Risk to life

Risk to life

Some places are going to get much drier and others much wetter.   It is a natural cycle and you can’t change it.

Iraq is dying (and that is a global problem)-20 min

South Florida To Be Drenched By A Month’s Worth Of Rain – Water Frost On Mars Discovered (10 min)

Pole Shift Risk to Life (3 min)


Solar Micronova 2 Million Years Ago? Mars, Magnetism, Frost | S0 News Jun.11.2024 (16 min)


Iran and Iraq targeted

Iran and Iraq targeted


Huge blast at military base used by Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (4 min)

Iran-Israel tensions LIVE: Israel attacks Iran | Drones reported over Isfahan claim sources | WION


Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Is Israel a US Ally? (34 min)

INTEL Roundtable: Weekly Intel Wrap-up w/ Johnson & McGovern (32 min)


Hit me with your rhythm stick

Hit me with your rhythm stick

Lindsay Graham the little sodomite would love to hit someone with his rhythm stick.  Never saw a war he did not like.  I hear that they are recruiting old men, sodomites and trannies in Ukraine.  Give him a gun and send him the the front line.

US strikes Iran in Iraq & Syria. Putin will invade Balkans. Elensky wants $1T. Finland cancels Repin (33 min)

Ukraine Distracts from Multiplying Catastrophes + Why US Analysts Get Ukraine Wrong (37 min)

Rus Advances Avdeyevka Ukr Defences Crumble; Rumours Rus Offensive Grow, Putin Meets MIC, US Strikes (1:14 min)


Strikes against Iran have begun

Strikes against Iran have begun

Don’t forget that the MSM (and some of the alt media channels) are pure propaganda.  I would not be surprised (as rumors suggest)  if they “arranged” the attack with Iran as a face saving exercise.  Time will tell.  I don’t believe for one minute that “Iran backed down” (lolz).

US begins retaliatory strikes on Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria | ABC News (5 min)



US retaliatory strikes in Syria and Iraq: 85+ targets hit, 125 munitions employed | LiveNOW from FOX (21 min)


Zelensky kills own soldiers

Zelensky kills own soldiers

Rus Defeats Ukr Avdeyevka Attack, Ukr Troops Surrender, Zelensky Evasive IL76: US Iraq Syria Pullout (1:22)

IL-76, trouble for Elensky. UK citizen army to fight Russia. Texas, Abbott v Biden. Maersk retreat (42 min)

Yes the Russians need the chips out of Western washing machines (lolz) and they are fighting with shovels because they ran out of ammo.

20 Most Insane Russian Military Vehicles And Technologies (23 min)


Jeffrey Sachs: Europe Has FALLEN Into US’s TRAP, Israel ATTACKS United Nations Facility In Gaza (26 min)


Scott Ritter: How Dangerous is US Support for Israel and Ukraine? (33 min)


Winter Hell

Winter Hell


SnowStorm | The Russians Launched A Full-scale 1,000 Km Offensive. Military Summary For 2024.01.16 (25 min)


Davos peace talks without Russia. $300B reparation bonds. Austin goes home. Iran strikes Erbil (45 min)



Lebanese journalist RESPONDS to PBD’s Adam Sosnick vs Bassem Youssef HEATED DEBATE (5 min)

Iraqi insurgency

Iraqi Insurgency

I remember reading the book the Greenzone more than three years ago and writing an article about Iraq.  The sheer incompetence, arrogance and narcissism of the neo-cons involved and all the private contractors and corporations who made themselves rich.   They destroyed Iraq bringing freedom and democracy.  The same people are behind what is happening in Ukraine.  It disgusts me.

Green Zone (trailer)

Old article from 3 years ago:

Pro-Iran Gunmen ‘Shooting Protesters’


How Iraqis Got So Good At Smoking American Soldiers