COVID health QR antiTrack

"Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority"
-Francis Bacon

You have permission to download and print the card for your own use. The QR code contains the link to this page.  You have permission to change the logo if you are in a different country but leave the QR code untouched. I have printed it in the format of a business card and done it online. They will send the cards back to my address in less than two-weeks. It only cost $12 for 25 cards.

When asked to sign in simply hold up the card and say;

 "I am OK, I have one of these".   

If they ask what it is, then give them a spare card and tell them to look it up.  No need for any arguments or drama (If you want anonymity use cash payments and wrap your phone in aluminum foil).

You have permission to change the logo if you are in a different country. So, download the image and make the necessary changes but leave the QR code untouched.

Card holder statement

The holder of this Covid health anti-track QR card can in all good conscious not participate in a lie. We refuse to perpetuate the ongoing hoax driven by a corrupted global medical establishment and exaggerated by a media fear propaganda campaign. We known that intelligence services and behavioral scientist are being employed to nudge public conduct and perception. We know the PCR test should not be employed as a diagnostic tool and we know that asymptomatic spread is a myth. We know that the “vaccine” is actually a gene therapy using mRNA and that it is being employed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) because this is a phase three trial. We known that the virus is being employed to usher in a New World Order and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  We know this and much more which we can back up with scientific evidence and data.   Therefore we refuse to participate in the ongoing lie.

We refuse…..

  • masks
  • standing on dots and/or socially distancing
  • using QR codes or , signing-in, and/or downloading track-and-trace apps
  • vaccination

 You should know….

That court cases are pending (there will be a Nuremberg 2.0)

You should also know that…

The vaccine does not stop transmission, nor does it stop infection. There will be no going back to “normal”.  It is therefore irresponsible to continue using the experimental jab because the risks far outweigh the benefits. Most people already have T cell immunity or cross-immunity. It is criminal to inject children who have statistically ZERO chance of dying from Covid.

And finally…

We have done our research and we know what is going on as the following study from MIT indicates.  The question is why don’t you know what is going on? Why are you playing along with and aiding the introduction of  totalitarianism? Is it fear or is it ignorance? If it is fear pray to God for strength. If it is ignorance educate yourself.

Bio-security state

Bio-security state

This is a really great show by Ryan but another long video (about 2.45 hours) the first section is about US foreign policy and at about 20-25 minutes discusses US support for terrorists. At about 50 minutes Ryan discuss Government plans to interrupt streaming broadcasts (mostly alt media on YouTube) with approved Government messages etc.  Very Orwellian. My favorite bit is the discussion of the  Scientific American article (at about 1.30 hrs on the second generation covid vaccines.  Below are some quotes from the article:

"But impressive as they are, these vaccines alone will likely not be sufficient to end the pandemic, experts say".

"And mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer’s and Moderna’s—touted by many as the future of vaccinology—have never previously been brought to market. “We don’t know what we don’t know".

"There are nearly 240 novel vaccine candidates in development, waiting in the wings for their moment. Here are a few that show the most potential".


Below is the video on YouTube  (he has the video on multiple platforms).

Below is  his website which includes extensive links to all the scientific articles and other video platforms in case the YouTube version above gets censored.

85% Of Masks May Contain Toxic Chemicals, Gov To Add Info During Live Streams & NYC COVID Detention


Vagabond -Daily Wrap

Vagabond -Daily Wrap

A short four hour show (lol).

Child Suicide Doubled, Fauci Exposed By Comedian & ‘Biggest Public Health Mistake We’ve Ever Made’

YouTube or should I say Jew-Tube the truth haters have just deleted the complete TLAV channel.  It can be found here:

And it can also be found on BitChute:




Website link:

