Still standing…..   The proxy “terrorists” and the lies of the West failed but they destroyed his country and killed thousands upon thousands. 

🔴 Why America Wanted To Take Out Syria’s Assad? | Syriana Analysis (12 min)

Russia threatens massive punishment

Russia threatens massive punishment

Rus Charges 4 Crocus Gunmen, Threaten Planners Massive Punishment; Rus Strike Destroys Kiev Patriots (1:18 min)

Crocus City Hall, ISIS-K, and Russian retribution (47min)

Meanwhile no elections in Ukraine (lolz) but they condemn Russia. Of course the terrorists are ISIS (lolz) nothing to do with the ongoing war. And a man in a cave blew up the twin towers (lolz) and Russia blew up his own pipeline (lolz) and Kennedy was shot with a magic bullet. Yeah. OK.  The report on mainstream Australian news:

Putin changes narrative on Moscow concert hall attack as Russia arrests more suspects | ABC News (3 min)

Crocus terrorists, court appearance. WaPo, Putin is vulnerable. Macron beefs up personal security (35 min)

Terrorists Caught

Terrorists Caught

Apparently the Russian soldiers cut his ear off. Sorry not sorry.  You live by the sword you die by the sword.  He got paid $5000 for the job -half in advance.  Life is cheap.



The US embassy issues warnings to American citizens in Moscow.  Obummer visits greasy  Sunak to give him a heads up. Then a shooting in Moscow. ISIS claims responsibility. yeah sure. WW3 starts soon.


Putin Apologist

Putin Apologist

Recommended -important

A Putin apologist or Putin puppet is someone pushing “Putin propaganda”  and shilling for the Kremlin.  The first casualty of war is always the truth and all sides are pushing propaganda.  I will repeat my mantra that there are no good guys.  They all act out of self-interest. The video below (A study in Propaganda) makes some fair points. The alt-media is also used to push propaganda…just because they are not main stream does not mean that they are not a part of Interactive Internet Operations (IIA). So some of the criticisms in this video are valid. First a brief history of Russian interactions with the West.

  • The Crimean War 1853-1856, Russia against Ottoman Turks, France,and the UK
  • French invasion of Russia under Napoleon in winter 1812
  • Nazi Germany invades in winter of 1941 (WW2)

Not really spectacular as a trust building exercise is it?  Of course, we have the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution initiated by the German generals Hindenburg-Ludendorf  who sent Lenin and a train full of Jews (with Jewish banker funding) to Russia to ferment revolution which resulted in Russia withdrawing from the war and the Treaty of Brest-LitovskIn the light of this history one can understand Putin’s obsession with security.  Watch the two minute interview with Kissinger (2014) talking about Putin:

Henry Kissinger on Vladimir Putin (Sept. 10, 2014) | Charlie Rose

I have transcribed the video because Kissinger is difficult to understand:

What Putin wanted above all is an understanding with the U.S. that recognized the vulnerability of Russians vulnerability of long frontiers with China, the Middle East and with some respect for its historical memories -that was not forth coming on our side. He reacted after what he considered a period of deliberate humiliation during the Olympics and the handling of Ukraine by measures which I cannot testify on the basis of the analogies that I have made. And a country does not have the right to annex the part of another country (* my comment: unless you are Israel of course-lolz) because its historical views have not been properly treated. I had hoped that there would be a fundamental discussion at the highest level between the White House and the Kremlin in which the long term future of Russo-Western relations and about the future of at least Eurasia would be discussed. We have been drawn now into a series of tactical decisions step by step which are putting excessive emphasis on the military outcome on the Russian side.

Someone comments underneath (all true): ” The West forgave Germany, Italy and Spain after they renounced totalitarianism but never forgave Russia, instead they encourage paranoia and Russophobia and discrimination of Slavic and non-Slavic pro-Russian minorities among Russia’s neighbors.and try to destabilize Russia with ethnic-separatist, pro-Gay, anti-Conservative and anti-Christian NGOs and propping up blood-sucking oligarchs during the 1990s. Then Putin lets NATO use its airspace in the War of Terror in 2001 but NATO expands into Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltics in 2004″.

Russia has every right to be concerned, especially with the bio-warfare research being conducted close to its borders by American funded laboratories.

One cannot help but believe that the Russia-phobia is a result of many of the Jewish neocons tracing their origins back to the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. No doubt the Holodomor (death by hunger, in Ukrainian) plays a role. It refers to the starvation of millions of Ukrainians in 1932–33 as a result of Soviet policies. The Holodomor can be seen as the culmination of an assault by the Communist Party and Soviet state on the Ukrainian peasantry, who resisted Soviet policies.  Also, as one author puts it, you would be hard to argue that any single country played the greatest role in the early history of the Zionist movement, but there is a case to be made that Ukraine deserves that title.  So there are historical ties and blood links to Ukraine and long memories of pogroms. But Russia is not the old Soviet State.

And the critique from Russia about Neo-Nazis (Azov Brigades) and their lionization of Stephan Bandera is valid.  Many Ukrainians turned to the Nazis to liberate them from the Communists especially after the Holodomor.  An eye for an eye and so the whole world goes blind until no one can even remember who committed the last atrocity.  Meanwhile the bankers and the arms manufactures sip their champagne and eat their caviar.

