Zelensky Screaming At Generals

Zelensky Screaming At Generals

Hitler does it better (lolz):


ICC Khan angers neocons. Baerbock in Kiev. Medvedev, hints capture & trial. Elensky kept in dark (38 min)

Kiev Panic Grows: MSM: Zelensky Screaming At Generals; Rus Advance All Fronts; Volchansk, Chasov Yar (1:16 min)

Presidency ends, mobilization begins (48 min)


Desperate and Reckless

Desperate and Reckless

Medvedev, no hiding for Macron. WSJ; Macron gets tough with Putin. Elensky needs 25 Patriots (31 min)

Rus Fighting Inside, Outflanking Chasov Yar; France Threats Rus Enter Ukr, Rus Says No; Lavrov China (1:22 min)

Ukraine’s Ammunition Crisis Persists as Western Desperation Grows (37 min)

Biden calls Netanyahu. Biden calls Xi Jinping (16 min)

Furious Putin

Furious Putin

Furious Putin Crocus Gunmen Captured, Terror Network Destroyed, Big Ukr Defeat ivanivske Falls (1:21 min)

Moscow, Crocus City Hall; 11 arrested, 4 terrorists captured. Medvedev, terrorists must be destroyed (27 min)


FAB-3000. Russia begins war. Macron, Ukraine will collapse (48 min)

Failure of British Policy in Russia – Ian Proud, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen (55 min)


Putin crazy SOB says Biden

Putin crazy SOB says Biden

So many jokes come to mind….

Biden; Putin crazy SOB, meets Yolanda. Ten lawyers endorse asset theft. Armenia suspends CSTO (36 min)

Ukr Defence West Avdeyevka, Rus Outflanks, Ukr Troops Despair; US/EU Escalate Failed Sanctions (1:15 min)

Legal experts green light Russian asset seizure. Medvedev, F16 warning (30 min)

The Fatal Flaw Undermining America’s Defense Industrial Base (42 min)

US Sanctions 500+ Russian Entities Over Navalny’s Death and Avdiivk… (4 min)

Russia-Ukraine war LIVE: US warns Iran against providing ballistic …


Russia Advances

Russia Advances

Rus Advances Avdeyevka, Marinka; Ukr Vuhledar Cauldron; US 5 Carriers Pacific, China Calls US Bluff (1:21 min)

Athens protests. Ukraine can’t maintain US weapons. Medvedev warns NATO/F16s. KGB punch to heart (40 min)


Russian confidence grows with Avdeyevka capture w/ Patrick Lancaster (32 min)

SnowStorm | Russians Captured Sieverne And Entered Ivanivske | Another Patriot Destroyed. 2024.02.22 (24 min)

Death of Ukraine

Death of Ukraine



I just got back from Ukraine, where I was visiting some friends. Everything we have heard about what’s happening in Ukraine is a lie. The reality is darker, bleaker, and unequivocally hopeless. There is no such thing as Ukraine “winning” this war. – By their estimates, they have lost over one million of their sons, fathers and husbands; an entire generation is gone. – Even in the Southwest, where the anti-Russian sentiment is long-standing, citizens are reluctant or straight-up scared to publicly criticize Zelensky; they will go to jail. – In every village and town, the streets, shops, and restaurants are mostly absent of men. – The few men who remain are terrified of leaving their homes for fear of being kidnapped into conscription. Some have resorted to begging friends to break their legs to avoid service. – Army search parties take place early in the morning, when men leave their homes to go to work. They ambush and kidnap them off the streets and within 3-4 hours they get listed in the army and taken away straight to the front lines with minimal or no training at all; it is “a death sentence.” – It’s getting worse every day. Where I was staying, a dentist had just been taken by security forces on his way to work, leaving behind two small children. Every day, 3-5 dead bodies keep arriving from the front lines. – Mothers and wives fight tooth and nail with the armed forces, beg and plead not to have their men taken away. They try bribing, which sometimes works, but most of the time they are met with physical violence and death threats. – The territory celebrated as having been “won back” from Russia has been reduced to rubble and is uninhabitable. Regardless, there is no one left to live there and displaced families will likely never return. – They see the way the war has been reported, at home and abroad. It’s a “joke” and “propaganda.” They say: “Look around: is this winning?”. – Worse, some have been hoaxed into believing that once Ukrainians forces are exhausted, American soldiers will come in to replace them and “win the war”. There is no ambiguity in these people. The war was for nothing – a travesty. The outcome always was, and is, clear. The people are hopeless, utterly destroyed, and living in an unending nightmare. They are pleading for an end, any end – most likely the same “peace” that could have been achieved two years ago. In their minds, they have already lost, for their sons, fathers and husbands are gone, and their country has been destroyed. There is no “victory” that can change that. Make no mistake, they are angry with Putin. But they are also angry with Zelensky and the West. They have lost everything, worst of all, hope and faith, and cannot comprehend why Zelenky wishes to continue the current trajectory, the one of human devastation. I didn’t witness the war; but what I saw was absolutely heart-breaking. Shame on the people, regardless of their intentions, who have supported this war. And shame on the media for continuing to lie about it.


Rus Advances, Ukr Retreats, FT: Ukr Losing Krynky, Medvedev: End Ukr State; Saudi Plan Alarms Israel (1:23 min)


Rus Missile Strike

Rus Missile Strike

Biggest Ever Rus Missile Strike Rocks Ukr; Medvedev, Lavrov: No Ceasefire, US Looking For Way Out (1:12 min)

Russia winter missile strike. Medvedev hints regime change. Tymoshenko makes move (17 min)

Graham, blow it off the map. Russian asset steal Feb 2024. Netherlands, prepare for war with Russia (42 min)

EX-CIA “Zelenksy’s time has RUN OUT and he knows it” | Redacted with Clayton Morris (11 min)


The war to end all wars

The war to end all wars

The war to end all wars. AP, Egypt warned Israel. Medvedev, Kiev black market. Kirby cries. U/1 (37 min)

U.S. Politicians Call For Wipeout Of Gaza! (21 min)


Israeli Rabbi Calls Hamas Attack “Inside Job” (44 min)



Putin Blames US Diplomacy; Israel Gaza Offensive, No Evidence Iran Involved; Avdeyevka Breakthrough (1:16 min)


ESCALATION! Hezbollah Joins Hamas Fight Against Israel (35 min)



Deep Intel on Why a US Carrier is Headed to the Israel-Hamas War (7 min)


The girl (body) in they back of the Hamas truck is still alive and in hospital

Genius Military Tactics

Genius Military Tactics

How Putin Used GENIUS Military Tactics to Defeat Ukraine Counteroffensive (22 min)



Rus Defends Russians, Odessa Rus City; Medvedev: West Talks a Trap; Kiev Freaks Out US Aid Dwindles

The Fall | Mass Deployment And Start Of Large Scale Ground Operation. Military Summary For 2023.10.6 (22 min)

Zelensky’s Wife Is NOT HAPPY About Applauding A Former N@zi (4 min)