Hybrid warfare and Bio warfare

Hybrid warfare and Bio warfare

A full eight hours of streaming.  Dr Kevin McCairn was correct on the pathology from the beginning and called it out as bio-warfare before anyone.  The two streams present geopolitical analysis as well as science.  Skip the intro on the videos (about 13 min) and play at 1.5 speed.  I will  watch and and keep up with developments. Started watching the war escalation video first….pretty good

British War Escalation, Latest SARS Madness, Long Hauler Review (3:08)

WHY Covid Was Made- Biowarfare & Pandemics – Dr.Andrew Huff & Experts (5:14)

This was the show host on Twitter Spaces:

Post Jeffrey Sachs Commentary

Post Jeffrey Sachs Commentary

Dr Kevin McCairn has manged to talk to Professor Jeffery Sachs and he involved Charles Rixey and St Nick.  The discussion managed to ally any doubts and Kevin believes that Sachs is genuine.  Jeffery is high profile so this could be considered a break through as he has the ear of some big players.  It seems that Sachs was set up as a fall guy to lead the Covid Commission and he is upset that they used him as a stooge.  He is an economist not a virologist and it seems they used his respectability as a cloak. Hopefully at some time in the future he will do a live interview with Dr McCairn. It starts at about 13 min.

This is the paper (by Walter) that Kevin discusses:

Post Jeffrey Sachs Commentary, PRIONS & Long Covid (2:43)

Nurse Campbell turns from the dark-side

Nurse Campbell turns from the dark-side

Pity you didn’t listen to the “conspiracy theorists” and “cookers” from the beginning eh?  Turns out those “anti-vaxxers” were correct after all.  You encouraged everyone to get vaccinated and boosted and now comes the wave of death and long covid.  I wonder what could have caused that?    And now they are trying to strike your videos down (lolz).  Like you said,   ” I have worded things wrongly”  , you mean you told the truth?   I still have not figured out whether you were misguided or part of the psyop.  No matter…you lost my trust anyway.

Record excess deaths in Europe (14 min)

US, Mass disabling event (13 min)

Africa, low vaccination, covid over (18 min)


On the other hand I trust Walter who has (more often than not) called in correctly with his research.

Gigaohm Biological (July 28)

Gigaohm Biological (July 28)


Another excellent presentation with Walter Chestnut discussing his latest findings, also commenting on a Robert Malone video who warns about the LNP delivery mechanism causing problems such as PEG micelles stimulating production of anti-PEG IgM, which led to accelerated clearance of subsequently administered PEGylated liposomes. According to A review on phospholipids and their main applications in drug delivery systems, Phoshpholipid–PE–PEG mixtures could form micelles rather than liposomes if PE–PEG content exceeds certain critical limit.  Of course the PEG  interests me because it is used along with surfactants for micelle formation in polymerisations.  I never thought something like that would be injected into people (lolz). Below is actually a good resource on Lipids (have a look at all the pages very informative):


Heavy metals play a role in neurodegeneration  but lipids are important as  Anticardiolipin and other antiphospholipid antibodies (are found) in critically ill COVID-19 positive and negative patients Antiphospholipid antibodies (APLAs) are biomarkers of a spectrum of clinical features observed in antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).1 Features of APS include venous and arterial thrombosis involving multiple organs and having various presentations. Positive APLA serology was associated with more severe disease regardless of COVID-19 status.  Moreover, Persistent lgG anticardiolipin autoantibodies are associated with post-COVID syndromePersistence of various symptoms in patients who have recovered from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-1 9) was recently defined as ‘long COVID’ or ‘post-COVID syndrome’ (PCS). They conclude that Immunoglobulin G (lgG) anticardiolipin autoantibodies (aCL) are associated with the severity of COVID-19.  In other words an allergic or inflammatory reaction to lipid (in the heart) but also “…persistence of the virus, especially in the nervous system, could be suggested with a post-infectious inflammatory or autoimmune reaction”.  Might this have something to do with pumping the body full of phoshpholipids and mRNA spikes? What do I know? (I am just a bucket chemist who used to mix this stuff in buckets not in human bodies).

Unfortunately, many of Walter’s hypothesis are proving to be correct. He is an avid reader of the medical literature and a talented dot-connecter with a big picture overview. His sub-stack is highly recommended.  In his latest article he shows how amyloid is a double-edged sword. A large build-up will cause problems, but amyloids also serve protective functions – against autoimmune attacks.  So, they are symptomatic rather than causal factors.

