Losing the force and Losing your mind

Losing the force and Losing your mind


Losing Earth’s Magnetic Field – Major Health Problems (5 min)

Climate Conditioning


4.8 Mag Quake Rattles NYC, New Jersey – Deadly Nor’easter Cuts off Power To Hundreds Of Thousands (18 min)

Santorini Sudden Boom – Volcanic Smoke Rings – Antarctic Circumpolar Current – 57 Companies =80% CO2

Climate the Movie

Climate the Movie

It will get colder not hotter….

Winter Weather Alerts for 5 States – M7.4 Solar Flare – Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Climate The Movie (11 min)

Climate The Movie (1:19 min)

Safe Zones and Disaster Zones (16 min)

I do not hold to the theory of the mantel slipping and causing a global tsunami. However, there will be local flooding, volcanic and massive seismic activity  following a CME.  Is there anywhere “safe”?  Very hard to say, but one thing is certain…  it is not very sensible to live next to a volcano or on a plate boundary.

Earth’s Magnetic Field and Health, Quasars, Space Weather | S0 News Mar.21.2024 (3 min)


Rivers turn to Blood

Rivers turn to Blood

Blood Red Rivers Run on the Planet With Signs From the Past (14 min)



Travel Forecast For Thanksgiving And The Weekend – Kīlauea Unrest – The Ozone Hole Isn’t Recovering (9 min)

David Dilley:  We’re definitely going into a global cooling cycle | Tom Nelson Pod #173 (57 min)

The Galactic Current Sheet & Magnetic Field (4 min)

Return to the Dark ages?

Return to the Dark ages?

Return to the Dark Ages? | S0 News July.8.2023 (3 min)

Hottest Year on Earth Explained and What’s Next (24 min)

Iceland Eruption Likely In Next Two Days – Flood Alert, East Coast – 1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora (6 min)

Michio Kaku: “Pole Shift Is HAPPENING! Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Getting Weaker!” (32 min)


1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora Caused The Year Without A Summer In 1816 – When Will It Happen Again? (56 min)


Planet Defies Death

Planet Defies Death

Strong Earthquake Swarm In Katla Volcano, Iceland – 58 Earthquakes And Counting (4 min)

Planet Defies Death, Magnetic Field Behavior | S0 News June.30.2023 (3 min)

Crop Yields Down Planet Wide (All Major Growing Regions)-15 min

Doom porn from Future Unity….

This is not due to man made climate change but due to volcanic activity underwater and is caused by space weather as is the ongoing magnetic excursion see the link….(https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/notification-dont-miss-this/)

NASA: “North Americas Worst Disaster in 300 Years About To Happen in 2023!”(18 min)


Bad weather,falling satellites

Bad weather,falling satellites

600lb Satellite Plummets To Earth, Chance Of Hitting Humans -Severe Weather Threat, Winter Continues (20 min)


Spectacular Solar Tornado Eruption, Great News, Magnetic Field (4 min)


4/20/2023 — Deep Earthquake Unrest — Spread of new activity due — EAST COAST USA rare M4.5 (1:02)



Own the climate science

Own the climate science

The WEF told you that they “own the science”

WEF “we own everything including the science” (2 min)

Well the Greens and Labor have reached an agreement to put Australia in the dark ages.

Meanwhile, China…..

Meanwhile in the US…all that global warming goodness (lolz)

All Time Record Snow In Utah – More Sierra Snow – Ultra-Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse – The Nickle Boom (15 min)

Magnetic Field Molds the Earth | S0 News Mar.27.2023 (3 min)

This was very interesting….the magnetic field links with the outer plates….


Although this video is click bait fear porn it is actually quite informative. It is getting to the point where I hope that one of these does blow up (lolz).

SCIENTISTS WARN California Volcano Ready To BLOW! Long Valley could Trigger New Ice Age (21 min)


This is the follow up on the expanding earth video (which was very good). not watched it yet.

Hollow Earth? Probably Not – Expanding Earth Part 2 – Inner Earth Maps – Neal Adams Europa Evidence (56 min)



Chance of flares today

Chance of flares today

This is from https://spaceweather.com/

CHANCE OF FLARES TODAY: NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of M-class solar flares and a 10% chance of X-flares today, Feb. 16th. The likely source would be big sunspot AR3226, which has an unstable delta-class magnetic field and is directly facing Earth. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

A CME IS COMING: Yesterday, Feb. 15th, a magnetic filament straddling the sun’s equator erupted and hurled a partial halo CME toward Earth. Earth is the yellow dot in this NASA model of the approaching CME:

A similar NOAA model agrees: The CME should arrive during the late hours of Feb. 17th. First contact is expected to produce a minor G1-class geomagnetic storm, intensifying to moderate G2-class storming on Feb. 18th. During such storms, auroras can spill into the United States as far south as, e.g., New York and Idaho (55 deg. geomagnetic latitude). Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery
Spaceweather.com Newsletter

AURORAS OVER NEW YORK: This morning, a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured through the gap, sparking bright auroras as far south as New York. “It was a great surprise,” says James Perez-Rogers, who photographed the display at 1 am on Feb. 16th from the Ashokan Reservoir:

“The red color was not visible to the naked eye,” says Perez-Rogers, “but my camera picked it up easily.”

The “crack”–that is, an episode of negative BsubZ–was caused by a CME that passed close to Earth on Feb. 15th. South-pointing magnetic fields in the CME’s wake weakened Earth’s defenses against the solar wind, allowing the gaseous material to penetrate. Another CME expected to arrive on Feb. 17th could deliver a direct hit, creating even bigger cracks and brighter auroras.

Solar Ham