Stinkin Blinkin

Stinkin Blinkin

Your father was a liar and a murderer from the Beginning.                                                                      
-Jesus Christ


Ex-CIA chief rats out Blinken. Medvedev, Ukraine joins NATO in parts. Hillary, blue check gone. U/1 (35 min)

Ex-CIA Mike Morell reveals, Blinken behind ‘Intel officials Russia disinfo’ letter (20 min)

Russia’s breakout offensive in pursuit of what remains of Ukraine (28 min)


Ukraine SCALPING Russian Soldiers. SU-34 Drops Bomb On Belgorod. Putin Confidence Hits 80.1% (12 min)

Russia Claims Bakhmut Road Cut, Ukraine Troop Cauldron; G7 Russia Blockade as Russia Economy Surges (1:10)

The West Wants a Ceasefire in Sudan… What About Ukraine? (4 min)

The Critical Hour: US Sells 400 Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles to Taiwan + Update on Ukraine Fighting (14 min)


China Is Preparing for WAR! CCP Making Antarctic Land Grab, Builds 5th Base Near South Pole (3 min)

Star of your own Truman show

Star of your own Truman show

This is actually a very good analysis.  We are living a lie and they are using fear to condition us.

The Truman Show Tried To Warn You

In fact they want to start the conditioning in childhood.  Listen to Alison McDowell in this short clip. Here is her article and here is the webinar up to the eviction point.

Mother of Conscience Gets Bumped Off Tamarack Institute (Canada) Webinar With Social Innovations (4 min)

They want you in 15 minute cities

🚨 Oxford Council COVER UP Net Zero ‘Climate Zones’ Truth (6 min)


Money as a control mechanism

Girt by liars

Girt by liars

Australia is not “girt by sea” but girt by stinking liars and psychopaths.  Tin pot dictators who think you have the memory span of a gnat and that you will not hold them to account.  They will continue their agenda unabated.  Everything has been corrupted.  You must continue your resistance unabated and you must hold their feet to the fire at every opportunity.  Become ungovernable.  Never forget.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison does a BRAND NEW Interview, LIES at EVERY SINGLE TALKING POINT.(5 min)

Comment underneath: Guilty of enabling crimes against humanity and he sits there trying to laugh and deflect and pretend what happened didn’t happen. Accountability must come and will come for all. He knew what was happening and turned a blind eye (whilst posting curry cooking nights on social media whilst his nation suffered) and now hides behind the “federal government” claim. Please stop insulting our intelligence.

They will never stop.  The masses are so dumb and compliant.  No wonder the politicians are laughing. They will continue unabated with their agenda.


Reminder.….these people are tools…despots and tin-pot dictators who want to impose communalism through health policy for the “greater good” except it is not for the “greater good”.  They released a bioweapon and then used a toxic treatment.

“We Investigated Ourselves, And Cleared Ourselves Of Any Wrongdoing” — Mark McGowan, probably… (1 min)

NT vs. WA: Banning Unvaccinated Individuals From Participating In Society (2 min)


Never forget the psycho with the bug eyes

Your policies killed people  you moron….you killed and injured children…

Stuff it, shove it’: a furious Michael Gunner blasts those against vaccine mandates (2 min)


It is not just Australia but every country.  They gaslight us and propagandize us. They destroyed lives and businesses. They are getting ready to starve us.  Remember Boris Johnson nearly dying from Covid?    I do because I tweeted out immediately that he was a big fat liar.  No wonder I lost so many twitter accounts.  But I was right (again).

Another lying (Jewish) clown whose father wrote a book about a virus killing everyone and who traveled to Kiev to visit the other Jewish clown and make sure the war kept going.

Zelensky in Washington

Zelensky in Washington

Distorted and despicable nonsense. Unwilling to talk peace. Ukraine is a big money laundering exercise. The neocons in the West have destroyed the Middle East and now they turn on Europe blowing up gas pipelines and stealing trillions from the tax payers.


Psychological Warfare

Psychological Warfare

Apparently the story about Oxford council etc wanting 15 minute cities and rationing car use is untrue.

We have to realize that we are in the middle of psychological warfare. They will often float false stories or partially true stories to agitate the masses to probe the level of response and push-back then they will use those same stories to discredit legitimate opposition. See -what we are doing is perfectly normal …it is just traffic management….and we have a bunch of violent far-right conspiracy theorists issuing death threats (lolz).

We know from the wider context (Agenda 2030) that they want 15 minute cities. We also know that not only will everyone not be able to afford an electric car, they won’t be able to charge it either. It has become prohibitively expensive and some states/countries have banned charging during peak hours. So most people will not own cars in the future.

 Gaslighting from both sides

Do I need to remind everyone that we are being gaslight by the left and by the right.  You need to develop a discerning spirit and trust no one. This interesting article by Mat Crawford about the Military Data (vaccine injuries) is a timely reminder.

So, not only has the DMED investigation been bafflingly and irresponsibly steered around anything like an investigation into Unissant, we have fresh new evidence of potential data tampering! Even weirder, this new round of data tampering propels the side of those who want to stop the experimental vaccination campaign, which includes me (well, after 90-something percent of the military was already jabbed, right?).

Do you even wonder how much of the MSM and MFM media is competing Hegelian narratives, and all this is just scripted theatrics from start to finish on both sides?

Well, are you amused, yet?

Do you see it? Do you see at least some evidence that the narrative is controlled on both ends? It's certainly not conclusive, and the evidence may never reach that point, even if it's true. But there should at least be a discussion about all this.


Full article:

Don’t be played by either side

Do not trust any of them

Put your faith in God

Ukraine Lies

Ukraine Lies

WashPo Beginning To Question Pentagon’s Ukraine Lies (21 min)

Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 28, 2022) – Ukraine’s “Kherson Offensive,” Battle in the Donbass (26 min)

U.S SENATORS & CITIZENS Added To Ukrainian ‘BLACKLIST’ – Inside Russia Report(16 min)

Russia Breakthrough Ukraine Donetsk Fortifications, MSM Focus on Kherson, US Navy Carrier to Taiwan (28 min)

Truth bombs and blow-back

Truth bombs and blow-back

One of the best interviews that I have heard in a long time.   Truth bomb after truth bomb.  The West is about to sit down and eat a banquet of consequences.  The cruelty and hubris is coming to rest on their heads and the complacent populations that allowed evil to corrupt everything.  Now comes the time when the piper must be paid. 

"How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow".  (Rev 18:7)

In one day Babylon is fallen…..

Ukraine Lies Bullshit Insult Our Intelligence Daily Martin Summers Not le BCFM Politics Show 01Jul22 (27 min)

They took it down? Here is the Link:  (

On Bitchute:



Just like WTC-7 was “pulled” someone “pulled” the  Georgia Guidestones but no one caught the perpetrators on camera. You are being played. They want the system to crash. They want you to believe Revelation is being fulfilled (and it is). They are using it as a template….but we will not be deceived. We know we are in the Matrix.

Two  minute video:  PULL IT