Discussing PRIONS

Discussing PRIONS

A very good discussion and I have added some important topics under the video.

Discussing PRIONS (SARS & Gene-Transfection) With Walter Chestnut

Covering their tracks

When they do an autopsy if they find Spike Protein without nucleocapsid protein they know that it came from the vaccine. If they find nucleocapsid alongside spike they know it came from the virus. If future mRNA “vaccines” encode for nucleocapsid as well as Spike Protein they will no longer be able to determine whether the death was cause by the “vaccine”.

This new development will potentially obscure or mask the difference between these antigens in SARS-2 versus injection context. With mRNA encoding nucleocapsid, the vaccine injury and death can be falsely attributed to covid19 infection.


What did Clint Eastwood say as he dispatched a bad guy?    Something like, “a man has to know his limitations”.   We are messing with things that we barely understand.  The complexity is astounding and we think we know it all.  The hubris is breathtaking as the geneticist Kevin McKernan (who recently discovered plasmid DNA with SV40 promoters in the vaccines) points out:

All cause mortality keeps going up

Contaminated Vaxx

Contaminated Vaxx

It is now indisputable that the vaccines are contaminated with DNA. Kevin McKernan has sequenced the vaccines and found plasmid with SV40 promoters (cancer promoters) and also with antibiotic resistance. This is very bad and puts to bed the argument that the mRNA first needs to be transcribed to DNA using an enzyme for it to get into the cell. If the DNA is already free floating then it does not need that step. Of course, the next argument is that the cell is “impregnable” and very difficult to penetrate. Huh? I thought that is why we added LNP (Lipid Nano Particles) in order to “package” the mRNA (and DNA) and wrap it in a little bubble of synthetic “fats” so that it can easily fuse with the cell membrane. All these people do is lie and obfuscate. So the chances are (it is very likely) that it does enter the nucleus and become part of the DNA. Of course this final step has to be proven but we know from other studies that LNP and mRNA likes the ovaries. So it is likely that whatever abomination they made is passed onto the next generation. Is that an accident? Sloppy work? I do not think so. They are bio-engineering humanity. Don’t like your turbo cancer? Too bad, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

Genomics expert discovers concerning contents in COVID vaccine vials (14 min)

Here is the full article:

Here Kevin McKernan disputes the LNP nonsense:




This concerns the work done by the other Kevin…..Kevin McKernan the geneticist.   This is very complex and I will need to read through the material again and possibly watch the video again.  The video below is JC commenting on McKernan and as JC is sticking to the science and offers some decent clarifications I have used the Gigaohm video.

Firstly a little groundwork on plasmids. A plasmid is a small circular DNA molecule found in bacteria and some other microscopic organisms. Plasmids are physically separate from chromosomal DNA and replicate independently.


Kevin McKernan has a substack under anandamide

This is the comment that I left on the substack:

I am just a "bucket" chemist (industrial polymers) who as a junior (once upon a time 40 years ago) did some microbiology work at a plant pathology institute with agar plates, ELISA and Brenneria salicis the Gram-negative bacterium that is pathogenic on plants known to cause 'watermark disease' in willow (or cricket bat disease lolz). So this is WAY over my head. We had to look up stuff in big fat Handbooks back then. So after a ten minute Google on Plasmids and reading about genetic transformation and the involvement of Kissinger's mate Joshua Lederberg who was busy in the 50s working with bacteria and on Artificial Intelligence please explain to me why you think this is the result of contamination? We know that they want to re-engineer humans. Perhaps re-think this along the lines of it being an experiment. Is there anything that could accelerate biological (genetic) change? Environmental factors (natural or anthropogenic). What if it is done deliberately? What next?

This is setting off all sorts of alarm bells.  It is shocking enough if it is contamination but what if it is deliberate?

Important WARNING–Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Stream (1:00)

Gigaohm Biological and Kevin McKernan (July 20)

Gigaohm Biological and Kevin McKernan (July 20)

Kevin McKernan  the microbiologist and geneticist is interviewed by Dr Johnathan Couey. Kevin McKernan  worked on the human genome project and invented revolutionary sequencing technologies that dropped the cost of sequencing a human genome from $300M to $3,000; a 100,000-fold improvement in sequencing speed and cost in a few years. The following article (below) is mentioned in the Gigaohm video and explains how Twitter is trying to censor legitimate scientific debate.

Kevin McKernan makes interesting observations about the patent (conversion of uracil to pseudouridine). If something is “natural” it cannot be patented. They are lying when they say it is “natural” and the reason they do is because the royalty stream is worth between 5-10 billion dollars.

