Is the Djoke on us?

Is the Djoke on us?

What is the punchline on the novax djoke?

From the Australian:
The federal court has overturned the decision to cancel Novak Djokovic's visa, ordering the nine-time Australian Open be released from immigration detention within 30 minutes.

But Anthony Tran, representing the federal government, said Immigration Minister Alex Hawke was considering using his discretionary power to cancel for a second time Djokovic's visa.

Judge Anthony Kelly has overturned the decision of Australian Border Force to cancel his visa. The federal government will have to pay Djokovic's costs.

Djokovic is present and the hearing and said "yes your honour".

Now why cant the judges do something about the vaccines and about allowing IVM and HCQ????


Comments on twitter:

Novak gets in via exemption Court win and plays Nadal in the final… Couldn’t be scripted any better. Go drop a couple hundred on that. It’s exactly as they wanted, allegedly Compliant Nadal vs The Allegedly Evil Djokovic…That’s why they made Nadal condemn Novax in that clip..


Are we being played?

At this point who knows?  Perhaps novax will collapse on court due to Omicron  and beg to be vaccinated. Who knows?  It really is starting to look like the matrix.

Liars and Deceivers

Liars and Deceivers

The protests in Australia (and in many countries) are genuine. Ordinary people are sick and tired of the gaslighting and manipulation.  However, many of the protest movements have been infiltrated by liars and deceivers.  Many are agent provocateurs with their own agendas.

Below are a number of short videos (most less than a minute) from Aware Australia.  Do not let your genuine concern be abused and misused by these people.

Melbourne via Drone Sat 20th November 2021


Craig Kelly drops the Hakini Mudra – Diamond = 33


Romeo Georges 250k for what? Who’s your relative mate

Aussie Cossack calls for more Jabs (2 min)

Tanuki is clearly hired help!

Australia’s most useful Idiot is back

Kill the Bill

Kill the Bill

Kill the Bill (not kill Bill lolz).  This is about the recent protests in Melbourne.  This website is apolitical.  I do not vote and I do not support either the right or the left. I know who runs the world and it is not the politicians…, if you are right or left you have been captured.

If you are stuck in the  right-left paradigm then they have got you. They want you fighting each other and not them.   There is no left or right only up and down and you are down.   You are the untermensch.

Have the protests been hijacked by “right-wing” elements?   Well, doh!  Obviously they have and they are also using controlled opposition.  Remember the first attack on the twin towers…the FBI provided the explosives and encouraged the attack.  Do you think this is any different?   There will be counter intelligence operations.  There will be controlled opposition. There will be false flags.

However, the anger is genuine and people know this is totalitarian, draconian and evil.  Most of the people at the protests are genuine and cannot be dismissed.  The “emergency laws” have left politicians (bankers) unaccountable.

If you are still left or right………wake the hell up.

“We’ve Had ENOUGH!!” Australia’s SCARY New Pandemic Powers (11 min)

I am a bit wary of Russel with his 33 tattoo on his wrist and his recent 33 tour (lolz) but here he is spot on:


Australia’s most useful Idiot is back (5 min)

This from below the video:

Ana put this together on this stooge. Steve Booth - Melbourne Freedom Rally organiser along with Harrison McLean and Anthony Levchenko Hardly surprising this ones been rolled out again to flame the right wing rhetoric. Working along the Cossack. 😂😂😂 This one - 💯 FILMED staged arrests last year. With a little help from his friends - Rukshan - Focker How’s this - he vandalised Andrews office twice which was used by the media to sell us as right wing loons and the kicker is he walked away with zero charges. Some might allege that’s called an informer or useful idiot. And the video of the kid hurling abuse at Sutton the other day. Came from Anthony Burge which went to the MSM. Burge was Booths accomplice in the Andrews vandalism. Funny how it works. The oldest tricks in the book. For the record his no Freemason just taking the piss. Just a very naughty boy 😂 Tell us about Paradise Gelato Steve? Highly recommend watching this



Earthquake Victoria

Earthquake Victoria

Not just a political earthquake but a literal earthquake in Melbourne.  Dan Andrews must be pooping himself.


Looks like Andrews is going to need his construction workers


How it started

How it started

Don’t let the media tell you lies.  It started because vaccines were mandated for constriction workers.  They shut down construction sites.  Labor and Union management backed Andrews.

Thw workers have had enough.  Even of their own union.  And labor has back-stabbed them.  All politicians are traitors.  People are waking up and turning.  A tipping point has been reached.


Live Feed protest Melbourne

Live Feed protest Melbourne


This is the construction workers union (CFMEU). They have gone against their own union management. The CFMEU are labor and act as the support base of Dan Andrews. They are turning against him (lolz). They are being portrayed as selfish and ignorant by the media. One of them just got asked why they are marching. He said (paraphrased);

 "We are not anti-vaxx we are pro choice. This should not be mandated especially not for children.  They are our children.  They do not belong to the govt.  We decide"

Freedom Day

Freedom Day

Please remember that all the vaccine mandates, mask mandates, vaccine passports, propaganda and the beatings are for “your health.”   The beatings will continue until morale improves.









Let us spray

Let us spray

Don’t know what to make of this?   Flying patterns over Adelaide and Melbourne.  It could be spraying in country areas but in the suburbs?   What are they doing?  Looks suspicious to me. My wife noticed a lot of aerial activity lately.  White hats or black hats? Could be killing disease carriers like mosquitoes? Could be spreading something? Could be mass medication? Or it could be a vivid imagination.


Sydney & Melbourne Protests

Sydney & Melbourne Protests

You know the saying;

“The revolution will not be televised”

It is not just that the MSM is spreading propaganda but they are deliberately not televising the protests which are vast in countries like France.


Freedom Rally

Freedom Rally

I place this video as a warning.  Be very careful and critical of everything. The internet is full of IIA (Interactive Internet Activities -see article below) and all movements have been penetrated by operatives in order to control them.   They are bad actors be on the look out (BOLO). Shortly I will do an article on the spiritual awakening that is now obviously happening.  This is also being controlled by a “New Age” -Gnostic-type movement that is ecumenical and wants Noahide laws.  It is all controlled – a one world government needs a one world religion.  Be careful because there are many “false prophets” – article to follow shortly. Here is the video with my comment:

Melbourne Worldwide Rally for Freedom


Very good expose. It demonstrates that the "Freedom Rally" and "blockchain" have been penetrated by operatives. Blockchain is supposedly the domain of anarchists opposed to centralized control of the monetary system. I suspect that it was a CIA-Mossad op from the start. There is no such thing as anonymity or privacy now that we have quantum computing any encryption can be broken. Alison McDowell is correct (and brilliant). They are sucking in the remaining wealth and then "poof" its gone. The CB's will book no competition. I support the freedom rallies as well but this lot of controlled opposition are despicable and they will try to undermine and steer ordinary people in a direction they should not go. Despicable...and yes many of them are free masons. Keep up your good work....will place this on my blog and will tweet it out. Still have to join Telegram busy. Cheers.


Interactive Internet Activities (IIA)