Poroshenko strikes again

Poroshenko strikes again

No apology to Russia. Poroshenko strikes again. UKR asked to hit Iran, Syria. Rock star Blinken. U/1 (43 min)

Prank call with Sara Ashton-Cirillo, who claims Russians are subhumans

BREAKING! Ukrainian forces quitting by the thousands, refusing to die in NATO’s war | Redacted News (14 min)

The Fall | MI-6 Warned Ukraine About New Russian Offensive Operation. Military Summary For 2023.9.28 (24 min)

Lavrov Rejects Ceasefire, West Untrustworthy; Rus Offensive, Ukr Offensive Ends; US Targets Modi (1:31 min)


Empire of Lies

Empire of Lies

Trudeau, $9B Ukraine. Lavrov, empire of lies. Leopard, Bundeswehr inside? Poland TikTok trend. U/1 (32 min)

Lavrov Rules out Ceasefire, Hints Offensive, Battlefield Victory; Poles Decline Meeting Zelensky (1:23 min)

The Russians Outwitted The Ukrainians And Inflicted A Crushing Blow. Military Summary For 2023.09.25

Poland Turns Against Ukraine War! (19 min)

US waging war

US waging war

Lavrov, US waging war. WSJ, counter offensive rain delay. Sahel alliance. Kadyrov alive. U/1 (26 min)


NATO lose Hope Ukr Offensive Victory, Talks ‘Long War’; Uk MSM Ukr Morale ‘Souring’, Heavy Losses (1:16 min)


Zelensky boxed in, prepares to visit the USA (27 min)


The Fall | Klishchiivka and Andriivka Have Fallen. Siversk Direction. Military Summary For 2023.9.17 (24 min)

Oh SH*T, What Russia and China are doing will change everything, and the west wants WAR | Redacted (17 min)

Pro China propaganda and grifting. A disappointing video.  The fact that China produced a chip with Western Technology and machinery is hardly a threat especially as the phone they produced is decidedly lagging.  Is the Chinese economy struggling?  Yes, especially after the flooding but the US economy is also suffering.

ZOG wars

ZOG wars

Not only partisans but even Foreign mercenaries are being killed while on leave in Ukraine. Almost a battalion of soldiers killed while taking a break away from the front.


The Fall | Russian Firebag Tactics Deals CRITICAL Damage.Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.9.10 (25 min)

US/EU pressure UAE in effort to pick apart BRICS (8 min)

Putin, Lavrov G20 win. Pirate Scholz stole G20 show. UN SWIFT offer to trick Russia. Dr. BoJo. U/1 (34 min)


From Ukraine to Taiwan & Japan: Washington’s Proxy Wars Around the World (14 min)

Germany Under Threat: The Globalist Plot Exposed (9 min)


They are all dead

They are all dead


Farage canceled. Macron, Elton John concert. Lavrov doubts sanity of west. Bono, Elensky merch. U/1 (37 min)

“They’ve all been killed, it’s OVER”- Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted News (17 min)

Russia’s “Civil War” Evaporates as Ukraine’s Offensive Enters Week 4 (31 min)

MSM Admits Prigozhin Affair Leaves Putin Stronger, Kiev Survey Huge Ukr Losses, No to Istanbul Terms (48 min)

Bye, Bye American Pie

Bye, Bye American Pie

Biden gets the Korean PM to sing a song about the assassination of JFK the day that the nation died. Very ironic.

NATO, Russian forces bigger today. Zaluzhny needs tanks. EU wants Serbia RT ban. Powell prank. U/1 (29 min)

Is it the end of South Korea? Yoon sacrifices SK & sings like a clown.antagonising China Russia & NK

Lavrov “STAGES REVOLUTION” At U.N ‘Anti-Israel’ Meeting. Vučić denies Health Rumours.(23 min)


The Critical Hour: Growing Doubt Over Ukraine’s Offensive + US Difficulties Recruiting New Soldiers (14 min)


Russia Rains Down Missiles; Lavrov, UN Israel-Palestine; Turkey Blames US/EU Collapse Grain Deal