Vaccine harms exposed

Vaccine harms exposed


Long Story Short Episode 85: mRNA Vaccines Produce Off-Target Proteins

Big Pharma EXPOSED: Dr. John Abramson | PBD Podcast Ep. 351 (1:33 min)


Long COVID – Muscle Fatigue | Muscle Fiber Type Shift is Possible (39 min)


Long covid and long vaccine (40 min)

Rebranded? (18 min) Episode 355: UNREDACTED (1:51 min)

Japan Quake

Japan Quake

It may already seem like old news but it is good to see how it links with solar activity and what the forecasters are saying.

Devastating drone footage shows earthquake and tsunami damage in Japan (2 min)

1/01/2024 — M7.5 Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan – Japan CONNECTS TO…


Major Snow For The East – Devastating Footage Of Japan Quake – Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks Now! (16 min)

1/02/2024 — New York City , Washington DC earthquakes, booms and rumbles – East Coast moving

CME Impact Today, Lightning, Magnetic Impact | S0 News Jan.2.2024 (3 min)

Joe Bastardi: “Tiny amounts of water vapor warm it where it’s coldest” | Tom Nelson Pod #183 (1:02min)

Erasing Australia (5:26 min)




X5 Solar Flare, Big Earthquake Japan, Top Stories | S0 News Jan.1.2024 (3 min)


40 earthquakes M7.6, M6.1, M5.7 occurred in Japan in 2 hours! 300 k… (8 min)

Huge M7.6 Earthquake Rocks Japan, Evacuations Ordered As Over 40 Quakes Strike Western Coastline (2 min)

Powerful 7.5 Mag Quake Hits Japan, Triggering Tsunami Warnings – Major X5.0 Solar Flare And CME (10 min)


ZOG wars

ZOG wars

Not only partisans but even Foreign mercenaries are being killed while on leave in Ukraine. Almost a battalion of soldiers killed while taking a break away from the front.


The Fall | Russian Firebag Tactics Deals CRITICAL Damage.Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.9.10 (25 min)

US/EU pressure UAE in effort to pick apart BRICS (8 min)

Putin, Lavrov G20 win. Pirate Scholz stole G20 show. UN SWIFT offer to trick Russia. Dr. BoJo. U/1 (34 min)


From Ukraine to Taiwan & Japan: Washington’s Proxy Wars Around the World (14 min)

Germany Under Threat: The Globalist Plot Exposed (9 min)


Airborne AIDS (Pt. 3)

Airborne AIDS (Pt. 3)

SARS-CoV-2 Is Airborne AIDS, Vaccine Impact? & HERVS Initiated PRION Cascades (Pt. 3)-2:41


It’s Begun: Mandates Are Coming Back, Business Closures Next?! (11 min)

Is the Airline Industry Willing to Risk its Reputation for Safety? (12 min)

Armageddon And Wagner

Armageddon And Wagner

Summer Operations | The Time Has Come. Armageddon And Wagner Are Back. Military Summary 2023.8.24 (25 min)

What REALLY Happened to Prigozhin? ALL YOU SHOULD KNOW (29 min)

Prigozhin plane crash, domestic and external actors (45 min)

Prigozhin plane crash, cui bono? Trump-Tucker 100M views. Ukraine out of men. BRICS grows. U/1 (43 min)

US Hegemony at Heart of Ukraine Conflict + Japan Dumps Radioactive Water from Fukushima (14 min)

Death of Prigozhin: Causes & Suspects; No Ind Day Victory; US Tells Ukr Give Up Bakhmut; BRICS Grows (1:29min)


Dutch F16s

Dutch F16s


Summer Operations | Ukraine Will Get 61 F-16 | Mass Evacuation In Karkov. Military Summary 2023.8.20 (31 min)


Russia Breakthrough Kupyansk, Sinkovka Encircled, Kiev Evacuations; US-Japan-S.Korea Against China (1:18 min)



Hailstone records broken

Hailstone records broken

Winter 23/24 Forecast – Halo CME Headed Our Way! – Solar Cycle 25 Update – 35,000 Year Old Carving (14 min)


Europe Smashes Hailstone Records – Wildfire Explodes Near Vegas – Deadly Earthquake Swarm In Japan (16 min)


Dane Wigington: Geoengineering Gatekeeper and Chemtrail Scaremonger (2:08min)
I always thought he was a Gatekeeper not like Jim or Mike (who has now passed away). Never trusted him.

Magnetic Pole Shift | 5 Key Facts (8 min)


Magnetic Universe, Solar-Climate Models, Typhoon | S0 News Aug.2.2023 (3 min)


Climate Fakery Part 19 (8 min)