Comment: Repeated infection with covids is not good even for the unjabbed and even if they got over it before. A least the omicrons have the PrP silenced. But the HIV and the other nasties and all the humanized nucleic acid etc tacked into the spike yes, will be immune insults that will catch up with us the older we are. Shortened lifetimes, yes. The younger the less shortened. Of course, the jabbed are the ones who will suffer shortest lives.

More study is needed into the mutagenic properties of the spike-protein. Perhaps this explains Nucleic Acid Acid Based Therapeutics against Respiratory Infections?

Comment: The prion promoting sequence in the spike also promotes amyloidosis. They are seeing where there won't be a positive D-dimer test but when they put blood under the scope then you see the amyloid building up. The amyloid is causing the clotting, the heart damage, etc. They look for a test for amyloid in those "rare" pre-jab liver inflammation cases and they find amyloid build up and light chains. The hepatitis victims go on to be found Dx with myloid leukemia (if I have the name correct). The Chinese are making more targeted covid viruses - but it is US research over 25 years that developed those - there is research trail from Baric, Daszak and others and a lot of patents. Baric collaborated with Shi - he trained her! That enrichment is bad news - they did that in the jab for a lot of reasons - it throws off all kinds of cascades along with the defanging IFN-1. IFN-1 has all these cascades which include regulatory ones to down regulate inflammation. But that is all gone because of the jab made to evade being recognized and take IFN-1 out. Enriching with C-G over-glycosylates it possibly more than HIV is so it sails on by more so than the virus construct.

This is very complex and there is so much that we do not know. As someone commented.

Code that codes for multiple things depending happening on how it’s parsed with the folds everybody producing the spikes internally become a mini gain of function study. multiply by a billion consecutive studies running concurrently.

It is not just the structure of the protein but how it folds and polarity as in hydrophilic or hydrophobic nature and charge.  Who is to say that the same protein might not fold differently under other circumstances thereby acquiring different properties?  Repeat expansions have been proposed to cause disease by both the repeat RNA forming foci that sequester RNA-binding proteins and through toxic dipeptide repeat proteins generated by repeat-associated non-ATG translation discussed in the article  G-quadruplex-binding small molecules ameliorate C9orf72 FTD/ALS pathology in vitro and in vivo.  

C9orf72 (chromosome 9 open reading frame 72) is a protein which in humans is encoded by the gene C9orf72. The protein is found in many regions of the brain, in the cytoplasm of neurons as well as in presynaptic terminals. The mutations in C9orf72 are significant because it is the first pathogenic mechanism identified to be a genetic link between familial frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The mutation of C9ORF72 is a hexanucleotide repeat expansion of the six-letter string of nucleotides GGGGCC.

I wonder, I wonder if pumping the body full of mRNA instructions to make spike proteins will deliver the spike proteins that they want?  We know already that the mRNA vaccines are not pure but contain fragments.   The start codon of a gene is always “ATG” so repeat associated non-ATG translation means that it does not read the correct starting point, or you could say that it reads through the stop condon (runs the red light).  It looks like read-through can cause disease. Is that why the above experiment attempted to improve dementia using small peptides that stick to the G-quadruplex?

Walter Chesnut LIVE: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:50)

Health Solutions the clot thickens!

Health Solutions the clot thickens!

More and more studies are highlighting systemic fibrinogen amyloidosis as being caused by the spike protein and leading to micro clotting neurotropic and cardiovascular problems, long covid and neuro degeneration. On top of that the whole immune system is dysregulated and especially the gut biome.


Natural Remedies

However, a natural remedy is the amyloid-degrading ability of nattokinase from Bacillus subtilis Natto.  This will break down amyloid and stop seeding cascades.  The other wonderful natural product is Kefir which is a great pro-biotic  and good for the gut.   So, I am going to try my hand at making my own Natto and Kefir.

One thing is certain, there is a reason the Chinese were sticking swabs up bums. If you are taking querticin as a prophylactic etc you probably need to replace or refresh your beneficial bacteria and Kefir, Nato, Yoghurt etc are fermented products.

