Heavy Defeat for Ukraine

Heavy Defeat for Ukraine

Heavy Defeat for Ukraine as Russia Captures Severodonetsk, Hold East Bank of Seversky Donetsk River (23 min)

Boris Johnson loses conservative heartland. Macron faces lame duck presidency (25 min)

MEP demolishes the EU over Ukraine LIES (2 min)

Is the West BLACKBALLING Russia? (3 min)

RUSSIA DEFAULTS ON DEBT For First Time Since 1917. DISASTER For Russian Reputation & Future Debt.(22 min)

Have  not watched this yet but all of Russia’s assets placed in Western accounts were stolen.

Jupiter Macron ready rule

Jupiter Macron ready rule

Rothschild bankers rule!  Not rigged at all.

Jupiter Macron ready rule over Europe, prepares to deindustrialise German economy

Rule like a god

Rule like a god

That little twerp Macraroni who wants to “rule like a god” has gone full retard.   Then you have that commie twerp Turd-eau in Canada. One cannot help but think that these one dimensional caricatures have been groomed to fail.  I think we are being played on a gigantic scale. When this fails (and it will) the sense of relief and release of endorphins will make people accept anything.   People have to want their slavery….they have to ask for it…beg for it (and they will).  We are being played.


Bill Maher could be consider “left” but this is not a left-right problem

No Winners

No Winners

There will be no winners if it comes to war in the Ukraine.  Putin is certainly right about that.  Are we being gamed?

There Will Be No Winners: Latest Efforts To Preserve Peace In Europe (4 min)

Gravitas Ukraine Direct: Russia dismisses Macron’s claims on de-escalation (4 min)


Never go full Retard

Never go full Retard


Vive la France

Vive la France

The French are resisting en mass but the protests are not being televised. The French Government does not care about the protests as they are driving through the changes irrespective.  It is the same all over the world.  And you thought that you lived in democracies? There is nowhere to run.  This has nothing to do with vaccines anymore. Pure totalitarianism. So what if the economy collapses?  They want it to collapse.  You will own nothing and be on UBI.   You are the ultimate product.


Macron said he was going to rule like Jupiter. Jupiter is amused.

Every one is in on this!

Every one is in on this!

These is no left and right when it comes to the NWO.   They all want different versions of the same thing.   I particularly liked the bit about vaccine development and the boast that they could have done it in 20 minutes but instead took their time (48 hours).


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Turkey left-overs in the New Year?

Everybody knows that left-over Turkey can be dry and stringy. You look in the fridge and find what is left from XMass or thanksgiving and make a sandwich. You should probably add some pickles. It seems that the relationship between Turkey and NATO (US) has also gone stale. Perhaps that is what you get when you try and depose Erdogan with a coup? Will the president of the US pardon this Turkey? Will this Turkey learn to love the farmer who wants to chop of its head and eat it?

Turkey wants to control the oil fields in the Med

Turkey Declares Ownership On Half Of Eastern Mediterranean Waters


Turkey wants to control the water in Iraq and Iran



Turkey has purchased Russian S400



With friends like Turkey who needs enemies?  They have one of the largest standing armies in the world. No wonder Macron called NATO “brain dead”.   Then again, anything that upsets the god king Macron is OK in my book (LOL).  Turkey, please send some more rapeugees refugees to France.  You reap what you sow.  Even little Napoleon cannot stop the consequences of blow back.