WW3 has begun

WW3 has begun

Mannarino is correct WW3 has begun.  How many people are aware?    Never seen people so dumb.


US to Send M1 Abrams to Ukraine + US-backed Terror Targets Myanmar’s Upcoming Elections (41 min)

Kiev Threatens To Strike Russian Cities. US Navy SEAL KIA In Bakhmut.(21 min)


Russia Closing Bakhmut Cauldron, Belarus Rejects Ukraine Offer; West Escalates, Sends Kiev Tanks (1:20)

Germany & US to Send Leopard 2 & Abrams Tanks to Ukraine (22 min)

No NATO for Sweden? Turkey’s Response to Latest Provocation (12 min)



Crisis for Ukraine in Bakhmut as Russia Captures Settlements, NYT Admits Heavy Ukraine Losses (50 min)

Bakhmut, leaving ZNPP, invading Russia, and Polish soldier casualties (24 min)

Russia Ops in Ukraine (Update): Western Propaganda Implodes as War of Attrition Grinds On (48 min)

Kiev Evacuation As Ukraine GOES DARK(10 min)

God Bless You, Mr Polish Potato Farmer!

God Bless You, Mr Polish Potato Farmer! (5 min)

Comments by people:

1. A thermonuclear war didn't happen not because of an unknown Polish hero farmer, but because when push was about to come to shove NATO/US caved in. That's when the photos appeared, although the flight path of the S-300 missile was tracked by NATO radars from the very beginning.

2. I agree to an extent. I think that if the U.S./NATO really was ready to take on Russia, they would’ve gone ahead and responded. This is what Zelensky doesn’t understand. The West is weak, and its armies and weaponry are no longer what they used to be. They have been weakened and exhausted by non-wars in the Middle East and other places where they have been embarrassed by smaller militias.

The last days of the G20 (12 min)

Russia Launches Another Missile Strike, Kiev Doubles Down Polish Missile Strike; Xi Crushes Trudeau (53 min)



Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm

EVERYTHING changes in 4 weeks; this is Putin’s calm before the storm | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)

Russia’s De-militarization of Ukraine Continues – US Sending Decades-Old Arms to Kiev (23 min)

Russia Completes Kherson Pullout in Good Order, Captures Pavlovka, Doubts US Diplomatic Moves (33 min)

WHERE THE F*&K ARE THE WESTERN MEDIA?! Rant from Lugansk (12 min)

US TO DELIVER LONG RANGE HIMARS? LPR Weapons Expert Fears More Civilian Deaths.(4 min)

David McBride: War in Ukraine Is Profitable (4 min)

Sullivan urges Kherson offensive

Sullivan urges Kherson offensive

Russia Build-up Continues, Sullivan Flies to Kiev Urges Kherson Offensive, Change in Ukraine Stance (50 min)

Jake Sullivan is the United States National Security Advisor to Joe Biden.


More soldiers are going to die. Both Russians and Ukrainians so that Biden can look good at the midterms. More civilians will die. They don’t care.

Russia Fires TOS-1A “Heavy Flamethrower” Rockets On Kharkiv Ukraine (13 min)