EU elections. Macron’s chance to rule Europe. Politico, Biden family & staffers under scrutiny (37 min)

Rus Captures Chasov Yar District, Ukr Retreats; Biden Macron Tense Talks: US/EU States No Troops Ukr (1:24 min)


“Something HUGE is about to happen” and U.S. dominance is on the line | Redacted w Clayton Morris (15 min)

Elections India, South Africa and Mexico (19 min)

Douglas Macgregor WARNING: US Unveils Hypersonic Missile, threaten to Russia and Nuclear Escalation (37 min)

The Aussie Cossack Show: Here’s Why NATO Has Lost (56 min)

How to say sorry and mean it

How to say sorry and mean it

Biden is sorry he killed some people and destroyed your country.  If only I had given you some more super weapons. (lolz).  Anyway, must buy into BlackRock they are doing great with their investment into Ukraine, Pharma and the MIC.

Biden’s apology to Elensky. Putin, US destroys dollar. BRICS blockchain. NATO, Russia everywhere (37 min)

Rus Winning, Hastens Advance, Zelensky Illegitimate; Ukr Chasov Collapse; Ukr Attack Kharkov Fails (1:28 min)

Nigel Farage returns (17 min)

Will French Jets, Additional US Arms Help Change the Tide in Ukraine? (49 min)

Panic Deepens

Panic Deepens

40 years with Putin. Macron; Mirage jets to Elensky. Medvedev, US enemy is our friend. Trump VP list (33 min)

Panic Deepens: Macron NATO If Kiev Asks; Rus Strikes Kill Top Ukr Officials Odessa; Israel US ICC (1:21 min)

End of the Liberal Order & Return of War – John Mearsheimer, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen (1:35 min)

INTEL Roundtable : Johnson & McGovern – Weekly Wrap Up (22 min)

Russian Momentum

Russian Momentum

The Russian Momentum is back (23 min)

Putin Warns Strike Europe Missiles Hit Rus; Nuclear Risk; US Backs Off; Rus Reaches Ukr Supply Bases (1:26 min)

Putin warns West. Macron humiliates Scholz. Guardian, ICC stalking. Elensky, Biden not strong (46 min)

INSANE VIDEO: Victoria Nuland Says The US Should Bomb Russian Cities (30 min)

Putin & King of Bahrain; Ready to mediate in Middle East (16 min)


Modern American Imperialism Part 2: Building Eager Armies Helping Colonize their own Nations (31 min)

Is it just me or does yseali (young south east asian leadership) initiative look like ysraeli ? (lolz)


Putin WARNS Russians prepare for NATO attacks along border | Redacted with Clayton Morris (21 min)

Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t miss the end of the world (lolz) on  July 18




Victory Day

Victory Day

Something tells me that the Russians will be celebrating another victory day soon.

Victory day. NATO, no troops to Ukraine. Meloni & Macron want Ursula gone. EU to seize asset profits (39 min)

Rus Missiles Destroy Ukr Power Stations, Power Cuts; NATO Draft Statement: No NATO Troops Ukr (1:23 min)

🔴 Why the World Perception of the US Empire Is Deteriorating | Syriana Analysis w/ Kevork Almassian (11 min)


Final Warning

Final Warning

Russia’s final warning to Macron and Cameron (46 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor : Do Israel + Ukraine = WWIII? (36 min)

Rus Calls West Bluff; Threatens Strikes UK; Warns France Nukes; Massive West Climbdown No Troops Ukr (1:21min)

Russia’s ultimatum to France & UK. Macron, Xi…& Ursula. Putin inauguration. US to ICC, arrest Xi (43 min)

🔴 Chris Hedges: Israel’s Master Plan For Gaza Is Horrifying | Syriana Analysis(6 min)


The Future of Ukraine

The Future of Ukraine

Scott Ritter : Russia’s Next Move: Unpacking the Future of the Ukraine Conflict (28 min)

Ammo to Israel frozen. French Foreign Legion in Ukraine. Macron meets Xi. Elensky changes shirts (39 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: The War Parties and the November Election (29 min)

Very good Recommended

Aaron Maté : Kharkiv Under Fire. Russia Increases Attacks (30 min)

Larry Johnson: US Supplied ATACMS Target Troops Inside Russia (33 min)

West Panic: French Troops, NATO Advisers Ukr, Rus Warns West War, Nuke Drills; China, US Ties Ending (1:20 min)

US follows France out of Africa (13 min)


I don’t want war to end

I don’t want war to end

Borrell, I don’t want war to end. Biden ends Ukraine talk. Cameron ditches Macron. Joe-bi Wan Kenobi (29 min)

Panic Zelensky Any Cost Defence; Chasov Yar Crumbles, Biden Blames China, Saudi No Rus Asset Theft (1:30 min)


ICC (Int’l Criminal Court) is finished (20 min)