Better or Worse?

Better or Worse?

Is LaPalma over the worst regarding the volcanic eruption?  Diamond from Magnetic reversal seems to think so but Bear is getting ready to evacuate his family and one commenter remarks;

"Reduced seismicity? There have been more 4 0 and above earthquakes measured around Cumbre Vieja in the last few days, than in all previous weeks of this event. Most of these quakes are being recorded below 30Km. Most volcanologists are saying this is an indicator that the eruption will continue unabated for weeks if not months".

Suspicious Observers also seems to think we will see an uptick and talks about the 4.6 M quake that recently hit.

La Palma Volcano Update: Eruption Continues With Decreased Activity – Annotated Lava Flow Map (4 min)

La Palma volcano update: eruption continues with decrease of activity La Palma Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION AT 20210919/1410Z ONGOING ERUPTION OBS VA DTG: 18/0300Z La Palma volcano update: Annotated latest lava flow map La Palma Earthquakes vs Depth Chart LIVE ­čîÄ LIVE: La Palma Volcano Eruption, the Canary Islands

Fastest Year on Record, Quakes Shake Bezos Mountain, Magneto-Biology | S0 News Oct.18.2021 (5 min)

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