The Liar Lies

The Liar Lies

I watched this video from Rabbi Reuven trying to justify the ongoing genocide and to portray the Jews as victims.  I  made a short response below but I could have quoted chapter and verse and gone into much  more depth but what is the point?  They are stubborn and hard of heart.   They did not listen to the prophets or Jesus so they certainly won’t listen to me.  Nevertheless it must be done as a witness.  To leave them without excuse.


Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:06:19 Israel at War
  • 0:07:44 Israel vs. Others Nations: Response to Attacks
  • 0:09:21 Israel Under Enemy Control
  • 0:11:51 Strange Things
  • 0:15:11 Terror Funding UN & Ceasefire
  • 0:18:38 KNOW THE LIAR LIES
  • 0:19:10 Mikeitz: 2 Additional Years & Pharoah’s Dreams (Gen. 41 vv. 1-7)
  • 0:22:43 Pharoah called necromancers and wisemen to interpret dream (Gen. 41 v. 8) 0:23:12 Yosef is rushed from the dungeon (Gen. 41:14)
  • 0:24:37 Divine Decrees & When Prayers Don’t Help
  • 0:27:18 Divine Decrees & Dark Cloud’s Expiration Date
  • 0:30:52 Pharoah Changed Law, then Lied to Yosef the Tzadik
  • 0:33:12 If not sanctifying Hashem’s Name daily, futile birth
  • 0:33:31 A thousand Shlomos will be nullified, but not a single letter of the Torah (Yer., Sanh. 2:6)
  • 0:34:55 Yosef the Tzadik Sanctifying G-d’s Name Recognized for Eternity
  • 0:35:10 Pharoah Lied About Dream, Thought Yosef was in Head
  • 0:37:22 The Root of the Enemy: Living a Lie
  • 0:38:34 Esau and Ishmael hate Yaakov
  • 0:39:02 Ishmael Tried to Kill Yitzchak, Sarah Saw (Rashi, Gen. 21 v. 10)
  • 0:40:53 Yosef’s Wife; The Enemy Does Not Give Free Gifts
  • 0:45:09 Hashem, rescue my soul from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue (Ps. 120:2) 0:46:45 I am peace, but when I speak, they are for war (Ps. 120:2)
  • 0:47:19 Permanent Peace with Ishmael is Impossible as per Quran
  • 0:59:30 Nature of Ishmael; Pharoah Forgets Yosef
  • 1:01:22 Esau and Ishmael hate Yaakov (cont.)
  • 1:05:12 Conclusion Questions:
  • 1:19:11 Souls can change based on behavior
  • 1:20:50 Can a Noahide Read Targum Onkelos
  • 1:21:18 What happens to Anti-Semites
  • 1:22:48 Why do Jews eat oily foods on Chanukah?
  • 1:24:18 Are there exceptions to wearing Tefillin Shel Rosh?
  • 1:26:05 Misconceptions about life and reincarnations
  • 1:34:02 A Holiday Tree In Your House Is 100% Idol Worship
  • 1:34:44 Why was Yosef imprisoned?
  • 1:36:11 Do all of an individual’s reincarnations return?
  • 1:36:58 G-d’s Infinite Power
  • 1:41:15 In the Process of Conversion: Syllabus & MeAm Loez
  • 1:42:30 Non-Jews are forbidden to keep Shabbat (Halacha: Rambam)
  • 1:43:48 Seven Noahide Laws
  • 1:44:54 Torah & Free Will to Choose the Righteous Path
  • 1:45:34 Teshuvah at Life’s End
  • 1:46:59 Chanukah exception for praying for miracles (Rema)
  • 1:50:02 Taking Upon Mitzvot to Receive Blessing
  • 1:51:09 BHChesed: Jewish Soldiers & Civilians at War

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Paul Cottrell brings us Jewish blessings

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Paul Cottrell brings us Jewish blessings

Armageddon Glow-Op Goy-Slop: War Crimes, & A Peak into Jewish Entitlement & Mystic-Superstition 2 (2:34 min)

Paul Cottrel , A NYC Jew who has shared a platform with Dr McCairn in the past and who is jokingly referred to by the Raccoons as the “Silver Surfer” for making bank by promoting his silver solutions and other snake-oil products as a covid cure-all, has jumped onto the bandwagon as an apologist for divine retribution (in the form of HAMAS whose name means violence) falling on the head of liberal Jews who were partying and raving rather than adhering to the proscribed rituals that end the Atonement religious festival.

He is justifying the killing of fellow (liberal) Jews probably because they were not “Chabad enough” (lolz). Hamas (founded and funded by Israel) becomes the instrument of divine wrath against “bad” Jews. This is both disturbing and pathetic and smacks (in my view) of deliberate planning.

