Ooh La La

Ooh La La

The cheese eating surrender monkeys are taking some heat…


Macron’s dangerous escalation with Russia (24 min)

Ukraine Terrible Day: Missiles Rock Kiev, South Avdeyevka Lost,18 Tanks Lost; NYT US-Iran War Coming (1:29 min)


The Rising Threat of Russia’s Thermobaric Arms (8 min)


Larry Johnson: REAL REASON Why Ukrainians CANNOT Stop This War Even… (30 min)


Scott Ritter: The Ukraine Scam is Coming to an End (49 min)

Parkinson’s Disease and CJD

Parkinson’s Disease and CJD

Discussion of a scientific paper and a roundup of the latest news.

Ukro-Mercs & Frontal Fails, RFKjr Townhall, Parkinson’s Disease & CJD, Similar or Different? (1:56)

RFK Jr is saying all the right things:

Russia: 50 soldiers, 2 Generals, 20 foreign mercenaries killed | Russia-Ukraine War | WION News (2 min)


Russia story time

Russia story time

Russia is portrayed as defaulting on its debt  and destroying a shopping mall.  You would think they would a least make an effort with their propaganda. Add to this that Russia is also supposedly preventing the export of grain.  The problem is that most people will not investigate and just suck up the false stories from the TV.

What REALLY Happened At Kremenchuk? – Inside Russia Report (14 min)


Russia DEFAULT Announced. Britain threatens WAR if Mercenaries SHOT Media claims. (17 min)


First Foreign Ship Sails From Mariupol Port, As Mariupol Starts To Rebuild (10 min)


New World Order Coming

New World Order Coming

This is the latest stream by Dr Kevin McCairn and this is one of the videos that he features:

And here is a short video by Paul Watson on the British “mercenaries” who are being fooled to fight in the Ukraine (8 min):

This stream is only 1.5 hours long: