Excursion and Extinctions

Excursions and Extinctions

Magnetic Excursions – Mass Extinctions – Evolutionary Leaps (56 min)

G2 Geomagnetic Storm Watch – S2 Radiation Storm Ongoing – Heat Continues In The Southwest U.S. (10 min)

This Week in Volcano News; Hawaii’s Kilauea Erupts, Lewotobi Activity Increase (5 min)

The hurricane tears off the roofs of houses! Winds of 160 km/h cause panic (2 min)

Magnetic Excursions

Magnetic Excursions

Magnetic Excursions & Evolutionary Leaps – The Science Behind Evolutionary Theory – Facts vs Fiction

A very good video.  You can call it punctuated equilibrium if you want but I prefer rapid creation (lolz).  I believe that the changes are not random but acts of destruction and re-creation. There are periods when the earth is “without form and void” followed by the spirit “vibrating” on the face of the waters.  You want to call it plasma and radiation changing DNA then I am OK with that but it is not random.  It is the wisdom and the power of God at work. Beginnings and endings but every ending is a new beginning.

NASA: “EVERYONE’S Lying!! North Americas Worst Disaster Is About To Happen! (22 min)


I placed this comment under the video: 

Great video very informative. As we speak California is being inundated with snow. Drought will be the least of their problems. The climate models do not reflect reality because they do not take into account the ongoing magnetic excursion which influences the jet streams and the atmospheric rivers. The global electric circuit is changing and the geomagnetic poles are headed towards the bay of Bengal which will have a effect on the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) among other things. Space weather will have an increasing effect on the global climate (not the minuscule amount of CO2 we emit).

Indonesian Volcanoes

Indonesian Volcanoes

I enjoyed this video even-though it plays up up the fear.

The Largest Volcano Ever Is About To Crack Open The Earth (26 min)



Pole Shift at the Noah Event | 6000 Years Ago (4 min)

They blame the shifting Jet streams on the Arctic melting because you are driving your car. No mention of underwater volcanic activity.

Holdren : Warm Melting Arctic Freezes The US (1 min)