I identified 1973 as the start of the Trumpet blowing (repeat pattern) for the Day of Atonement (DOA) in my commentary. The DOA ritual is described as occurring in the heavenly sanctuary and is about national forgiveness. The nation was not forgiven hence the Yom Kippur war (or DOA war). If each trumpet blowing covers a seven year period then the fifth period (fifth trump or first woe) starts with the fall of twin towers in 2001.

Why are we left with a binary choice? Why do we have to chose between either supernatural events or man-made manipulation? Why can’t what is happening be a consequence of both? Is it not possible for God to use the manipulation and deceit of Jacob for his own ends? Is it not possible for God to allow Jacob to run with his madness until he boxes himself into a corner? That is exactly what happens in the patriarchal Jacob story. I prefer a more nuanced stance that recognizes both the supernatural and man-made deception dovetailing. In the end God prevails.

As far as the temple is concerned then have been three, or actually two temples. The first was Solomon’s temple destroyed in 586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar, then Zerubabbel’s temple rebuilt when they returned, completed in 516 BC and finally Herod’s temple which was a complete refurbishment of Zerubbabel’s temple, so actually still only the second temple (the temple platform was also expanded by the Hasmoneans). Construction by Herod began in 20 bc and lasted for 46 years.The minimalist view is that the only temple that existed was Zerubabbel’s (300 years after Solomon) and that Solomon was a minor tribal chief, however, this runs counter the fact that a huge copper mining and refining Industry was found in Edom (the Edomites were a vassal state subjected by David) and a virtual monopoly on the trade of this commodity formed the basis of Solomon’s great power and bronze age wealth. There is scant archeological evidence going back to the age of Solomon (which is understandable with the multiple destruction of the site that occurred) and some of the “evidence” has been identified by the Israel Antiquities Authority as forgeries (so it seems that a genuine effort is made to weed out fakes). With the amount of destruction and rebuilding that has occurred it is (in my opinion) a wonder that we can find anything. The archeologist Leen Ritmiyer (who I have met) believes that the Dome of the Rock (I have been inside to look it was built ca 690 AD) contains a carved out square where the Ark of The Covenant stood. I think this is likely (but it is disputed). According to Ritmeyer, a rectangular rock-cutting he discovered on the Foundation Stone marks the location where the Ark of the Covenant stood within the Holy of Holies. Ritmeier’s analysis was welcomed among biblical archeologists, however scholars stated that this theory cannot be actually verified. The rock was actually the “threshing floor” that David purchased as the place to build an altar after the plague was averted (2 Samuel 24:18-25) it is believed that Solomon (the son of David) built the temple on the same location. The carving in the rock (although it has the correct dimensions) is disputed because even the Romans built a temple there (to Jupiter).
























The stone (threshing floor) is also known as the foundation stone, it has become a   burdensome stone for all people (Zech12:3) in the same way that Christ the foundation of a new temple became rock of offence (Isaiah 8:14, Rom 9:33, 1 Pet 2:8)

Once again I state that God did not want a physical temple. He didn’t want David to build one in the first place. The vision in Ezekiel was exactly that. A vision. Ezekiel’s temple was never meant to be a blueprint for an end-time temple.    It was a vision that was meant to make them ashamed and spur them on to greater things (Ezek 43:10-11) but the resulting temple that they did build (Zerubbabel’s) was a disappointment (Ezra 3:12). The Zadokite priests of the Ezekiel vision became the Sadducee priests who crucified Christ.  Jesus Christ is presented as the true dwelling place of God (John 2:21, Rev 21:22, 1 Cor 3:16) and his saints are also depicted as a living temple. As Jesus said, God is not worshiped at a particular location or mountain but in Spirit and Truth (John 4:21-24).  Furthermore the Gog-Magog confrontation that the Apocalyptic fetishist are itching to trigger  is again based on complete ignorance of scripture. The Gog-Magog of the Apocalypse is a “true myth” whose armies are gathered for an attack against the camp of the saints from “the four quarters of the earth” (Rev 20:8) not an attack against Jerusalem by Russia.

The Jews (and many Christians) do not understand their own temple theology. All the things I warned about over the last forty-two years are coming to pass. The demonization of Russia as Gog and the elevation of Perfidious Albion and its US counterpart as the “good guys”ships of Tarshish in the Anglo-Zionist East India Company British Israelitism war for World Hegemony. To be honest I don’t care anymore. Go build a third temple to offer your sacrifices and see what happens (Isa 66:1-5). God has already told you thrice that he would overturn the nation and the temple (Ezek 21:27). Your enemy is not the Muslims or the Christians it is God himself. You can either repent or you can attempt to force your will through and be overturned a third and final time.


