Discussing PRIONS

Discussing PRIONS

A very good discussion and I have added some important topics under the video.

Discussing PRIONS (SARS & Gene-Transfection) With Walter Chestnut

Covering their tracks

When they do an autopsy if they find Spike Protein without nucleocapsid protein they know that it came from the vaccine. If they find nucleocapsid alongside spike they know it came from the virus. If future mRNA “vaccines” encode for nucleocapsid as well as Spike Protein they will no longer be able to determine whether the death was cause by the “vaccine”.

This new development will potentially obscure or mask the difference between these antigens in SARS-2 versus injection context. With mRNA encoding nucleocapsid, the vaccine injury and death can be falsely attributed to covid19 infection.


What did Clint Eastwood say as he dispatched a bad guy?    Something like, “a man has to know his limitations”.   We are messing with things that we barely understand.  The complexity is astounding and we think we know it all.  The hubris is breathtaking as the geneticist Kevin McKernan (who recently discovered plasmid DNA with SV40 promoters in the vaccines) points out:

All cause mortality keeps going up

SM-102 (Cationic LNP)

SM-102(Cationic LNP)

It is not just PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) that is problematic as a Lipid Nano Particle (LNP) but also SM-102 which we highlighted recently.  Amazing Polly produced a video on the product which we repeat here below (in case you missed it). The guy associated with it is a weirdo eugenicist who impregnated 400 women. This is the Epstein circle of “scientists”.

The reason I am highlighting SM-102 again is because Jessica Rose the PhD microbiologist and mathematician etc has investigated and produced two articles.

Amazing Polly – Toxic SM-102 Shocking Connection to the Daddy of all Daddies NOV.12.2022



SARS Insurgency – Round Table

SARS Insurgency – Round Table


This is a mega Round Table nearly five hours. Round Table: Charles Rixey, Johanna Dienert, Jessica Rose, Spartacus, Walter Chesnut, Mathew Crawford, Richard Fleming, Kevin McCairn.  This team has fought the SARS operation from the start.

On a side not Reiner Fuellmich (who I never trusted) has embezzled €1.35 million from the Corona Committee.  His name means fill me with purity (He is certainly full of something lolz)  but he filled his pockets.  In the end all the grifters will be exposed.


SARS Insurgency – Round Table: Charles Rixey, Johanna Dienert, Jessica Rose, Spartacus, Walter Chesnut, Mathew Crawford, Richard Fleming, Kevin McCairn (4:43)

YouTube Link:



A tale of two Kevins

A tale of two Kevins

Not Kevin McCairn but another brilliant scientist Kevin McKernan who is referenced by Dr Jonathan Couey (see here):

Blasted Liars

Apparently Jessica Rose has only just picked up on his discoveries but she writes an excellent paper discussing the implications.  Basically the change they made makes sure that your immune system goes into hyperactive mode and exhausts itself.  You need to read this and watch the video:

Kevin is using Rebel News (Anglo-Zionist outlet) to disseminate his message because he has no other option:

Genomics expert censored over concerns about vaccine stability (16 min)

Hating on the unvaccinated

Hating on the unvaccinated

What is Killing Millennials?

What is Killing Millennials?

What is Killing Millennials?; Airlines Ready to Drop Masks; Chaos & Hypocrisy in NY; Cleveland Clinic Denies Child’s Kidney Transplant; Huge ICAN-funded Legal Win; Get to L.A. April 10th! Guests: Jessica Rose, PhD, Jenn & Dane Donaldson, Aaron Siri, Esq.

Jessica Rose shows that deaths increased by 84% between the ages of 25-40.

Streamed on: Mar 24, 2:00 pm EDT