War and Assassination

War and Assassination

A big geopolitical shift is taking place.  Empires are about to fall.  There is a handful of people at the top of the hierarchy controlling and manipulating the fate of nations.  Or so they think.  

Their time is almost up.

Zelensky Admits Kharkov Crisis, Rus Kherson Return; Putin Meets Xi, Unveils Rus Industrialisation (1:20 min)

Fico fights for life. Putin, huge delegation to China. Biden, 14 secs/5 jump cuts. EU warns Georgia (43 min)

🔴 Putin & Xi: A Clash of Titans Against the West | Syriana Analysis w/ George Szamuely (57 min)

Putin & Xi, preparing for big sanctions war w/ Alex Krainer (Live)-1:24 min

“We ALREADY are at War with Russia” U.K. admits as Germany ramps up conscription | Redacted (11 min)

LtCol. Tony Shaffer : Can NATO Handle Defeat? (29 min)

Continued Offensive

Continued Offensive


SnowStorm | Russians Captured Pobieda. Poland-Ukraine Border Escalation. Military Summary 2024.02.21 (30 min)

Putin Orders Continued Offensive, Ukr Kherson Disaster Rus Takes Krynky, Pobeda, Advances Liman (1:24 min)

Krynki captured. Pelosi, Putin top 4 evil people. Farmers; Putin help us. Tucker, Boris wants $1M (45 min)

Munich in despair as EU sinks, Russia surges and Trump looms (28 min)

Wilder wins Ukraine loses

Wilder wins Ukraine loses

Wilders wins. Orban, winds of change. Biden secret cell Gaza deal. Nord Stream state terrorism. U/1 (42 min)


Ukr Hard Day: Avdeyevka Cauldron, Kherson Bridgehead Cut Off, Wilders Wins; Biden BRICS Gaza Plan (13 min)

JUSTICE: South Africa Cuts Ties With Israel, Closes Embassy (3 min)

The US lost all credibility in the Middle East (53 min)

Russia building up strength. Collective West hope strategy (29 min)



Ukr Situation Terrible; Burns, Austin, Pistorius in Kiev; Mobilisation; Shoigu Rus Winning Kherson (1:21 min)

Collective west has no plan, talks about Russia containment (27 min)

$100M Ukraine sedative pill. Kiev gloom, Ukraine fatigue, the c-word & Trump fear. Finland wall. U/1 (45 min)

The Fall | A Large Number Of Russian Tanks Entered Avdiivka.Military Summary And Analysis 2023.11.21 (25 min)

Massive Troop Deployments – SITREP 11.20.23 (29 min)

Russia wanted peace

Russia wanted peace

REPORT finds Russia, Ukraine wanted peace. US, UK, Germany pushed war (49 min)


World Ahead 2024. Xi in SF. Oil price cap fails. Pompeo, Kiev Telco job. Kallas, YES NATO. U/1 (38 min)


MSM: Avdeyevka Ukr Faces Defeat, Ammo Shortages; Kherson Blocked; $60 Oil Price Cap Total Fail (1:32 min)


The Fall | Another HQ destroyed. Krynky TOSed To Ashes. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.15 (31 min)

Russia Advances

Russia Advances

Russia Advances in Marinka, Vuhledar, Ukraine Struggles in Kherson; Europe Braces for Refugees Flood (44 min)


Why Russia cannot become a democracy (13 min)

This is clearly propaganda.  My comment below:

When will the USA become a democracy instead of a kleptocracy/corporatocracy controlled by the (((bankers)))? I am waiting.

Preparing for a long grind

Preparing for a long grind

Preparing for a long grind (28 min)

Russia Donetsk Advance, Promises to Retake Kherson, Ignores US Diplomatic Advances, Talks to Iran(1:00)

Russia plans to ‘Blackout Blitz’ Ukraine into surrender (9 min)

166 Tucker, Tulsi, Biden, Putin & Russian Regime Change (1:16)