Making Nato and Kefir

This from a comment: "Natto Dad" on YouTube has some good videos with detail. Basic steps: soak beans overnight, cook beans (steam or reboil is best), rest until warm to touch, add starter and mix, ferment ~105F for a day until stringy texture develops (I wrap loosely in parchment paper and put in dehydrator... Because that's what I already had and I'm cheap). Finally I store in freezer. My understanding is the nattokinase enzyme is made by bacteria to break down bean proteins for metabolism (hence ammonia smell). That enzyme can break up fibrin. There is some debate if appreciable amounts are transported to useful places during digestion. Soybean is traditional but black bean works quite well too (my preference)

Black Bean -Non-Soybean Natto Series- (8 min)

Homemade Natto by Natto Dad Revamped 2020 (8 min)

How To Make Milk Kefir 101 (6 min)

Ukraine and Long Covid

Ukraine and Long Covid

A nearly three hour show looking at events in Ukraine and  Long Covid which seems to be damage from the vaccines (transfetions).  They vaccines are not preventing long covid which leads to neurotropic  damage.  ADE is on the cards. Australian results discussed at about 01:47.     Watch the “expert” panel discussion….disturbing.

I have yet to edit the latest Lab Chronicles testing of the Moderna Vaccine.    Playing catch up.

Dojo Timestamp:

00:14:27 Start

Down but not Out

Down but not Out

Dr Kevin McCairn has been experiencing technical problems and it looks like he was hacked. He has acquired new equipment and has been setting up his streaming again.  The osp sever on which he had his platform is also down.  He is not the only one. Jim from climate viewer was removed from Discord (with all his followers) and his own website was temporarily hacked and went off line.  However, Jim is a cybersecurity expert and an ex-hacker himself and his website is now functioning. Jessica Rose who has a substack and is a biologist and mathematician who lives in Israel was recently intimidated by men with guns (probably Shin Bet) demanding her identity and threatening to follow her home.  It is becoming increasingly harder to get the truth out and new laws are on the books in the UK and other Western countries with regards to online censorship.

Kevin is back…he has a new system but he still had audio problems on his previous stream (Streamed on 2 April  3:48 mins) with sections that were silent.  I have still posted it (see below) as well as the most recent stream because the scientific papers are extremely important and they vindicate Dr Kevin McCairn and his warnings over the last two years.  The streams can also be found on the Dojo but are not time-stamped yet: https://www.mccairndojo.com/

If you are offended by any salty language or memes then get over it. You are now living in Raccoon city where men can be women and predators want sex with your children while they experiment on us all.  No time to be offended by hurty words. Put your battle gear on and fight.

Here are the papers etc from that stream presented as a number of tweets:


Latest SARS Neuroscience: Of Mice & Monkeys Spike Protein Demonstrated To Cause Brain Lesions (3:48min April 2 -audio glitches)

More On Biowarfare, Biden’s New World Order Coming To A Country Near You, And Clinical Evidence For Long COVID Neuroinvasion Pt 2  Most recent 6:25 mins 3 April

Kevin’s Approach

Kevin’s Approach

This stream is less than three hours (2:40) and if nothing else tune in for five minutes and listen to Dr Kevin McCairn describe his approach which is to say the least unorthodox.  As he has said before you will not be able to convince these people with a pure rational scientific debate.  They will simply censor you and allow you no access to their publication platforms.  If that does not work they will call you racist or homophobic or some other politically correct cultural Marxist label to silence you.   The only way to neutralize their weapon is to ignore it and undermine it by demonstrating that you don’t care what they think or what they call you.  We know it works because they were rattled enough (Amy Maxman) to publish a hit piece in the scientific journal Nature because Kevin had called out fat Angy and fat Peter and made jokes and memes about them.   At 10:45 Kevin defends his approach and explains that his offensive (unwoke) approach acts as a high filter in the information warfare space to hone a mentally tough hardcore bunch (his raccoons) that will be able to see through the disinformation and will be able to push through to uncover (discover) the truth.

The problems we face are multifaceted covering the intersection of scientific, metaphysical and societal spaces and we must be willing to be honestly challenged. The truth will be revealed as fire purges and allows the separation of the dross. We need to be mentally tough and willing to question and explore. Faith that cannot endure examination is not faith…it is dogma.

The stream also discusses how the vaccines cause long hauler syndrome and debunks Kaufmann (again) as he delivers ridiculous testimony about Terrain theory to  Reiner Fuellmich.  Kaufmann is a Jewish conman who can argue that black is white in typical Jewish Pilpul style.  He is deliberately boosted online.  Why is he not censored?   They want his ridiculous message to spread and he is happy to oblige as he is now able to afford two Porches and hair extensions (lolz).