Censorship bullies

Censorship bullies

Censorship in the West is just as bad as it ever was in any communist country but in the West the censorship is left up to private companies (like Twitter), that way the Government has clean hands.  It is a Private Public Partnership otherwise known as fascism (lolz). 

Twitter REVERSES BAN Over Vaccine Tweets By Journalist (15 min)


Here is the tweet that got him suspended (it is now pinned to the top of his account lolz):

The Purge

Alex may well have got his account back but Doc McCairn, Jikkileaks and  Doc  Johanna Deinert got suspended. They are coming for us all.

Dr. med. Johanna Deinert from Germany

Dr. med. Johanna Deinert from Germany

Johanna being interviewed by Jonathan.  She is a a qualified virologist and doctor with her own clinic.  Now Johanna has done great work in highlighting the bio-warfare programs. I wonder what Johnathan makes of that?

Dr. med. Johanna Deinert from Germany!: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (3:39)


NIH DURC Meeting! (4:32)


Raccoon Trilogy

Raccoon Trilogy

Dr Kevin McCairn has been very busy over the last three days and it is difficult to keep up. Three streams representing at least 11 hours of viewing.  As well as that the Discord server is being cleaned up because they have changed the terms of service and the community is trying to remove anything that will give reason for censorship. They have also launched a video platform: http://osp.wetalkyoulisten.com/  as well as running the Dojo website and building a workspace (lab) in his garden.

The most recent stream (watching as I type this) is with Dr. Johanna Johanna Deinert which is a 3.5 hour stream. Here are two of her recent tweets:

SARS Neuroscience – Latest Virus & Jabberwocky Neurological Impacts Pt 2 Mar 5, 2022 1:33 AM – 9:30 AM

This stream is 3:53 min and I have not watched it yet. No one has put time-stamps on it so I have no content. The Dojo link to the video:



SARS Neuroscience – Latest Virus & Jabberwocky Neurological Impacts Mar 4, 2022 1:19 AM – 5:35 AM

I have watched this stream 3.5 hour stream and the scientific report on the effect on fertility and shrinking testicles is interesting (and shocking). If SARS-CoV-2  is having this effect what do you think the spike protein is doing. The links below are to the Dojo time stamps.