Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

Dr McCairn is on a marathon after streaming for 7 hours he is now streaming for 4 hours with Christie Grace (watching now).   Christie Grace is a very smart lady.  She really is top of her brief.  I used similar chemicals to PEG as surfactant to create micells  in dual monomer (aqueous) and oil phases.   It is all about charge.  However, they used this in the human body not in a reactor.  This was shocking to me.  The problem is that these molecules can aggregate and the charge determines where it ends up.













A reactor is not the same as a human body.    The human body is far, far more complex and not well understood.  Christie makes me feel like a dummy (lolz). This is the first of 34 tweets on the subject ( I tried to compile them and may post later):


Broken Hearts: A look at dsDNA & Vaccines as Causative Agents (With Christie Grace) -3:56 min


Parliamentary speech on excess deaths (33 min)


Are Regulators Transparent enough regarding Adverse Vaccine Outcomes? (6 min)

Giga Spiral Rebuttal

Giga Spiral Rebuttal

It is never good to display your dirty laundry but sometimes it is necessary when people are being misled and character assassinated.  I really do not understand what happened to J. J. Couey and his GigaOhm stream  which used to be so good.  He really has spiraled and it seems to coincide with when he joined RFK Jr’s organization CHD.

In any case he feels an urge to attack and undermine but not with science.  He has resorted to Ad hominem attacks rather than presenting data.  In this stream Kevin, Charles and Grace discuss her excellent presentation and delve into the comments, remarks and aspersions that J.J. made about her most excellent material.

I have included her slide deck under the video and a link to the Protein Atlas. I used to use LNPs like PEG for polymer shoots so I am familiar with the basic chemistry but Grace is next level smart and backs up her research with academic papers.  I don’t know what is wrong with J.J. and his “Scooby-do’ narrative.  We think he may have had too many Scooby-snacks.


Giga-Spiral: Rebutting THC Induced Hyper-Fictive Interrelationships (With Christie Grace & Charles Rixey)  – 3:21mins

Slide Deck (Grace):
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Contaminated Vaxx

Contaminated Vaxx

It is now indisputable that the vaccines are contaminated with DNA. Kevin McKernan has sequenced the vaccines and found plasmid with SV40 promoters (cancer promoters) and also with antibiotic resistance. This is very bad and puts to bed the argument that the mRNA first needs to be transcribed to DNA using an enzyme for it to get into the cell. If the DNA is already free floating then it does not need that step. Of course, the next argument is that the cell is “impregnable” and very difficult to penetrate. Huh? I thought that is why we added LNP (Lipid Nano Particles) in order to “package” the mRNA (and DNA) and wrap it in a little bubble of synthetic “fats” so that it can easily fuse with the cell membrane. All these people do is lie and obfuscate. So the chances are (it is very likely) that it does enter the nucleus and become part of the DNA. Of course this final step has to be proven but we know from other studies that LNP and mRNA likes the ovaries. So it is likely that whatever abomination they made is passed onto the next generation. Is that an accident? Sloppy work? I do not think so. They are bio-engineering humanity. Don’t like your turbo cancer? Too bad, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

Genomics expert discovers concerning contents in COVID vaccine vials (14 min)

Here is the full article:

Here Kevin McKernan disputes the LNP nonsense:

Vaccine Generated Spike

Vaccine Generated Spike

If you are still under the delusion that the vaccines are somehow good for you then you should watch this:


Vaccine Generated Spike in the Blood of Children with Myocarditis

And this……

Full article:

How about this:

IgG4 Antibodies part2 – why are they appearing? – update 87 (24 mins)


LNP with Christie Grace and Charles Rixey

LNP with Christie Grace and Charles Rixey

This was a very good stream with a wealth of information.  Christie Grace is an expert in LNP and Charles Rixey has laboriously documented and exposed the bio-warfare aspect and the most important question – why did they include the FCS in the vaccine when in every other study and on every other occasion they deliberately omitted it because it was dangerous.

