Round 2

Round 2

Get ready for more lockdowns, masks and vaccines.  And more deaths. Oh, you though that it was over?  Well, you sat around and did nothing while people dropped like flies. You ignored all the deaths and injuries.  You even called people who stood up names.  People who fought to show you that it was a bioweapon and who fought to tell you to resist.

Flawed Mask Study

Flawed Mask Study

They never stop lying and cherry picking facts do they?  They have to keep the fear going and what better outward sign of fear and compliance than wearing a mask.  For that reason alone I refuse. In the Bible the covering of the lip was a sign of being unclean.

 "And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Unclean, unclean" (Leviticus 13:45).

Do you think the people behind this don’t know that?  They are laughing at you.  If you are a Christian the whole armor of God does not include a mask.   Take the damn thing off….it will not save you.  Only God can do that.

Seriously Flawed Study On Masks Being Promoted (16 min)

Mid-term Ninja Variant

Mid-term Ninja Variant

Media pushing “MOST DANGEROUS” variant yet ahead of midterm elections | Redacted with Clayton Morris (16 min)

Bubba J has questions for President Biden about the new mask mandates! | JEFF DUNHAM (1 min)

Gigaohm Biological (March 26)

Gigaohm Biological (March 26)

I have called this one shifting the Overton Window because among other things J.C. demonstrates how Z-dog is subtly helping shift the narrative (and cover a multitude of sins). How they do it is quite masterful.  A bit like Russel Brand.  Was it Lenin (or Stalin) that said you control the opposition by leading it?   You tell just enough truth to gain confidence.  A bit like the serpent in Eden (lolz).

Shifting the Overton Window (2:41)

Children kept home

Children kept home

This is a long stream and it is uncensored so it comes with a language warning but everything Kevin says in the first hour is true. He is forced to keep his kids home from school because they are suffering an outbreak of acne after mask wearing (in Japan) for nearly a year. He does not want to keep putting antibiotic cream on their faces.  Skip the first 14 mins if you want to avoid the memes and the discussion with Jesse (former black-hawk Pilot) about the various criminal networks begins at about 1:38.

World War Covid

World War Covid

Two videos by Dr. Kevin McCairn the systems neuroscientist. They represent a total of ten hours viewing which I have summarized, edited and condensed.  Of course  that means that I had to leave out a lot of material but I have focused mainly on the science and left out much of the culture war stuff even though it is important.  We are being assaulted on multiple fronts.   Register for free and access the full videos here:

Due to You Tube Censorship The Full Stream Is available at the following link.

Another summary of a 5 hour show by neuroscientist Kevin McCairn. Original video: Saber Rattling, They’re Coming For Our Memes Boys, & Vaccine Madness With Prions On Top (28 July).

In this video (the full version) we see the push towards vaccine mandates and we see the poisonous, false and divisive narrative pushed by the AMA that the unvaccinated are to blame to which we add the CDC removing 6,000 covid deaths from their database and the bait and switch that they are about to do by admitting that RT-PCR was not picking up pneumonia and Influenza which will be solved by a new multiplex assay. You wait, when you are vaccinated and end up in hospital you will have “flu” and when you are unvaccinated you will have “covid”. This is never going to end.

Kevin likes the premise of the Classen paper but finds it disappointing as it is methodologically flawed.  I would agree with Kevin on this but would add that the data Classen is working with (the UK Yellow card system) is appalling.  The MHRA actually recruited someone high powered for the job and spent millions putting out a bidding contract for a company to collate diverse reactions using AI.  The database  they have now is shocking and the UK column have downloaded their data and made it searchable.  A single person could have up to three adverse reactions.  Can these three separate adverse reactions be traced back to the same individual?  Do the sequela relate to already present co-morbidity?  What is the chain of events and the chronology?  None of that is recorded.  Does anyone confirm the injuries (make clinical judgements and demand autopsies)?   NO.   It is almost as if the data base is set up to fail.  As if it was designed to make it impossible for you to join the dots.  So, I can perhaps excuse Classen (in part) because the data he was working with was so poor but it is unforgivable (scientifically) that he did not include a control.