0.00 Child suicide doubles
3.00 water crisis
27.00 Fauci lying about EUA
-herd immunity
-undocumented vaccinated
-healthy not at risk but can still spread it
1.00 UNESCO – The individual takes precedent over society and science
1.04 – lessening symptoms? You can still spread it.
1.06 still wear mask
1.09 still get it, still spread it
1.10 vaccinated people can have mask-less contact at home
1.12 how does the vaccine work if it does not stop spread (herd immunity)?
1.14 Asymptomatic hardly any
1.15 Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA never used before -Experimental
1.16 NIH Jan 12 Experimental vaccine Highly Effective
1.17 The speed is an example of scientific excellence
1.18 The mRNA platform already set up based on genetic computer code
1.19 effects rare and seen between 15-45 days no long term effects
1.23 residual DNA from human fetus
1.24 Bill Gates DNA mining using Covid
1.25 lasting natural immunity but vaccination immunity?
1.27 Bourla CEO calls Israel worlds biggest lab
Whitney Webb cancelled on Patreon
1.39 Ryan from Vagabond cancelled
1.40 website unlimited hangout hacked attacked
1.44 BitChute being blocked from twitter
1.45 Corbett cancelled on Patreon
1.46 Gates et al planned the censorship at Event 201
1.48 Biden address dark and dystopian
1.50 Biden speech
1.55 masks tests – they don’t make any difference
2.08 mask fascism -violent arrest
2.25 making children earn air-mask breaks
2.47 plastic shields
2.49 comparison states with and without mask mandates the same
2.50 mask compliance
2.53 PTSD
2.56 testing positive after Moderna vaccine
2.58 vaccine deaths
3.04 Pfizer says covid 19 vaccine likely to prevent asymptomatic infection
Israel world’s lab
3.06 no asymptomatic spread
3.07 blood clots
3.10 countries suspending Astra Zeneca
3.14 Catholic priest on experts
3.18 Excelsior pass NYC
3.20 virus mutates therefore never over
3.21 ACCESS CONSORTIUM – No safety data on vaxx for new variants
3.24 mutants in Italy
3.26 100% increase in child suicide no one cares
3.29 333.93% increase in self harm
3.36 plot curve shows no spikes
3.37 Croatia OK but no lockdown
3.40 Biden gov lets commemorate 1 year
3.41 Chris Whitty UK next winter
3.42 Stanford Doctor lockdown biggest Public Health mistake ever made
3.44 why millions of Americans will defy vaccines etc
3.55 Bolivia arrests former president for (UK/US) supported coup (to steal lithium) against ousted Morales
3.58 Israel/UK/USA behind ISIS and together with SA destroying Yemen

Video Source Links:

In Chronological Order:






MSM Fear-mongering


Vaccine Passports



US Foreign Policy


5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:

Cloth Mask Study

SOME of the mask studies on efficacy:

Medical Technocracy

Medical Technocracy


On this episode of Objective:Health we talk to Dr. Lee Merritt about the rise of medical technocracy and how Covid is an act of stealth warfare against our nation. The corruption of the medical profession and why the coronavirus vaccines are dangerous bioweapons being deployed against the people. Dr. Merritt has taken two oaths: the Hippocratic Oath and the Oath to the Constitution as a Naval Officer. She is in this fight to support those two oaths. Dr. Merritt studied bioweapons while serving as an orthopedic surgeon in the United States Navy for 9 years. And has been in the private practice of Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery since 1995, served on the Board of the Arizona Medical Association, and is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She is the author of Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through The Disaster of Obamacare and also authored an informative paper for the Journal of American Physicians & Surgeons The treatment of viral diseases: Has the truth been suppressed for decades? Join us as we talk in-depth about the history of masks, MRnA technology and effective treatments for viral disease, like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and vitamin D. Dr. Merritt’s website: Link to paper:… For other health-related news and more, you can find us on: ♥Twitter: ♥Facebook: ♥Brighteon:… ♥LBRY:

Adelaide Fiasco

Adelaide Fiasco

They put a “police task force” to investigate pizza guy (the so called virus spreader)…..and yet no charges are laid.  Why?  Because it is a big hoax to enforce mask wearing, lockdown and tracing and tracking with QR codes.  


QR Codes

They want to trace and track us everywhere just like China.  This has nothing to do with health it is the surveillance state.   Once they track you everywhere they can lock you down at a whim.   Covid passports will be next.  I have never seen the public so dumb.  Meantime they are switching on the 5G everywhere which is making people sick.

The biggest hoax in history

By now it should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that the authoritarian obsession with forcing masks on everyone has nothing to do with viral load, viral spread or health and safety.  It is a big lie.  The science tells you that it is a big lie.















Dr Death

Dr Death

My video about the visit to the doctor was removed from YouTube and they gave me a strike. I have now placed it on BitChute.


Group Conformity

Group Conformity

This is a must watch video and it leaves me with only one question. I wonder who is behind the psychological manipulation?    Must be someone one like Sigmund Freud the Jewish father of Psychoanalysis or his cousin Edward Bernays dubbed the father of marketing (propaganda).  Must be coincidence that I read a Tavistock article about fear programing written by a psychoanalyst from Tel Aviv.



Talk about predictive programming.  People really are dumb.