The Temple and Gog-Magog resources


Amos and the Temple

Appendix on Amos 5.26-27 and Acts 7.43





A study of other details in this introductory passage brings to light some more features of a similar character. Some of these spring out of a realization that this opening vision of the incense-offering angel is couched in terms which belong to the Day of Atonement ritual:

“Silence in heaven.” The allusion is to “the whole multitude of the people praying without” at the time of the High Priest’s entering into the sanctuary. Cp. Psalm 65:1 (a Psalm for the Day of Atonement); Habakkuk 2:20.
(b) “Silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.” It is only with reference to the period the High Priest was in the sanctuary that this detail makes sense.
(c) “Another angel … having a golden censer.” According to some authorities, it was only on the Day of Atonement that a golden censer was used.[33]
(d) “There was given unto him much incense.” It is also asserted that an extra large quantity of incense was used on the Day of Atonement – doubtless because of Leviticus 16:12, 13 which required that the High Priest enter into the Holy of Holies clothed (so to speak) in a dense cloud of incense.
(e) “That he should offer it … upon the golden altar which is before the throne.” That the altar of incense, normally separated from the Holy of Holies by the veil, should be spoken of as “before the throne” probably implies that the veil has been penetrated-which thing took place only on the Day of Atonement.
(f) The sounding of seven trumpets (v. 6) by specially appointed priests (cp. 1 Chronicles 15:24; 2 Chronicles 29:25-28) was an integral part of the recognized ceremonial for the Day of Atonement.
(g) On the day of Atonement the High Priest also read from the Law in the hearing of all the people, as he stood at the east gate of the priests’ court. To this might correspond the angel of Revelation 10:2 with the little book which he imparts to John.
(h) Ch. 7:3: “the sealing of God’s servants.” The Jews had a strange tradition, the meaning of which is not quite clear, that on the Day of Atonement every Jew is sealed in one of three Books – the Book of Life (Revelation 5: 1?), the Book of Death, or another Book which was to be opened on the following Day of Atonement.

Albo is confused

Albo is confused

The leftists don’t know what to do….support Israel or support Palestine? (lolz). Rather pathetic talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. The comment about racism probably had to do with me tweeting this meme to him multiple times telling him that we don’t want  biowarfare and Jew Jabs, or  Jew neocon war (in Ukraine) or Jew debt, or Jew media climate fear porn.  We don’t want their Tikkun Olam or Communism. I think he got the message and I am probably on a watch-list (lolz).  Pathetic.  They all worship Jewish power and they all go to Jerusalem to kiss the wall.    

Anthony Albanese responds to the Pro-Palestine Protest in Sydney (2 min)

Explain this to me like I’m an 8 year old (1 min)

Metaphysical Discussion

Metaphysical Discussion


Revelation – A Discussion With The Faithful (John Brisson & Paul (The Tishbite)- 2:35 min

Starts at about 16 min

We had a discussion about Revelation with a couple of guys afterwards in live chat (not recorded) and watched these clips from the Movie Pi.  Afterwards I downloaded and watched the full movie (sorry not allowed to share…you will have to find it online). The next three videos are two short clips (2-3 mins) from Pi and a short Bro Nathanael clip, followed by a movie review of Pi.   I have included my calculations etc on the subject under each video.



I just noticed that the last section adds up to 24 which reduces to 6 therefore you have ..

R=2/ 26 / 72 / 26 / 66/ R=6 so it ends in 666

What does this mean ??

Two / Yahweh / nations /Yahweh /number of man

And just found this:

144/666 = An infinitely repeating cycle of 6 × 6 × 6 (the PERIMETER of the Genesis 1:1 Triangle = 6 × 6 × 6)

(6 × 6 × 6) = 216

144/666 = 0.216216216216 … to infinity




Pi Explained | Classic Explained Episode 13 (19 min)



Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam

Heal the world (Tikkun Olam). Physician heal thyself.

Mother Hubbard interprets the Apocalypse

Mother Hubbard interprets the Apocalypse

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a Jewish futurist who attended the school where Epstein taught and had an affair with chief vaccinator Jonas Salk (the Jew responsible for the Polio Vaccine) and who was writing about us “becoming the messenger” (mRNA protein) in 1982. See my older article:

1984 vs. Brave New World


Apparently she produced an interpretation of Revelation. A Gnostic-Theosophist interpretation by old Mother Hubbard (lolz):

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s The Revelation – Part 1 (1:01min)


A deliberate attack on Christianity

A deliberate attack on Christianity

We are at war.


If you had not realized it yet Christianity is under attack.  It is a full scale attack and it is being ramped up.  In many ways this is not new because the early church was subverted by “false brethren” planted in the church to create trouble.  At one stage the Apostle Paul lamented that all those of Asia had turned away.

The Jewish attack on Christianity is much more refined.  They pay people to run video channels or they boost the signal (or both).  That is called IIA (Interactive Internet Activities). They also pay, bribe or blackmail politicians to change laws.  They lobby and they propagandize through the media (which they own).

