Hailstone records broken

Hailstone records broken

Winter 23/24 Forecast – Halo CME Headed Our Way! – Solar Cycle 25 Update – 35,000 Year Old Carving (14 min)


Europe Smashes Hailstone Records – Wildfire Explodes Near Vegas – Deadly Earthquake Swarm In Japan (16 min)


Dane Wigington: Geoengineering Gatekeeper and Chemtrail Scaremonger (2:08min)
I always thought he was a Gatekeeper not like Jim or Mike (who has now passed away). Never trusted him.

Magnetic Pole Shift | 5 Key Facts (8 min)


Magnetic Universe, Solar-Climate Models, Typhoon | S0 News Aug.2.2023 (3 min)


Climate Fakery Part 19 (8 min)

Climate Hysteria

Climate Hysteria

IPCC’s New Chairman Rebukes Climate Hysteria – Torfajökull Volcano Threat – Ancient Meteor Arrowhead (14 min)

Super Lightning Storms in the Magnetic Pole Shift (4 min)

Solar Flares, Odd Space Mystery, Ozone Impact | S0 News Aug.1.2023 (2 min)


Magnetic Pole Shift

Magnetic Pole Shift

The track of North pole shift looks strange to me.  It looks like it doubled back on itself to travel across Siberia? In any case I went and looked for a better model which I found here and I don’t think that the geographic poles will converge in the bay of Bengal or that they will somehow “flip” polarity.   However, their migrtion will cause seismic and volcanic activity and the jet streams will change (weather patterns). At some point the poles will start reversing and traveling back to their original positions as we emerge from the Galactic sheet.  The Arctic is ice all year round there is no land, only sea under the ice.  The geographic North Pole was therefore originally in the sea.

Magnetic Pole Shift | Where’s The Pole & Why It Matters (4 min)

Fracture zone

Fracture Zone

The latest from Dutchsinse:


More deep earthquakes  – of particular interest to me  was the earthquake on the fracture zone under Madagascar (timestamp=https://youtu.be/_01RwNEMSL8?t=2235) and his mention of the Indo-Australian plate.  He suggested that there was another plate boundary where the mid-ocean ridge is located.  This had me investigating and I found this:


After further investigation I found the following in which you can clearly see the Australian plate boundary.




Just like the establishment tried to censor Dutchsinse, so also the Observers were censored. It seems that main stream science cannot deal with these “upstarts” especially when the are proven to be correct time and time again.

They backed down after pressure from Ben’s supporters.  Here is the latest Observers video.