Zero Carbon is dead people

Zero Carbon is dead people

The Solar Killshot – Statistics and Timelines (4 min)

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Mass Extinctions Correlate With Magnetic Reversals, Population Bottleneck, Brunhes–Matuyama Reversal (56 min)


“We have no reason to be against nuclear energy other than prejudice & stupidity” – Dr Patrick Moore (26 min)

Geomagnetic Revolution

Geomagnetic Revolution

Having a quite chuckle to myself as I watch this video. I recommend that you look up the article that Ben mentions.  I have placed the abstract below:

Despite the importance for understanding the nature of the geomagnetic field, and especially its potential for radically disrupting modern civilization [1], virtually all scientific publications relating to it are based upon the false assumption that the geomagnetic field is generated in the Earth’s fluid core. By adhering to an outmoded paradigm, members of the geoscience community have potentially exposed humanity to globally devastating risks, leaving it unprepared for an inevitable geomagnetic field collapse.There is no scientific reason to believe that the geomagnetic field is generated within the fluid core. Convection is physically impossible in the fluid core due to its compression by the weight above and its inability to sustain an adverse temperature gradient. There is no evidence of ongoing inner core growth to provide energy to drive thermal convection or to cause compositional convection. Moreover, there is no mechanism to account for magnetic reversals and no means for magnetic seed-field production within the fluid core to initiate dynamo amplification.Earth’s nuclear georeactor, seat of the geomagnetic field, has none of the problems inherent in putative fluid-core geomagnetic field production. With a mass of about one ten-millionth that of the fluid core, georeactor sub-shell convection can potentially be disrupted by great planetary trauma, such as an asteroid impact, or by major solar outbursts or even by human activities, for example, by deliberate electromagnetic disturbance of the near-Earth environment, including the Van Allen belts. Furthermore, sub-shell convection disruption might trigger surface geophysical disasters, such as super-volcano eruptions [2-4].Scientists have a fundamental responsibility to tell the truth and to provide scientific understanding that benefits humanity.

Why am I laughing?  Because Ditchsinse and Ben and  other “non-scientists” having been saying as much for years.   How can you have “fluid convection” in the inner core under such immense pressure and temperature?  Obviously you can’t.  However, you can have some sort of nuclear reaction, or better still plasma – fusion reaction that omits electromagnetism.  Our inner core is a reactor.   Our electromagnetism is influenced by the sun which has a bigger reactor.  The sun is influenced by the electro-magnetism of the galactic sheet. The galactic sheet is influenced  by the dust and plasma in the electro-verse.  Everything is connected. There is no “dark matter” the reason you can’t find it is because it is not there. And climate change is not caused by cow farts or driving cars you numpties.  The state of science is pitiful. Absolutely corrupted and compromised to fit an agenda. Disgusting.

Geomagnetic Revolution, CME Impact, Dusty Cosmos | S0 News Jun.1.2021

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Finally the mainstream is catching up.  Perhaps they are going through a reversal of policy? Chance would be a fine thing. (lol)

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