Israel Vs. Hamas

Israel Vs. Hamas

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Iran and Israel

Iran and Israel

My reply (see below) does nor display properly because it has limited visibility because it contains hateful content (lolz). The truth is very hateful.

The USA is no longer ZOG it is Greater Israel.

Trouble is brewing on multiple fronts.

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Israel is in trouble

Israel is in trouble

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Not Chosen response

Not Chosen response

I had a response on my comment on the video (lolz) and I thought it would only be fair to post the response and the response to the response (lolz).ย  I know how these things go. People become dogmatic and dig their heels in.ย  Of course the same could be said for me but I hope that I allow the Bible to speak for itself and I encourage everyone to make their own mind up.

Not Chosen

The response from “Gott” (lolz):

Well, this article is completely insane.

You are definitely the first person to ever suggest that Adam blamed God, when he clearly points at the woman and says SHE GAVE ME OF THE TREE:

Gen 3:12 "And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat."

You say:

"Eve was created before the story of the fall so Adam did not sacrifice himself for her because that is chronologically incorrect."

What is your logic here? Eve would have to be created before in order for my point to exist. Explain your logic.

The fact you are using the Jewish Kabballah to illustrate your point, tells me everything I need to know about your beliefs.

According to your logic regarding the blessings, you also consider Ishmael and Esau as heirs to the blessing of Israel?

If you believe Judah was also promised to become many nations and bless the world, can you show me where it says that? If not, then Ishmael and Esau are also the heirs to Israel's blessing.

You say:

"There is much wrong with this video. The Egyptians had hieroglyphs they did not have an alphabet. The Jews were the first to have an alphabet (proto-Siniatic, Paleo-Hebrew) that was also alpha-numerically linked to Gematria."

The phonetic system where pictures are drawn on paper to represent sounds, is where our alphabet comes from. The word ALPHABET comes from the two first letters in the Hebrew alphabet, but it doesn't change the fact the Hebrews took the Egyptian hieroglyphic system and created their own version. The Egyptians also used their hieroglyphics to represent numbers and to do math. So, I guess your logic is, because the Egyptians didn't call it the alefbet, therefore it didn't come from Egypt?

This is evidence that the Israelites were in Egypt, so it is perplexing why you disregard it.

1Ki 11:26 And Jeroboam the son of Nebat, an Ephrathite of Zereda, Solomon's servant, whose mother's name was Zeruah, a widow woman, even he lifted up his hand against the king.

You say:

"The video makes fundamental exegetical errors and root word fallacy equating Ephrathite with Ephraimite. They are not the same. Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin. Jacob buried her โ€œon the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem)โ€ (Genesis 35:19; cf. 48:7). and in Micah 5:2: โ€œBut you, Bethlehem Ephrathahโ€ฆ demonstrate that Ephrath is a place name (suburb?) closely associated with Bethlehem in the territory of Judah. Moreover there is a woman called Ephrathah who was the second wife of Caleb, son of Hezron, son of Perez, son of Judah. (1 Chron 2:18-19 cf. 1 Chron 2:3-5) It is then likely that she took her name from Ephrath, the place where she was born which is associated with the nearby city of Bethlehem in Judah."

Truly amazing. You completely disregard the fact that you cannot play this game of yours when reading the Bible in Greek or Hebrew.

1Sa 1:1 ื•ื™ื”ื™H1961 ืื™ืฉืH376 ืื—ื“H259 ืžืŸH4480 ื”ืจืžืชื™ื ืฆื•ืคื™ืH7436 ืžื”ืจH2022 ืืคืจื™ืH669 ื•ืฉืืžื•H8034 ืืœืงื ื”H511 ื‘ืŸH1121 ื™ืจื—ืH3395 ื‘ืŸH1121 ืืœื™ื”ื•ืH453 ื‘ืŸH1121 ืชื—ื•H8459 ื‘ืŸH1121 ืฆื•ืฃH6689 ืืคืจืชื™ืƒH673

1Ki 11:26 ื•ื™ืจื‘ืขืH3379 ื‘ืŸH1121 ื ื‘ื˜H5028 ืืคืจืชื™H673 ืžืŸH4480 ื”ืฆืจื“ื”H6868 ื•ืฉืืH8034 ืืžื•H517 ืฆืจื•ืขื”H6871 ืืฉืื”H802 ืืœืžื ื”H490 ืขื‘ื“H5650 ืœืฉืืœืžื”H8010 ื•ื™ืจืH7311 ื™ื“H3027 ื‘ืžืœืšืƒH4428

Rth 1:2 ื•ืฉืืH8034 ื”ืื™ืฉืH376 ืืœื™ืžืœืšH458 ื•ืฉืืH8034 ืืฉืืชื•H802 ื ืขืžื™H5281 ื•ืฉืืH8034 ืฉืื ื™H8147 ื‘ื ื™ื•H1121 ืžื—ืœื•ืŸH4248 ื•ื›ืœื™ื•ืŸH3630 ืืคืจืชื™ืH673 ืžื‘ื™ืช ืœื—ืH1035 ื™ื”ื•ื“ื”H3063 ื•ื™ื‘ืื•H935 ืฉื‚ื“ื™H7704 ืžื•ืื‘H4124 ื•ื™ื”ื™ื•H1961 ืฉืืืƒH8033

Absolutely no difference in the Hebrew language, other than the plural is being used in Ruth 1:2.