Putin is ex-KGB and I have heard Steve Pieczenik boast that together with Kissinger he helped install Putin. We are told that Russian president Boris Yeltsin and his inner circle plucked Putin from obscurity in 1999 and presented him to voters, who ratified Yeltsin’s choice in the 2000 election. They say that Putin was simply at the right place at the right time.  I do not believe that.  Putin and Kissinger are actually very friendly they met for the first time when Putin was the deputy of the liberal Mayor of St. Petersburg in the mid-1990s.  People simply do not land in such positions because they are in the right place at the right time.  They are groomed for such positions and the bankers (money-power) have the last word.  I believe that Putin was selected just like Hitler was and that he (like Hitler) has gone off script and decided to shape the destiny of his country without banker (or WEF) help. Also, never forget that it was Kissinger who opened up China under Nixon and helped establish the dollar as the reserve currency after the gold standard was abolished – now it is Putin who is reinstating the gold standard and dethroning the dollar.  Coincidence?  A great game is being played and all  we see are the shadows.

The video on propaganda (below) mentions (at about 1:30) Surkov  who features in BBC documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis Hypernormalisation, who  credits Surkov’s blend of theater and politics with keeping Putin in power.It is interesting to note that Surkov’s division also came to lead the president’s policy efforts in Ukraine’s breakaway eastern republics. He was removed from this duty by presidential order in February 2020. Might this have something to do with Russian-backed separatists launching an attack on 18 February 2020 near Krymske, Novoaidar Raion, Luhansk Oblast, attempting to overrun an entrenched Ukrainian position? The attack, the first of its kind in two years, killed one Ukrainian soldier and injured four others.  Was Surkov behind this?  I have watched the documentary by Curtis and it is about ensuring that  everyone is confused (and therefore unable to act) by funding controlled opposition and opposing views, controlling the narrative with spin and disinformation.  This is ironic coming from the BBC.  Are we to believe that Russia is the only one who does this and no other intelligence services?  The BBC certainly wants us to think that and they would never lie to us (lolz).  The video below does exactly this – it presents a counter narrative and some of it is true.   The result is confusion and not knowing who to trust or believe.

The video is correct when it states that Putin is friendly with Israel and allows Israel to bomb Hezbollah and Iranian proxies etc in Syria. Israel is home to roughly a million Russian Jews. Every prime minister has had a Russian background. I am sure that  Western technology has been passed onto Russia through Israel.

However, the video suggests that the Chemical attack  in Syria was possibly a Russian false flag.  That is nonsense because it was relentlessly pushed by the West. I distinctly remember a CNN reporter sniffing a back pack and stating that it smelt of deadly chemicals (lolz) and the “White Helmets” etc funded by  the UK. Here is a map of the mess that is Syria. Russia did not start that war.

Moreover, the Arab Spring and Balkanization of the Middle East was an implementation of the Yinnon plan from the 80s and General Wesley Clark mentioned the overthrow of seven countries in five years.  So the whole ISIS and Al-Qaeda movement which was a spin-off of the anti-Soviet Mujaheddin under Regan was most probably a CIA-Mossad operation and the links with Saudi Arabia (Bin-Laden),  Whabbism and the Muslim brotherhood are also suspect. So there are no good guys in this picture especially when we consider that there are forces in play who are supra-national and more powerful than national governments.  These forces answer to no one and are the invisible hand who operate behind the scenes. Further, I ignore anything that Prigohzin from Wagner has to say because he is self-aggrandizing and untrustworthy. Ordinary people in the West are under attack and it is not Russia who is doing it.  We know our media lie to us about everything would we expect Russia to be any different?

A Study On Russian Propaganda #1 (1:55)


Here is Ryan Dawson’s (Zion Fraudston’s lolz) response:

This is from that Brenden Martinez and Jonny jungle Asian Gatt crowd. "Zion Fraudson" is what the 911 kook movement went with as they teamed up with these ass hats who think both Russia and Iran are secretly ZOG. Nuland's full transcript is here.

Fuck the EU is referring to them being divided and unwilling to support a conflict with Moscow. Johnathan Marcus comments "Not for the first time in an international crisis, the US expresses frustration at the EU's efforts. Washington and Brussels have not been completely in step during the Ukraine crisis. The EU is divided and to some extent hesitant about picking a fight with Moscow. It certainly cannot win a short-term battle for Ukraine's affections with Moscow - it just does not have the cash inducements available. The EU has sought to play a longer game; banking on its attraction over time. But the US clearly is determined to take a much more activist role."
Yanacovich was not the pro Russia guy. He was ready to sign with the EU and last minute took the better deal with Russia. Nuland had picked Yatz as "their guy" and wants conflict with Russia EU deal or not. She is a blood libel Zionist Jew, who according to Hersh was also an architect of the Nord Stream pipe bombing.
Ukraine is fucked. Ihor Kolomoisky another Zionist Jew Oligarch hand picked Zelensky and paid for his television president show. They do not care about Ukraine. Israel got its refugees, the kind from the ethno-religious background they desire. They do not care if Ukraniains and Russians kill each other.

My conclusion….

Let God be true and Every man a liar