A number of scientific papers are discussed. Of interest is the article discussing the ACE2 coding variants in different populations which demonstrates once again that we are dealing with race based weapons. Ashkenazi Jews have an advantage over everyone else. Kevin admits that perhaps they are being set-up but it is an important data point and nothing should be out of bounds. As Rixey the WMD expert so poignantly puts it…“It is time for everyone to drop their trousers and get swabbed”. We really need to get to the bottom of this (pun intended) and there should be no exemptions. No questions out of bounds. Critical Race theory and wokeness will not stop us demanding answers.

Kevin also compares Non-Pharmacological Interventions (PNI) such as mask wearing and lockdown and rightly observes that you should compare like with like. So compare Sweden with Norway and Denmark not with Mexico.  Kevin holds up Japan as an example of good PNI adoption.  When we consider that 28% of the population is over 65 they have done very well with the death count.  However, I am not entirely convinced as there are other factors at play including the fact that Asians (like Ashkenazi Jews) are much less susceptible, that they are less obese than westerners (therefore healthier)  and that the initial medical intervention was probably more effective and targeted.  Who knows?   All I know is that the mask has become a symbol of conditioning and oppression.


This is the Full video (12 minutes) that Kevin refers to right at the end:

Rumble — The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous

Kevin McCairn talks about Prions&Vaccine Madness (28 July 58 mins)


Kevin McCairn exposes the grifters and Drastic exposes China. This is a condensed version of a five hour show. Original video: Zombies, Bad Stats, DRASTIC & CCP, The Ashkenazi Race Weapon,, Vaccines (26 July). In this video (among other things) Kaufman is exposed for promoting the idea that viruses do not exist and that Covid is all propaganda. Of course there is a huge propaganda element but Kaufman is grifting and promoting himself.  Unfortunately the “resistance” has been penetrated by many con men (and women) which saps energy and credibility. Kevin shows historic footage (in the full video) of monkeys being incapacitated and dying  after inhaling bacterial and viral toxins. The idea that germs don’t exist is nonsense. He also shows clips (in the full version) of people having emotional meltdowns and lacking impulse control which points to Covid (and the spike protein vaccine) being neurotrophic agents hence the reason why included the section about chimps killing gorillas. Kevin is familiar with primates because he has experimented on them.

Kevin also takes The Last American Vagabond to task (in the full version of the video) because he refused to answer questions and lied (during a live stream) even-though they had a tweet onscreen confirming that he had said the opposite.  Some are just greedy conmen and others are IIA (interactive Internet Activities).  That is unfortunate because I have many videos from Ryan and TLAV on this website and TLAV is very closely associated with Whitney Webb another intelligence asset.  The problem is that they both present some very good information but they scrupulously avoid certain subjects such as the relationship between Israel and Russia and the technology transfer from Israel to China.  Brendon O’Connell is doing an expose on Whitney Webb as we speak.  TLAV and Whitney (and Alex Jones etc., etc) do present good information but they are limited hangouts.   They keep you trapped looking at covid, or arguing about masks, or exposing the democrats, or talking about Epstein…yada..yada..yada.

They want you distracted. They don’t want you to join the dots and see the big picture.  The big picture is that it is all about Israel-Russia-China-Iran and the Bridge and Road. It is the MacKinder World Island with Israel at the center. (the Bunting Clover leaf map).



That is why it is so important for them to maintain the false narrative that Covid has “natural” origins. That is why China is attacking DRASTIC.



But it is not just China and just the Democrats. This is a great game to enslave mankind and usher in the NWO and they are all involved as well as supra-national entities (WHO,WEF etc). But at the very center of the swamp is Israel which is the Rothschild forward fire base representing the pointy end of the banking and financial cartel (the old East India Company City of London) who used to rule the world.  They are using covid to destroy the global  economy and the US $ dollar as Reserve currency. They aim to break up America and usher in  a techno-fascist communitarianism.

