Israeli Turmoil

Israeli Turmoil


TV7 Israel Editor’s Note – Does Israel’s internal strife threaten its security? (28 min)

Israeli color revolution?

Israeli color revolution?

Some are saying that the trouble in Israel is a color evolution supported by the Biden admin. Is this a right-wing push to install a theocracy or is it a left-wing push to save Israeli democracy from fascists? Does the truth lie somewhere in-between?



Can MAGACommunism Unite The Left & Right? (16 min)


My comment underneath the video:

This is the Hegelian dialectic at work. Thesis, anti-thesis , synthesis. The synthesis is bringing together the opposites into a new paradigm. You won't like the new paradigm (lolz). You are being gamed and nudged into a New World Order. None of the current Cabal is you friend. Neither on the Left nor on the Right. They all want the same thing. You as a slave to the system. Full Spectrum Dominance.

Left or right?

Left or right?

Guess I am stuck in the middle with you.

Dark Money & Big Tech’s Subversion of Democracy (33 min)

In this video Jon Swinn presents background information on figures involved in a post 2020 election phonecall discussing key strategies to overturn the Presidential election results in favor of Donald Trump. Firstly, information regarding the background of Jay Sekulow is explored and his connections to the religious right, dubious charity activities and dark money are exposed. This leads to how dark money have shaped the Supreme Court and how these forces are trying to control it. We show how the Supreme Court has been pressured by Donald Trump and his side show of kook lawyers, and Mike Lindell. The relationship between Donald Trump and Larry Ellison is explored, as well how Elon Musk fits into all of this. Oracle Corp’s long time relationship with government and reliance on government contracts throughout its existence. Then the revelations of how Oracle and the Chinese State have collaborated and how their technology is being used to assist in the oppression of Uygurs in the country. Sources…

Ep 29.4: Guest John Brisson chat – Choosing between WHO terror and “Light-wing” conservatism saviors (2:10)

The interview between Mark and John has been re-posted with notes etc see below:

1984 vs. Brave New World

More Musk Meltdowns

More Musk Meltdowns

Elon Musk is being groomed (like Russell Brand) to take up a position on the “right”. He is controlled opposition.  That said, it makes wonderful theater to watch the left implode and drown in their own hypocrisy.  The times we are living in.  Oy Vey. (lolz).

Meet Adolf Twitler

The establishment and the left go nuts over Elon ‘Twitler’ Musk (5 min)

More red pilling

More red pilling

Are you ready for some more red pilling?  If you have lived in the matrix all you life and swallowed all the lies then you will find this unpleasant.  You will have to take a full dose all at once and that can be quite a shock to the system.











What if everything you have been told about the world is a lie?

What if?

What if I told you that Trump and the Demonrats are all in it together?   The left and the right hand belong to the same body but what if that body is corrupt?   What if they are all playing you.  What if they have been playing you all along?

 Another dose of the red pill

What if I told you that the Jewish -Masonic cult already runs the world but is now going to do so openly. Kabbalah has turned this into a Satanic “tree of death” serpent worshiping cult. You think I am exaggerating? Look at the three city states with their three phallic symbols (idols). Three city states that form the military, spiritual and financial capitals soon to be replaced by Jerusalem with the Mother of Harlots openly in control.

Trump MAGA followers have KEK as their avatar:

An overdose of red pill

Quick call an ambulance……I think has overdosed.  He had too much red pill.  He has realized that the reason Hollywood celebrities and Jewish media are pushing all the tranny stuff is because it is all Kabbalah black magic.  Help him someone. He can’t breathe.

As part of the Ogdoad (the eight primordial gods), Kek was viewed as androgynous, his female form being known as Keket or Heqet, which is simply the female form of the word Kek. See: page 334 chapter 16

He expired from red pilling….record it as covid-19

But…but…but….liberal Jews have always supported minorities (black lives matter).  Well, that is true. When they are not selling them as slaves they are fighting for their cause (Hegelian dialectic).    You ,see, when you are in power you get to write the history books. Look at the following thread if you do not believe me.

The Jews, whether cultural Marxists or Kabbalists have always supported anything that divides society whether that is, abortion, racism,  feminism, communism (and the coming happytalism)……every single “ism” has a Jew either running it or in the background pulling the strings.

The murder of George Floyd

The murder (?) of George Floyd was no accident.  It was all planned and so were the riots. The Climate Change hoax was failing so it was replaced with the covid hoax….but lockdown was also failing so now they turn to riots.  This is being sold to Trump supporters as the left trying to stop the election of Trump but it goes deeper than that.  The left  and the right hand belong to the same body and it is not the body of Christ. Their father was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. This has been orchestrated to introduce martial law and forced vaccinations.  Trump based his election campaign slogan on a Jewish horror movie which has rioting and purges. How dumb are you?  They always tell you in advance what they are going to do. They think it gives them power over you.   This was discussed in an old blog post but since then the video that it was based on has been removed because the Christian Channel hosted on YouTube was deemed antisemitic.  Anyway, I have found the video again (True News is no longer on Youtube).

Watch this video on the murder of Floyd George.  Warning it contains swearing and although some of the connections that he makes are tenuous (but I have also seen other evidence) there is definitely something wrong with this story.  Particularly funny is the end of the video where the CNN camera is still filming even though it is unplugged.

 A deal with the devil

The western Anglo-speaking countries made a Faustian pact with the devil.  The USA in particular (but also the UK because Rothschild are headquartered there) has been turned into a warmongering, degenerate, materialistic empire.  The last wealth is being drained and soon the people will have forced vaccinations.  Many of the Wall Marts have already turned into detainment centers.


















The country has been ruined by an internal “invisible enemy”. You made a deal with the devil and payment is due (or should I spell that jew?).   For those Christians out there who think the “ships of Tarshish” are going to  rescue Israel (lol) or Christian-Zionists…..if you do not wake up soon you will suffer the fate of the beast worshipers.


That Talk

That Talk

This talk is specifically aimed at Americans because their country controls the world economy and their foreign policy dictates what happens globally.  I have placed the low resolution version on here because the higher definition version is too big.  I will place that on BitChute and update this page with a link when it becomes available. I am still banned on YouTube (lol) but will update that with more truth bombs when the ban lifts. I might even start using more alternative channels. 


Bit Chute version now up (better quality)  see here:

Show Notes

The KAG slogan and the Purge is discussed in TruNews which was removed from YouTube but now has its own channel. I am starting to think it is controlled opposition, that it is deliberately egging Christians on to do the bidding of the Jews.

On Esau the father of the Edomites – he was deceived out of the blessing of the firstborn and Jacob manipulated him to give up his birthright (inheritance). Esau also bears blame in this second incident and Hebrews calls him profane. He lightly esteemed his inheritance. A bit like Christians then (lol) who are about to be manipulated out of their birthright. It would have been preferable to starve rather than give up his birthright to the blackmail of Epstein (sorry I mean Jacob).
I said Micah instead of Malachi. Call it a brain fart. That is the trouble with unscripted talking….it is not worth rerecording. Argument for the dating of Malachi in the Hasmonean period. The prophet condemns the corrupt Hasmonean priests. Dated sometime in the reign of Antipater (died 36/37 BCE) anticipating the rise to power of the Edomite Kings. Herod, the Idumean killed the “messenger of the covenant” (John the Baptist). It is clear that the priests were complicit in this. So, Edomites and Jews cooperating to do evil. See the comparison table (first link a png image):

See page 86 of PRITA Edom/red in connection with the seals