Most people do not realize that we are at war.  This is the biggest, most well financed war in history. It uses social engineering (Twitter, Facebook) and the Main Stream Media and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to change how people think and behave. They have even hijacked the medical system to enforce compliance and of course they own the financial system.

They want the dissolution of the family and the nation state because rootless people are easier to control.  They are pushing homosexuality and androgyny (transsexualism) because sterile people keep the population levels down and with no children they have no stake in the future. They hate the fact that God blessed mankind and told man to go forth and multiply and be fruitful.  They are pushing division along racial and sexual lines.  They want the disintegration of society because the chaos allows them to suck up the wealth and exercise more control. They hate Christianity because it teaches that man has freewill and sovereignty (dominion over the earth).  This forms the basis of “natural law” the bedrock of Western jurisprudence and constitutions, namely that man has certain unalienable rights.  They cannot be taken away because they are God given.  You have the right to go wherever you please and do whatever you want as long as you cause no harm to your fellowman or the environment.  You do not need permission for this. On every level Christianity is seen as an obstacle to the technocratic wet dream of full spectrum dominance.  They need to destroy Christianity or replace it with a watered down, neutered New Age version that is subservient to Judaism and “Noahide Laws”.

Bait and Switch

I have noticed that the online strategy follows a certain pattern. It begins with criticism of the Jews and the Talmud and Jewish secular control.  Then is switches to criticizing Christian-Zionism.  Many of the criticisms are true but then it pulls a bait and switch and starts calling out Christianity as a Jewish “psyop” and “controlled opposition”.  This was the true target all along.  They suck in an audience and once they have captured them they switch the narrative.  There are many Channels that do this but the ones that I am familiar with are Adam Green,Christopher Jon Bjerknes (who I debated) and Albert Bishai who recently blocked me on Twitter because I called him out.  He was tweeting out an image of a native American Indian family and talking about the genocide that white people committed since (before?) 1776.  I pointed out that the “noble savage” was a myth, and that Indians murdered other tribes, tortured and stole from each other.  That sin is a universal problem not a racial problem. I also pointed out that in Australia they are using the same “white guilt” program with a referendum about “THE VOICE” supposedly about more indigenous rights  but in actuality about disenfranchising everyone.  It is a global strategy.  Using the “indigenous” or “first peoples” (so called) to change every-bodies rights.  They want to remove property rights.  And you know who is behind it don’t you?

Adam Green is exposed in this short video:

Here is my previous video exposing Adam Green and his silly arguments:

Response to Adam Green

Here is my latest video countering Adam Green and his nonsense:


If you are feeling stressed and confused it is because they are waging a psychological war against you. They need to break you psychologically.  They want all your values destroyed. They want you broken and helpless.  Are you going to let them?  Put on the whole armor of God (Eph 6:11-18);

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. 
(1 Cor 16:13 )

This is just the start. Man-up it is going to get much worse.

They are going to take your home if they can. This is Dirty Harry (lolz) going on a rant but what he says is true. I am sorry if you are offended by the language, but frankly I am offended by peoples faithlessness and stupidity because Harry is right. And it is not just your home they are coming for.  At least two out of every three jobs will be gone before 2030.  Don’t think your job is safe just because you are a lawyer or a doctor.  You have no idea how powerful Artificial Intelligence is, or how advanced robotics. They have kept it under wraps.  And they are coming for your kids. They will be indoctrinated and controlled and sexualised.  They will control everything once they roll out the CBDC.  This is truly a monster.  So, you better put your faith in God and hold fast.

Warning: Dirty Harry at his best (or worst depending on how you look at it-loz).

The Jewish Parasites Who Are Stealing American Homes – A Threat Assessment Report

Who is the enemy?

Who is the enemy?

This is not to condemn all Jews as being complicit and does not excuse gentile behavior. However, they condemn themselves through the things they say and do. The Jews hate whites. They feel that their position has been usurped.

Not listened to this yet. I can already predict that it will contain bad language and ranting. View at your own discretion.

Rage Against Anyone Except The Actual Enemy

And here are the goy who have been seduced:

Masonic Illuminati FIGHT CLUB 1 and 2 (13 min)




Epstein’s Friends

Epstein’s Friends

What is it with Jews and their transgender agenda? The Pritzker family of Jewish billionaires originated in Kiev. They have corrupted everything they touched.

Bombshell Epstein secrets about to be revealed, and they are nervous | Redacted with Clayton Morris (12 min)

Dirty Harry on dog shit

Dirty Harry on dog shit

Harry Vox with a long overdue threat assessment for military, intelligence and law enforcement personnel about the hidden agenda of the Neoconservatives to weaken US national security.  Full Res Downloadable at

Whether you think he is being antisemitic or not….what he says is true….

Dirty Harry IV – A lot can happen to dog shit… (50 secs)


Warning strong language