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Ask questions Goto Jail


The Science of mRNA Technology can no longer be Questioned



Nuland from the Oldland

Nuland from the Oldland

And here we have Nuland a Jew from the Old land dripping with the blood of Lira and half a million Ukrainians warning Putin that he is in for a surprise.

CNN, Zaluzhny out. Nuland, Mr. Putin surprise. Putin, expand demilitarized zone. Macron gala dinner (38 min)

Big SMO Expansion; Target Kharkov, Rus Offensive; Nuland Rushes Kiev, Saves Zelensky, Zaluzhny Out (1:12 min)

Preventing a wider war in the Middle East (15 min)


Former Google CEO Wants to Build AI Drone Army for Ukraine (31 min)



Ooh La La

Ooh La La

The cheese eating surrender monkeys are taking some heat…


Macron’s dangerous escalation with Russia (24 min)

Ukraine Terrible Day: Missiles Rock Kiev, South Avdeyevka Lost,18 Tanks Lost; NYT US-Iran War Coming (1:29 min)


The Rising Threat of Russia’s Thermobaric Arms (8 min)


Larry Johnson: REAL REASON Why Ukrainians CANNOT Stop This War Even… (30 min)

Scott Ritter: The Ukraine Scam is Coming to an End (49 min)

Russians Storm Avdeyevka

Russians Storm Avdeyevka

The Russians are winning while Ukraine collapses.  Meanwhile the West tells itself fairy stories and attempts to start more wars.

Rus Storms Avdeyevka, Moscow Warns Macron Acts of War, Biden Tells Congress Ukr Collapse Coming (1:23 min)

Krynky failure leaves no path to victory (35 min)

Ukraine Seeks PR “Wins” as West Admits War May be Lost (21 min)

Ukraine funding fears Trump. 2025 counter-offensive. France Kharkov debacle. Elensky invites Trump (36 min)


Exercise prelude to War

Exercise prelude to War

BREAKING: NATO Officially Mobilizes 90,000 Troops To Prepare For War With Russia, Warns Jack Posobiec (25 min)



Dark Day for Ukraine: Krynky Bridgehead Collapse, Rus Captures Veseloye; German Crisis Protests Grow (1:21 min)

Iran v Pakistan. Elensky, China Premier is not my equal. Macron, Russia must lose. Hot Houthi pirate (32 min)

Roll out the Gay Jew

Roll out the Gay Jew

Macron has rolled out his replacement.  A gay  Jew. Quelle suprise.

Macron replacement chosen. EU, cancel Hungary vote. Cameron, UK must outlast Putin. Ecuador chaos (35 min)


Rus Winning Ukr Air War, Kiev AD Systems, Fighter Jets Lost; Global South Tells West Talk to Rus (1: 23min)


Why Ukraine’s 2024 Strategy Will Fail & Why Isolating Crimea is Impossible (21 min)

War in the Red Sea?

War in the Red Sea?

Yemen, Russian ships can pass. Blinken, no Magic Pot for Ukraine. Macron, D-Day invite to The Putin (24 min)

Blinken Borrell Lose Hope, Republican Opposition Hardens, Zelensky Fantasies Drones, Mass Call-Up (1:19 min)

War in the Red Sea? (11 min)

“The U.S. would LOSE a war with Iran and Yemen” Fmr. U.S. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted News (20 min)

BOMBSHELL: Israel Intelligence Chief Says The Quiet Part Out Loud! (10 min)

Julian Assange Extradition Case: Court Date Revealed for 2024 (3 min)

Call me Maybe

Call me Maybe

Macron to Putin….here is my number… me, maybe?  

*Just watched the music video to the end. The dream boat guy is gay (lolz) 

Macron?  Macron?  Are you there? (lolz).


CNN; Ukraine failure, US & EU to blame. Macron tells Putin, you have my number. Red Sea cargo fears (39 min)

The Geo-strategic term for this is ass-whupping (Lolz)

Ukraine’s Terrible Week: No US EU Funding; Rus Gains Avdeyevka, Marinka, Bakhmut, Ukr War Being Lost (1:17 min)


Bill Maher Should Have To Shut About Ukraine After Saying This! (20 min)

If I was in charge of the world I would give these POS a gun and send them to the front line.  The woman as well.  They are recruiting females in the Ukraine. Despicable.

Magic Money and Deniability

Magic Money and Deniability

No magical pot. WaPo; Ukraine losing, blame game begins. The Putin, Macron, Elensky; Rizz score. U/1 (46 min)

Rus Advances Bakhmut, Liman, Avdeyevka; UK: Marinka Falling: Zaluzhny: Ukr Needs 17M Shells, $400B (1:25 min)

US Seeking Plausible Deniability as US-Armed Israel Erases Gaza (16 min)

Zelensky – Zaluzhny, power struggle (31 min)