in the article bronze age religion as far as Dovid is concerned it is difficult for any Jew who holds the views of Abraham Isaac Kook (the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of British Mandatory Palestine) to stabilize the situation. In line with many orthodox interpreters of the Jewish religion, Kook believed that there was a fundamental difference between Jews and Gentiles. The difference between a Jewish and a Gentile soul was greater than the difference between the soul of a Gentile and an animal. If you believe that you are dealing with lesser animals you have a problem because no one is going to listen to you the same if you believe that 2.3 billion people are morons. My view all along is that the fundamental problem is one of unreformed human nature that we all share. Dawson’s comment on temple restoration as eschatological trigger was dismissive in the sense that absence of any consequences would be justified by Christians as a delay and this would be extended out indefinitely. This charge is not new and the scoffers and mockers said the same about Christ’s prophecy concerning the parousia (his coming in Judgement) in 2 Peter 3:4 which came to fruition 42 years (6×7) after his Passover crucifixion to the day (according to Josephus) with the destruction of the last fortress (Masada) the temple having been destroyed approximately three years previously as prophesied (Matt 24:2; Rev 6:13-17). To the early Hebrews, Taurus the Bull was the first constellation in their zodiac and consequently it was represented by the first letter in their alphabet, Aleph. Schematically we have already transitioned from Taurus (strength,fertility) to the Ram (Aires-sacrifice)…..













The Ram in a Thicket is a pair of figures excavated at Ur, in southern Iraq, which date from about 2600–2400 BC. Compare the ram caught in a plant of Sabec (LXX) in Gen 22:13 (cf. Sabbachthani in Matt 27:46) This was followed by the Fish (Pisces-Christianity) and now we are transitioning to the Water Pourer (Aquarius):

 "He shall pour the water out of his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters, and his king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted" (Num 24:7).












So we are at the end of this Precession Cycle.

Ryan Dawson: War From Hamas To Iran – The Next ZOG Forever War? (3:34 min)

Armageddon reality check

Armageddon reality check

I have seen the word Armageddon in a couple of video titles.  Is it a prelude to Armageddon or people following a certain script. Only time will tell.   A lot of people seem to have a death wish.

“We are watching ARMAGEDDON unfolding before our eyes” Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted News (17 min)

The Fall | Infrastructure Collapse. Blackout Is Coming. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.10.27 (19 min)

US Iran War Fears, US Strikes IRGC; Netanyahu Generals Argue; Ukr Crises; Avdeyevka Encirclement (1:27 min)

US targets Iran by launching airstrikes on Syria (34 mins)

Orban, peace strategy. US airstrikes Syria. Canada at war Russia & China. Boris think tank job. U/1 (38 mins)

Ukrainian Aircraft Apocalypse

Ukrainian Aircraft Apocalypse

This was very good (and I know about Ritter but he was targeted). Listen to what he says about Hezbollah and Iranian technology. People have no idea. They have mathematical geniuses and engineers. The story about intercepting Israeli communications is gold.  The USA and the West is loosing their technological edge.