Magnetic Reversal vs Magnetic Excursion

Magnetic Reversal vs Magnetic Excursion

Earth’s Magnetic Poles Are Shifting -Magnetic Reversal vs Magnetic Excursion, Are They Bad For Life? (16 min)

Earth Changes & the Appearance/Disappearance of Species (2 min)

1,200 Top Scientists And Scholars Make A Declaration! “There Is No Climate Emergency”

I beg to differ….there is a climate emergency but it is not man made.    Stopping fossil fuels will make it worse.  CO2 is a lagging indicator and has very little to do with what is coming. The Jet-streams are changing.

9/13/2022 — Earthquakes spreading as expected to China, Iran, Japan, Chile, and West Coast USA (1:06)

Magnetic Changes

Magnetic Changes

SpaceX vs The Sun, Magnetic Change, Climate Errors | S0 News Aug.7.2022 (5 min)

Current Sheet Analysis, Pre-Earthquake Signals, Space Weather | S0 News Aug.6.2022 (4 min)


Iceland Eruption Update – Lava Samples Reveal Similar Composition To Last Years Eruption (6 min)

8/06/2022 — Earthquake Update — Japan now moving below + Gulf of California hit (45 min)













Lab Research Updates – Streaming With Rimo Yoko

Lab Research Updates – Streaming With Rimo Yoko

The money has been raised for more lab work and lab time can now be booked.  Thank you to everyone.  Keep up the good work.  Below is the WTYL version and underneath is the YT version which has playback disabled.  Dr Kevin McCairn needs the assistance of Rimo to help navigate Japanese etiquette when engaging with the institutional barriers to access the technology.

Lab Research Updates – Streaming With Rimo Yoko

Here is Rimo’s channel for all you Japanese speakers (you can probably use the auto-translate feature on YT).

This is her twitter account:




From Japan with Love

From Japan with Love

Starts at about 13:35.   Dr McCairn predicted that the weapon would be a homemade shotgun and he was correct.   Strange happenings all over the world.  This is the WTYL version:

Continuing (COVID Unrelated) Excess Deaths & “The (So Called) Forbidden Debate” – A Review.(2:09)


The YT version (but for how long?)

World on Fire

World on fire

They are determined to wreck the economy and make us beg for the beast system.

Japan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Germany and UK. Global economic collapse (19 min)

Russia Destroys 2 HIMARS, UK’s Johnson Falling, China ignores Sanctions, Deepens Trade with Russia (55 min)

They just moved us one step closer to THE GREAT RESET (9 min)