TGA damned

TGA damned

We told you this more than two years ago.  We were correct (again).  The evidence is damning.   This amounts to criminal behavior.  Thousands died and were injured.

Australian government biodistribution data (17 min)

TGD document revelations (21 min)

Out of Control

Out of Control

These people are out of control.  There is so much information to process and I see so much that I try to be selective.  These are articles that interest me because I am an industrial chemist and know a bit about polymers.   So, the fact that PEG is used as an adjuvant is shocking to me.

Leaving aside the dangers of mRNA, the adjuvants are in themselves very dangerous and they are used in all the vaccines.  We already looked at SM-102 and saw the links going back to foul eugenicists and malthusianists.

SM-102 (Cationic LNP)

And here is Meyrl Nass looking at the Novavax vaccine which contains 1 mcg of insect (the fall armyworm) and baculovirus proteins and a bit of their DNA too, which is injected into you with each dose:

And last but not least the brilliant Christie Grace and her article on Aneurysm and Lipid Nano particles in which she discusses PEG.



These people are killing us.  Do not consent.   They are insane.


SM-102 (Cationic LNP)

SM-102(Cationic LNP)

It is not just PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) that is problematic as a Lipid Nano Particle (LNP) but also SM-102 which we highlighted recently.  Amazing Polly produced a video on the product which we repeat here below (in case you missed it). The guy associated with it is a weirdo eugenicist who impregnated 400 women. This is the Epstein circle of “scientists”.

The reason I am highlighting SM-102 again is because Jessica Rose the PhD microbiologist and mathematician etc has investigated and produced two articles.

Amazing Polly – Toxic SM-102 Shocking Connection to the Daddy of all Daddies NOV.12.2022



State of Grace

State of Grace

Highly recommended

Listening to this now. Christie Laurie Grace is impressive and on top of her brief.  Highly recommend.  Excellent interview.  I pointed out more than a year ago that LNP was a problem (one of many problems)…but what would I know…I am just a bucket chemist.  In fact if you do a search on this website you will find articles where I mention the dangers of LNPs especially PEG.

Lipid Nanoparticle Toxicity – Christie Laurie Grace (3:58)

I immediately subscribed to her twitter and sub- stack. This is her twitter:

She mentioned a webinar by Precision Nano Systems and they have a YT channel worth checking out.


They are using us like lab monkeys and trying all sorts of new things out.   They knew that there would be terrible side effects and death but that did not stop them

Turning Tide

Turning Tide

This is what happens when you put a Princess in hospital.  Thailand set to nullify Pfizer contract.


“Science Community Betrayed Public Trust On COVID Purposely” – Says Newsweek (22 min)

The next clip is Mark from Housatonic exposing Remdesivir on a Twitter “My Spaces” interview which I have clipped from a show by Jonathan Couey who was reviewing it. The full episode is called Study Hall Mega: George Webb Twitter Space with Mark Kulacz I have clipped 9 mins beginning @1:27 The fact that this is allowed to be aired on Twitter is a sign of the turning tide.

Remdesivir (9 min)

Another sign of a turning tide is the fact that articles like this are now being published in Pubmed. We told you from the start that it was not just the Spike Protein that was dangerous but also the LNP.

"We observed pronounced changes in both clot morphology and kinetics of fibrin clotting in the presence of artificial liposomes."



Lipid Nano Particles (LNP)

Lipid Nano Particles (LNP)

Not watched this yet but as an industrial Chemist substances like the LNP substance PEG (Poly ethylene glycol) were used as surfactants/stabilisers in polymer shoots.  Something that was put in a chemical reactor not something injected into the blood stream.  When I first heard it I was flabbergasted.


Porky gets shredded

Porky gets shredded

Well they say all is fair in love an war and  insults and salty language are directed at Stuart Niel. I have run out of sympathy for these people and they are fair game as far as I am concerned.  They have blood on their hands. This was Stuart Niel’s  tweet:

Some responses:

Lethal Dose 50 (LD50)

We already know that the LNP distributes the spike protein everywhere and that it can cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).  So the quickest way to test if inflammation and amyloidosis can be artificially  induced is to introduce it into the Brain.  They did not do LD50 testing on the vaccine.  They have tried everything to shut this experiment down including removing banking options.  Why are they so frightened?  I thought is was safe and effective?

They lied, and they coverd-up, then they lied some more.

