The Crustal Slip Hypothesis

The Crustal Slip Hypothesis

Diamond from Magnetic Reversal and the Oppenheimer Ranch debunks the Pole flip hypothesis.  This theory sees the pole flipping up to the equator then back as the mantel monetarily releases  from the underlying zone.  This would cause a global Tsunami.  That is the theory propounded by Suspicious Observers which I believe is incorrect.  That is not to deny the magnetic excursion which we are experiencing right now, nor is it to deny a solar super-flare which causes massive seismic and volcanic activity. There will be earthquakes and tsunamis but they will be regional not global.  Moreover, many of the abrupt changes are caused by impactors (cometary debris).

World In Peril – Project Nanook – The Crustal Slip Hypothesis – Charles Hapgood – Chan Thomas – CH28 (22 min)

Everything Points to the Solar Micronova (6 min)


Mt Semeru Eruption & Pyroclastic Flows Trigger Evacuations – Mauna Loa Update – Greenland Record Ice (16 min)

Water Wars for Dummies (1:41)


Nice Weather

Nice Weather

Actually it is a nice day today and I will be doing more planting and gardening this afternoon.  All you can do is prepare, be thankful for every day and keep the faith.   Are we seeing the start of a mini-ice age?   A rapid warming?    A solar micro-nova?

Our weakening magnetic shield allows more cosmic radiation to penetrate, hence more seismic and volcanic activity.

10-15 Feet Of Snow Predicted For The NW – 40 million+ Under Severe Weather Threat – Mauna Loa Update (22 min)

11/29/2022 — Large M5.9 Earthquake and swarm at Alberta Canada Oil + Gas Ops & Mauna Loa Update (25 min)

The situation is made worse by the constant lying.

A Manufactured Disaster (5 min)

Will it get colder and stay cold?   The cold is far, far worse than warmth.  Ice-ages cause more droughts than warm periods.

Solar Storm Forecast, Tornados, Earthquakes, D-O Events | S0 News Nov.30.2022 (3 min)

Magnetic Pole Shift | Q and A Nov.30.2022 (6 min)


Not watched all the videos yet but I believe that it will get colder until the solar micro-nova kick starts a brief warming cycle.