The question is why (at the time of putting this video up) is there only 35 views on Twitch? Are people exhausted?  There have been more than 6.8 million deaths and countless injured for life.  There is a huge drop in fertility.   A global genocide has occurred or should I call it a democide?   And it is not over yet.  They are still injecting people and they want to put it in food.  And Dr Kevin McCairn is correct…we are going to see an increase in priongenic and amyloidogenic diseases like Parkinson and dementia.  Towards the end of the stream Rixey makes it clear that all their actions fit the criteria for bio-warfare and Grace makes it clear that every aspect of this technology (including the LNP) has problems.   So why are people not more interested?   Why are they sitting like rabbits caught in the headlights or like dumb sheep?  It has been three years.   The Government gave corporations permission to experiment on you and cull you and you can’t even be bothered to find out what is going on.  What the hell is wrong with you?   They trampled your rights and deliberately destroyed the economy and now they are going to use the “successful” roll out of the Covid vaccines to introduce the mRNA platform for everything.   No more need for animal testing because we proved how well it works (lolz). You may have got turbo cancer or a bad heart from the Covid vaccine but now they have another mRNA vaccine to fix that.  This is never going away.  As far as I am concerned humanity is that complacent, distracted and dumb that they deserve what is coming next.

Christie Grace, Charles Rixey, Lipid Nano Particles, & The Medical Freedom Movement? (3:49)


We know what was done and are building more and more evidence. We are also exposing all the psy-ops. Everybody needs to be engaged in promoting the truth and exposing the lies. Everyone. Here is the important work done by the other Kevin who is running samples and discovering more and more contamination. This was deliberate. It is not an accident.

TGA damned

TGA damned

We told you this more than two years ago.  We were correct (again).  The evidence is damning.   This amounts to criminal behavior.  Thousands died and were injured.

Australian government biodistribution data (17 min)

TGD document revelations (21 min)

Out of Control

Out of Control

These people are out of control.  There is so much information to process and I see so much that I try to be selective.  These are articles that interest me because I am an industrial chemist and know a bit about polymers.   So, the fact that PEG is used as an adjuvant is shocking to me.

Leaving aside the dangers of mRNA, the adjuvants are in themselves very dangerous and they are used in all the vaccines.  We already looked at SM-102 and saw the links going back to foul eugenicists and malthusianists.

SM-102 (Cationic LNP)

And here is Meyrl Nass looking at the Novavax vaccine which contains 1 mcg of insect (the fall armyworm) and baculovirus proteins and a bit of their DNA too, which is injected into you with each dose:

And last but not least the brilliant Christie Grace and her article on Aneurysm and Lipid Nano particles in which she discusses PEG.



These people are killing us.  Do not consent.   They are insane.


SM-102 (Cationic LNP)

SM-102(Cationic LNP)

It is not just PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) that is problematic as a Lipid Nano Particle (LNP) but also SM-102 which we highlighted recently.  Amazing Polly produced a video on the product which we repeat here below (in case you missed it). The guy associated with it is a weirdo eugenicist who impregnated 400 women. This is the Epstein circle of “scientists”.

The reason I am highlighting SM-102 again is because Jessica Rose the PhD microbiologist and mathematician etc has investigated and produced two articles.

Amazing Polly – Toxic SM-102 Shocking Connection to the Daddy of all Daddies NOV.12.2022



State of Grace

State of Grace

Highly recommended

Listening to this now. Christie Laurie Grace is impressive and on top of her brief.  Highly recommend.  Excellent interview.  I pointed out more than a year ago that LNP was a problem (one of many problems)…but what would I know…I am just a bucket chemist.  In fact if you do a search on this website you will find articles where I mention the dangers of LNPs especially PEG.

Lipid Nanoparticle Toxicity – Christie Laurie Grace (3:58)

I immediately subscribed to her twitter and sub- stack. This is her twitter:

She mentioned a webinar by Precision Nano Systems and they have a YT channel worth checking out.


They are using us like lab monkeys and trying all sorts of new things out.   They knew that there would be terrible side effects and death but that did not stop them