These people cause the problem (heart attacks and strokes) then they offer their solution.  The gas-lighting is epic. This is what we are dealing with:

Dr. Peter McCullough speaks out on War Room about his Twitter lawsuit (5 min)


Graphenos Spectaculos Boyz R’ Back in Town (35 min)

This is a short stream (starts at 11 mins). Kevin has reached the running costs for this month ($2500). More lab work coming soon. They will do everything to stop it.


Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) Harm

Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) Harm

Told you so….


Here is the video in the tweet:

RTE Discussions #8 (Take Two): Evidence of Lipid Nanoparticle Harm With Marc Girardot (1:29)


Millions unaffected by vaccines

Millions unaffected by vaccines

This is the main argument you hear from people.  Some have had three vaccines (or more) and they are OK.  Millions of doses have been distributed and millions of vaccinated people are fine.  So what is the fuss?

This is a multi-faceted problem.  Firstly, we are all genetically different and some people can smoke and drink and abuse their bodies all their lives and live to a ripe old age. So there is a spectrum. Some people will have an immediate allergic reaction but in other people the constant doses every three months will gradually destroy the immune system.  It is not for nothing that we see huge increases in excess mortality for cardio-vascular and neurotropic diseases as well as cancers.  We now know that it is dose dependent…the more jabs the greater chance of a bad outcome.  Common sense.  You are playing Russian Roulette.  Will it be the next shot that tips your system into accelerated senescence?  Go on…just one more shot….just do it….just do it….you know its not in the chamber (lolz).  Pharma is betting on you doing it.  Please don’t deprive them of making a killing.

Degraded mRNA

We know the mRNA needs to be kept cold otherwise it degrades.  Originally they said -72°C  but that is not practicable even for hospitals (it would mean storage in liquid nitrogen). Heat and UV light will break down the mRNA and it will not  be effective.    This is why so many people still catch covid.  The body will get all sorts of degraded proteins and hopefully it will deal with the junk mRNA and clean up the mess.   So your vaccine was not effective but at least it did not make you sick.  However, if you get a purer form (lets say 80% mRNA) then you will start getting more side effects from the vaccine spike.  Northern blot has been performed on the vaccine and all sorts of protein fractions can be discerned so it is not “pure” mRNA but mRNA with junk.

Stabilized mRNA

As we pointed out in other articles they have attempted to stabilize the mRNA by methylating the uridine to pseudouridine.  This means that the body will not break down the mRNA before it can do  its job but that comes with other problems such that the RNA can possibly read through stop condons (run the red light) and encode mutant proteins forming G-quadruplexes.  When you run a red light you can cause a crash (sometimes).

Quality concerns

Not only can the mRNA be degraded  but we know that the vaccines are contaminated. Different people (including Dr Kevin McCairn) have tested them and found metals and other contaminants that come from the production process.  I used to run a lab as a Senior Chemist so I know how difficult it is to scale something up from micro-grams in a clean-lab environment using “glassware” to a major manufacturing plant (often in the third world).  What quality guarantees do we have?   We have none because it does not matter as they are not liable.   Why did our government agencies not independently test the vaccines for contamination (particulates etc)?    Back in the day I would not be allowed to send out a batch of polymer for water treatment unless it was tested and adhered to the specifications.  We even kept samples of old batches in an archive  so that we could retest them in case we got a complaint.  That was a product for waste water treatment not something injected into the blood stream.


Which brings me to injecting and injection techniques which makes a big difference. An intramuscular injection is designed to deposit medications deep into muscle tissue and is used to prevent medication leakage, particularly for oily injections (PEG). Displace the skin and subcutaneous tissue by pulling the skin….

The trouble is that the vaccine does not stay in the muscle as pharmacokinetic studies show distribution throughout the body into all organs and persistence in the lymph system for at least sixty days.  And then there is the PEG (Poly Ethylene Glycol) which is used as an LNP (Lipid Nano Particle) like a little “fat (lipid) bubble” to “package the mRNA for delivery.  I have used PEG as a surfactant in huge reactors when shooting co-polymers but I would never put it in my blood stream.  PEG is a long chain polymer  the characteristics of which are determined in part by the length.  Once again (Knowing how polymers work) what chance is there of getting the exact molecular faction that you want?  And how pure is the PEG?   Who is doing the quality control?  Is it being made in a third world country? PEG can cause Antiphospholipid  syndrome which is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly creates antibodies that attack tissues in the body and causes clots.


Dr Kevin McCairn has tested the vaccines live on camera and some of them contain no Phosphorus.  That means that no mRNA is present.  It seems like they deliberately left some batches as placebos.


If someone tells you they had three vaccines and are OK then they are very lucky.   They either got degraded batches or placebo batches…..or it could be that they will go into accelerated senescence in the next few years.