Kevin McCairn exposes the grifters and Drastic exposes China

(26 July 43 mins)





The evidence is in and the data shows that lockdown and mask mandates did not work. We have real world comparisons.  We have states and countries that have locked down next to countries that did not and there is little difference in mortality rates.

Ivor rightly points out that Covid is seasonal like the flu and the variants are becoming less (not more) virulent.  Every hospital in England has the equivalent of one covid patient.  That is hardly a pandemic.  In Ireland more people are on the advisory body (NEFIT=SAGE) than there are in hospital. More people advising the govt how to stop the terrible pandemic than the handful that are actually in hospital.  Complete insanity….and people still play along.

Official Pandemic Advisor

Official Pandemic Advisor

Ivor interviews Professor Gordon Lauc who was the Official Pandemic Advisor to the Croatian Government. This is really very good and it reveals all the lies. I encourage people to watch this. I may not agree with everything but in his role as scientific advisor he was honest and  credible.  It demonstrates how utterly corrupt “the science” has become. When discussing the lab leak theory he says (at about 49 minutes)  that Covid is not dangerous enough as a weapon  I would agree with him on that. I had a similar objection until I realized that the weapon was binary. The vaccines are the other part of the weapon.

KILLER INTERVIEW - especially from 9 minute point!!! The return of super-smart Professor Gordan Lauc, official advisor to the Croatian Government on Pandemic Management Strategy (so NON-CENSORABLE). We cover everything important - revelatory - all safely based on published scientific papers, and official government reports.



COVID health QR antiTrack

"Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority"
-Francis Bacon

You have permission to download and print the card for your own use. The QR code contains the link to this page.  You have permission to change the logo if you are in a different country but leave the QR code untouched. I have printed it in the format of a business card and done it online. They will send the cards back to my address in less than two-weeks. It only cost $12 for 25 cards.

When asked to sign in simply hold up the card and say;

 "I am OK, I have one of these".   

If they ask what it is, then give them a spare card and tell them to look it up.  No need for any arguments or drama (If you want anonymity use cash payments and wrap your phone in aluminum foil).

You have permission to change the logo if you are in a different country. So, download the image and make the necessary changes but leave the QR code untouched.

Card holder statement

The holder of this Covid health anti-track QR card can in all good conscious not participate in a lie. We refuse to perpetuate the ongoing hoax driven by a corrupted global medical establishment and exaggerated by a media fear propaganda campaign. We known that intelligence services and behavioral scientist are being employed to nudge public conduct and perception. We know the PCR test should not be employed as a diagnostic tool and we know that asymptomatic spread is a myth. We know that the “vaccine” is actually a gene therapy using mRNA and that it is being employed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) because this is a phase three trial. We known that the virus is being employed to usher in a New World Order and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  We know this and much more which we can back up with scientific evidence and data.   Therefore we refuse to participate in the ongoing lie.

We refuse…..

  • masks
  • standing on dots and/or socially distancing
  • using QR codes or , signing-in, and/or downloading track-and-trace apps
  • vaccination

 You should know….

That court cases are pending (there will be a Nuremberg 2.0)

You should also know that…

The vaccine does not stop transmission, nor does it stop infection. There will be no going back to “normal”.  It is therefore irresponsible to continue using the experimental jab because the risks far outweigh the benefits. Most people already have T cell immunity or cross-immunity. It is criminal to inject children who have statistically ZERO chance of dying from Covid.

And finally…

We have done our research and we know what is going on as the following study from MIT indicates.  The question is why don’t you know what is going on? Why are you playing along with and aiding the introduction of  totalitarianism? Is it fear or is it ignorance? If it is fear pray to God for strength. If it is ignorance educate yourself.