Suspicious Observers also preach mantel decoupling.   I think that is extremely unlikely but we will see catastrophic seismic activity, extreme weather and local tsunamis all linked to the ongoing magnetic excursion and “space weather”.














Solar Storms & Earth Rotation (4 min)

Rapid Climate Change (6 min)

Eclipses and Catastrophes

Eclipses and Catastrophes

The April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse is Getting REALLY Weird… (9 min)

The Catastrophe Evidence (48 min)

As of March 2024, there are 5,504 Star link satellites in orbit, of which 5,442 are operational. Seems like more than 5,442 in this diagram..    Whatever happens they will be the first to go.  Remember when solar activity brought down more than a dozen satellites?


Signs of the Pole Shift

Signs of the Pole shift

Another Sign of the Magnetic Pole Shift (and more) | S0 News Feb.14.2024 (3 min)

Corrupting Uruguay (5 min)

You Should Question Climate Change! Here’s Why. w/Dr. Drew (8 min)

2/13/2024 — Live Earthquake Update — West Pacific Izu Ridge M6.1 , North Pole and Turkey (1:13 min)

No worries…electric cars will save the climate (lolz). Thanks Elon.

The GREAT electric car cover-up just CRASHED and BURNED | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (17 min)


Climate fear

Climate fear

Proton storm due

CLIMATE FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – Propaganda Machine – Adulterated Data – Fake News


The Solar Micronova is Going to Happen (19 min)

Massive Solar Eruption, Proton Storm, They Don’t Know Novae | S0 News (3 min)

Magnetic Excursion and food

Magnetic Excursion and food

NASA are deceptive liars (not all because some do not support the narrative) and Ben rightly takes their arguments apart which are superficial, cherry picking and straw-man arguments. They want us to believe that the sun and electromagnetism has nothing to do with climate which prima facie is a ridiculous notion that defies common sense.  Now I do not agree with Ben’s argument of a global tsunami caused by a decoupling of the velocity zones.  We are not undergoing a reversal but an excursion.   We will see increased volcanic and seismic activity and extreme weather.  A solar flare and a huge earthquake. Locale flooding and droughts. Changing weather patterns means changing crop growing regions which in turn means changing geopolitics and mass refugees.

Ben vs NASA | Brain-Scrambler Flashback (27 min)

Fruits and Grains Lost Across the Planet (Huge Price Increases Coming)-14 min

People Are Panic-Buying Rice As Stores Run Out In US After India Announces Export Ban (2 min)

Extinctions on Deck

Extinctions on Deck

Extinctions on Deck | Why Every Magnetic Flip Hits Hard (5 min)
No magnetic “flip” just a  magnetic excursion.

5 People Killed By Raging Floodwaters In SE PA – Geomagnetic Storm Watch – 7.2 Quake Tsunami Warning (10 min)

TSUNAMI Warning Issued After Massive M7.2 Earthquake Strikes Off The Coast of Southern Alaska (2 min)

Powerful M7.2 earthquake and tsunami waves hit Alaska, the USA (1 min)

7/16/2023 — Large M7.2 (M7.4) earthquake in Alaska — Seismic spread ongoing — West coast warning (22 min)

Every American Homeowner Needs to Watch This.(9 min)
 Are they using geoengineering?  Yes.  But of all the change that you are seeing most is natural.  Their attempts at geoengineering will be overwhelmed.  They can’t control what is coming but they will attempt to use it.