Checkmate Move

Checkmate Move

Putin’s EU-Eurasia checkmate move, connecting Caspian Sea and Black Sea (36 min)

Replacing Ukraine’s Dwindling Air Defenses & Kiev’s “Managed Retrogrades” in Donbass (19 min)

JP Morgan Predicts Oil at $380 A BARREL. Lithuania “Defeated”. EU loses 20 BILLION Euros in 2022 (24 min)

Ukraine Strikes Belgorod & Kursk Killing 5 CIVILIANS. Shoigu Declares LPR FULLY Liberated (7 min)

Folly upon Folly

Folly upon Folly

At fourteen mins Alexander mentions that war between Israel and Iran is inevitable (I believe that is true).  And what he has to say about Lithuania (and the USA) using Kaliningrad to provoke Russia (see the next video).

Russia Fighting in Lysychansk, Ukraine Announces Tactical Withdrawals, EU Distances from Lithuania (30 mins)


Russia takes control of Severodonetsk, Ukraine vows to continue fighting | World News | WION (3 min)

Kaliningrad Keg Kaboom

Kaliningrad Keg Kaboom

It seems like the West is determined to have a larger war.  They may even want a tactical nuclear war.  What better place to practice than Lithuania?  They are stirring it in Kaliningrad because they are losing so badly in Ukraine.  This can only expand the war. They obviously do not want peace.

Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian semi-exclave sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland. The city is situated on the Pregolya River, at the head of the Vistula Lagoon on the Baltic Sea, and is the only ice-free port of Russia and the Baltic states on the Baltic Sea.

After the conclusion of World War II, the Soviet Union was given control of the Kaliningrad territory at the Potsdam Conference. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the territory remained part of the Russian Federation, surrounded by newly independent countries which over time developed close ties to the West.

Kaliningrad Oblast is a little parcel of land smaller than Wales wedged up against the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad has no common border with Russia, which is almost 300 miles to the east – and unlike most Russians its residents travel frequently to the EU. The city centre is 75 miles from the Lithuanian border, and a mere 30 miles from Poland.

In Kaliningrad, Russia has built a formidable military presence, spanning nuclear weapons, its Baltic fleet and tens of thousands of soldiers. (The exclave, which has a population of nearly 1 million, was German territory until after World War II, when it was known as Königsberg.

iEarlGrey already mentioned the comments by Mr Patrushev (see previous videos):

The secretary of Russia's Security Council warned that "appropriate measures" would be taken "in the near future".

"Their consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania," he added, without giving any further details.

Moscow fumes over Lithuanian ban: ‘Your citizens will feel the pain,’ says Russia | World News (3:42)

Lithuania is living dangerously, angering China and Russia (32 min)