Cemeteries Are Growing

Cemeteries Are Growing

Elensky, big risk to invade Russia. Ukraine moves closer to Mariupol. German tank language problem (40 min)

Summer Operations| Despair And Cemeteries Are Growing, Offensive stalled. Military Summary (19 min)

DNA Confirms: Prigozhin’s Dead / What Will Happen to Wagner Group? (2 min)

Neocon adventure in Niger risks big conflict in West Africa (17 min)






Poland and Ukraine

Poland and Ukraine

Taurus, the new wonder weapon. Forbes, Ukraine closes in on Mariupol. Vivek, lose yourself. U/1 (30 min)

A Polish-Ukrainian Union? + Black Sea Terror & the Impact of Cluster Munitions in Ukraine (13 min)

Summer Operations | Bloody Battles For Urozhaine and Klishchiivka Military Summary For 2023.8.13 (34 min)

Rus Kupiansk Offensive Resumes after Ukr Counterattacks Fail, Ukr Bakmut Loses Momentum (1:01min)

Germany wants to arrest Putin

Germany wants to arrest Putin

What a farce.

Germany, we will arrest Putin. Denmark denies Russia. Vucic, close to deal. US airlines upset. U/1 (28 min)


Putin Visits Mariupol. Ukrainian Troops Gas THEMSELVES. UBS asks for $6bn government guarantees (7 min)

WTF Is Happening? Vladimir Putin is wanted by the ICC! (33 min)


This proxy-war is the “Acme of Professionalism” (lolz, now they even use cartoon words)

U.S. General Says The Quiet Part Out Loud About Ukraine! (6 min)


Richard is correct.  Most people are brainwashed and clueless:

“Our Society Is Sick” | They Brainwash You About Ukraine (7 min)


Ukraine facing defeat

Ukraine facing defeat

Ukraine Facing Defeat; US Sends ‘Military Inspectors’ to Ukraine (24 min)

US Sending Moth-balled Gear to Ukraine as Russian Reinforcements Continue to Gather (19 min)

Scott Ritter: Crimea Bridge Attack Was a DUMB MOVE by Ukraine (4 min)


2022.11.05 The Oil Price Cap Idiocy (19 min)

U.S. Sending Nukes To Finland’s Border With Russia (6 min)



The Snowball Effect

The Snowball Effect

He could have called it the avalanche effect.  Russia will win this war on the ground but it could be turned into a strategic defeat if the Zelensky Govt refuses to negotiate thus forcing Russia to conquer the whole of Ukraine dragging in Poland and NATO.  This is what Kissinger warned (and dirt bag that he is, he is right).  It seems that the madmen in charge are determined to have nuclear war.

The Snowball Effect by Jacob Dreizin (24 min)

Russia Moves into Severodonetsk, Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses in Kherson, EU Split on Russia Oil Ban (32 min)

Denmark To Be CUT OFF From Gas. Russia Announces DEBT FOR ROUBLES scheme – Inside Russia Report (8 min)

No US Long-Range Rockets For Kyiv l Putin’s Troops Storm Severodonetsk l Mass Graves In Mariupol (6:47)

Is the Ukraine psyop already wearing off (Part 1) ( 9min)

War Progress

War Progress

SHORT: US Downplays Russia’s Slow and “Uneven” Progress in Ukraine (7 min)


SHORT: Russia is Destroying the Ukrainian Army US Spent 8 Years Building (6 min)

Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 06.05.2022 (15 min)

Russian Ship ‘Admiral Makarov’ HIT?! Exploring RUMOURS – Inside Russia Report (10 min)

Mariupol Like “Concentration Camp” l German Howitzers For Ukraine l Putin’s Men Down Su-25, MiG-29 (7 min)

After Moskva, Now Ukraine Missile Hits Russia’s Makarov Warship l Can Putin Break Snake Island Jinx? (7 min)