It's even better in Greek ;)

You now need to explain why Jeroboam from the tribe of Ephraim, born in Zereda, is called the exact same thing as David and Elimelech.

Can you explain to me how Caleb's wife Ephrathah was born and took her name from Ephrath (Bethlehem), when Caleb was alive in Egypt, and was a fighting man with Joshua and Moses? You're saying that after the Exodus, the 40 years in the wilderness, the conquest of Canaan, that Ephrathah was then born, grew up and then became Caleb's wife? Explain your logic and mathematics.

Just because the Bible translators name a city, it doesn't mean the city was called that during the time of Abraham. They will use the modern name of the city for time period they are writing in. Jerusalem wasn't always called Jerusalem, as Rameses was not called Rameses during the time of the Exodus. The translators are clearly using the name of the city for the time period they are writing in.

I do thank for taking the time to write that article and for helping me spread my video. I have full confidence that the majority of people who watch my video and read your article will look at the evidence and see flaws in your argument.

Thank you very much for spreading my work.

Best part of your post:

"After having watched the video I have no confidence that his understanding of Daniel or Revelation is any better ( I have more confidence in Adam Green lolz)."

From quoting the Kabbalah and having more faith in Adam Green, kinda says it all. "LOLZ" What, are you a boomer trying to sound cool?

"It is just silly to say Jews have no right to call themselves Israel (they are all the sons of Israel)"

I guess Isaac is Abraham, and Jacob is Isaac, and we can erase all tribes and people and just merge them into one. It doesn't matter, everyone is related after all. Insane.


My reply

These were separate consecutive posts in the YouTube community notes because the comments were disabled.ย  I have added images to the post which are not in my original reply because you cannot post imagesย  in YT comments but I will place the link to this post in the YT community notes.

I knew it would make no difference whatsoever to someone like you but I have done the article for the benefit of others. I am not going to bother to even argue the points with someone who does not know scripture or history and linguistics.The Jews were the first to have an alphabet with alpha numeric. Pictograms (hieroglyphics) are Logograms and Proto-Siniatic are Abjads which group includes Aramaic and Phoenician from which we get True alphabets like Greek and Latin that have vowels. Abjads do not have vowels which is why the MT text got pointed in about 1000 AD. And Adam did blame God that is clear to anyone who can read…the woman you gave me….in other word your fault…you gave me a woman and she tempted me. I was OK until you made the woman (lolz).


And another thing which displays your ignorance is that Gematria is not Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a form of Gnosticism which employs Gematria as a tool. I utterly reject Kabbalah and Gnosticism as evil. I do not reject the Biblical text (which is also used by Kabbalah) nor do I reject Gematria which is obviously built into the text. Following your reasoning I should reject the Hebrew OT because it is used by Kabbalists (lolz). It is like the atom you can use it for nuclear power or making bombs. Kabbalah is evil but Gematria is built into the Bible. You are not a Bible student that much is clear.



The Hebrew word for wisdom has the standard value 73 and ordinal value 37 and 703 is the 37th Triangular number just as 666 is the thirty sixth triangular number. The value of the whole verse is 37×73 =2701 which is the same value as Gen 8:14 a verse that is about the reset after the flood (the end of a cycle and beginning of a new cycle).ย ย  Obviously this is about man (666) being made in the image of God obtaining wisdom.ย  However wisdom comes from God not from the Serpent (Kabbalah-Gnosticism).ย  The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom…and perfect love rules out fear.ย 

PS. The Bible clearly says…. “Jacob buried her (Rachael)on the way to Ephrath ,that is, Bethlehemโ€ in Genesis 35:19; cf. 48:7). So you are ignoring the clear account of scripture. And your contortions to prove that Obed is really from Ephraim (=half Egyptian) are frankly laughable. It completely ruins the whole point of Ruth. The time is short before this cycle ends. Let go of human pride and revise your material. You obviously have given it a lot of thought and your work can be put to good use if pushed in the right direction. The direction you are taking the “ten tribes” is reminiscent of British Israelitism and Mormonism that has caused so much damage and was pushed by the Rabbis.. The Gentiles are really Jews (lolz) the ten lost tribes. No they are not.

And by the way Caleb the Kenizzite inherited Hebron (Joshua 14: 6-15) and Bethlehem is only 30 km away. Completely plausible that he married a woman from Bethlehem (Ephratha).

And one last thing. The ten tribes a subset of Israel and often called Ephraim or Israel were removed because they were disobedient and faithless. In fact they were accused of constantly turning back to Egypt. They were not scattered to convert the Gentiles. The preaching of the Gospel by the disciples converted the Gentiles. Your whole theory of the “Israelite” being the ten tribes and being “chosen” and the Jews (Judah) being the fake Israelite (from which the messiah came lolz) falls flat on its face.




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