This video is difficult to follow unless you are a microbiologist or geneticist but basically (very simply put) the mRNA strand code is placed inside a Lipid Nano Particle (LNP). They use polymers like PEG (Poly Ethylene Glycol) to form a “charged fatty bubble” with the mRNA inside. The mRNA has been “stabilized” and/or “optimized” (the uracil has been methylated to Ψ) so that enzymes do not cut it up. The LNP merges with the cell and the mRNA delivers the instructions to your cell to make spike-proteins. However, questions remain whether the methylated mRNA can read through stop condons (run the red light). Moreover, we are informed that the mRNA codes for spike protein but does it create other fragments? The blotting test suggests it does. If the mRNA is not pure what sort of products are you actually expressing? This is a recipe for transcription errors and misfolding which leads to amyloidosis and prion disease.

Short Glossary

Ψ is also found in mRNAs which are the template for protein synthesis. Ψ residues in mRNA can affect the coding specificity of stop codons UAA, UGA, and UAG. In these stop codons both a U→Ψ modification and a U→C mutation both promote nonsense suppression.[8] In the SARS-CoV2 vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer, also known as BNT162b2, Tozinameran or Comirnaty, all U’s have been substituted with N1-methylpseudouridine,[9] a nucleoside related to Ψ that contains a methyl group added to N1 atom.

Stop condon
A stop codon is a sequence of three nucleotides (a trinucleotide) in DNA or messenger RNA (mRNA) that signals a halt to protein synthesis in the cell. There are 64 different trinucleotide codons: 61 specify amino acids and 3 are stop codons (i.e., UAA, UAG and UGA).

Read through
Stop-codon read-through refers to the phenomenon that a ribosome goes past the stop codon and continues translating into the otherwise untranslated region (UTR) of a transcript.

Transcription errors
Errors during transcription may play an important role in determining cellular phenotypes: the RNA polymerase error rate is >4 orders of magnitude higher than that of DNA polymerase and errors are amplified >1000-fold due to translation.

Northern Blotting
Northern blot is a laboratory analysis method used to study RNA. Specifically, purified RNA fragments from a biological sample (such as blood or tissue) are separated by using an electric current to move them through a sieve-like gel or matrix, which allows smaller fragments to move faster than larger fragments (western blotting is used for proteins).

Northern Blot Method – Animation video (8 min)

Kevin McKernan Revisited: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (1:20)

A tale of two Kevins

A tale of two Kevins

Not Kevin McCairn but another brilliant scientist Kevin McKernan who is referenced by Dr Jonathan Couey (see here):

Gigaohm Biological 10 July

Apparently Jessica Rose has only just picked up on his discoveries but she writes an excellent paper discussing the implications.  Basically the change they made makes sure that your immune system goes into hyperactive mode and exhausts itself.  You need to read this and watch the video:

Kevin is using Rebel News (Anglo-Zionist outlet) to disseminate his message because he has no other option:

Genomics expert censored over concerns about vaccine stability (16 min)

Sherlock Ohmes

Sherlock Ohmes

Sherlock Ohmes (Jonathan  from Gigaohm Biological) discusses the curious case of the virus that did not infect.  This is a 20 minute clip from the previous show (24 Jan)  which I have saved on my Bitchute channel because it is an important part of  the Omicron sleuthing being done hence the corny Sherlock Ohmes reference and the curious case of the dog that did not bark.  In that case the dog did not bark because it knew the thief.  In this case the virus did not infect because they did not test for it.  If you don’t test for it, then you don’t find it.

Gigaohm Biological and Ethical Skeptic (20 min)

Here is previous work by the Ethical Skeptic in case you missed it.

Omicron sleuths


Here is Julius Ruechel on the disappearance of influenza

Here are the scientific articles:

BNT162b2 Vaccine: Possible Codons Misreading, Errors in Protein Synthesis and Alternative Splicing’s Anomalies

Translation affects mRNA stability in a codon-dependent manner in human cells

Gamma-Glutamyltransferase: A Predictive Biomarker of Cellular Antioxidant Inadequacy and Disease Risk

Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes and microRNAs

Kevin McKernan Dr. Jay Couey (1:07)

I finally found the episode with Kevin McKernan  (not Kevin McCairn) and RNA Immunization Tech: Some Things You Should Know.  This was aired on the 20th of December and was on Vimeo.  I have downloaded it and placed it on Bitchute.  Kevin McKernan discusses  with Dr. Jay Couey sequences and consequences of mRna transfections.

Think of stop condons as traffic lights.  Sometimes you can run them and you will be OK but if you are unlucky there will be a huge truck going through the intersection. Here is the blog post discussing pseudouridine  using Kevin McKernan’s tweets:

mRNA stability

Here is an explanation about the Furin Cleavage Site (FCS) and condons, etc: