Labyrinth of Corruption

Labyrinth of Corruption

There are  numerous horror games and movies called Labyrinth and in a previous stream Dr McCairn analyzed the Expose article showing that the DOD had funded Covid 19 research before the pandemic out break.The name of the company that received the award was LABYRINTH GLOBAL HEALTH INC. Here is the the original article and stream:

DOD Funding COVID19 Research In Ukraine

Since that stream Mark from Housatonic has done some digging on Labyrinth.

Labyrinth global health inc Chief science officer was previously executive VP of Metabiota (1 min)


And there you go…a link to Metabiota….color me surprised.  The usual suspects.  Another thing that Mark suggested during the stream was that there were portable labs that vanished from Iraq (remember the hunt for WMD?) and he suggested they were airlifted using the gigantic Ukrainian Antonov cargo planes to Ukraine.

DOD Funding COVID19 Research In Ukraine

DOD Funding COVID19 Research In Ukraine

The Expose has dropped some sensationalist stories in the past but this looks legit as they connect many of the same dots that we have already established.  In this nearly three hour stream Kevin attempts to establish the bona fides of this new intelligence. One thing is certain the US spending tracking website is an official site and does  point to funding a Covid project in 2019. There may have been Dynamic changes to contract titles on the website so that they were backdated to reflect current spending so someone needs to FOIA  if (and when) any changes happened…but the website is real and official and the links are there to the EcoHealth and Metabiota etc programs. My website is mentioned at 01:30 and the Homeland Defense debrief of Serguei Popov in 2000.

Here are the links to the major themes:

DOD Funding COVID19 Research In Ukraine In November 2019 – A Look At The Breaking Expose Report (2:42)

Rough Running order:

00:00 US DOD awarded a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine before pandemic
01:00 Houseatonic:Strange links between Ukraine and Liberia (Metabiota)
01:04 Nathan Wolfe virus hunter
01:15 Dr. Annelisa Marcelle Kilbourn killed in plane cash
01:19 Tissue digesters-Biosafe
01:23 Leaking Labs
01:27 Antonov lab transport?
01:31 <a href=””>Serguei Popov 2000</a>
01:39 Remdisivir Execution – Robert Malone
01:45 Bourla Moonshot Book
01:50 There may have been Dynamic changes to contract titles but someone needs to FOIA the if (and when) the changes happened
01:52 Drones and toxins?
01:54 George Webb says that Kissingers daughter a member of the board on Metabiota
01:55 Military Drones (chinese)
01:57 Round-table comparing notes
02:00 the Whistles are a higher pitch
02:01 Spent as much on HIV research as on the moon landing
02:02 Comments…
02:06 US Amrid flooding
02:12 The Malone question
02:18 George Webb on Kissinger daughter
02:26 The Ukraine is the New Israel
02:27 war porn
02:39 Censorship pressure on Rumble

Deep Fake War

Deep Fake War

This stream is short (1:50) and I suggest you skip the Boergle memes at 53 min and “fan mail”  but look at the massacre footage at about 30 min.  You will see food aid packages from Russia in the background. The people killed were wearing white armbands (not blue) and murdered by Ukrainian forces three days after the Russians withdrew.  They were murdered for “collaborating” (accepting aid) from Russians.

Moon  of Alabama has the timeline which suggests that the massacre occurred three days after the Russians withdrew. Apparently Russia has requested a UN meeting about the Bucha massacre which is being blocked by the UK.

At 44 min a report with George Webb on Akhmetov’s company Metabiota.

This post by Escobar may well be counter-pro but the Metabiota connection is interesting.

At 1.00 hour Bernard-Henri Lévy the Sephardic French-Jewish Intellectual and war-whore who wrote the book De la guerre en philosophie (2010) in which he unknowingly cited a satirical work is found hanging out with the Nazis at Azovstal.  The French write that on board the downed helicopter near Mariupol there may have been two French intelligence officers who died.

The three papers discussed are:

Omicron breakthrough infection drives cross-variant neutralization and memory B cell formation

Branch retinal vein occlusion in a healthy young man following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination

Small fibre peripheral alterations following Covid-19 detected by corneal confocal microscopy

The stream now has linked time-stamps (see below the video) that take you to the Dojo version of the video.

  • 00:02:57 Start
  • 00:08:17 Tweet: «A Ukrainian telegram channel with over a million followers published this “exclusive” video of troops shooting down a Russian jet.»
  • 00:10:27 News: «Boris Johnson will seek to galvanise a tough allied response as Russia is accused of massacring civillians in Ukraine.»
  • 00:20:07Scott Ritter in The Duran
  • 00:27:00 News: «Joe Biden on Putin: “You may remember I got criticized for calling Putin a war criminal. Well, the truth of the matter — you saw what happened in Bucha.”»
  • 00:29:00 Video: «Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva said that the tragedy in Bucha was prepared by the SBU, and plnanned by the British Intelligence MI6.»
  • 00:33:00 Tweet: «More pics from a diplomat who tried to flee Ukraine with 68,000€, 140,000$, 12kg gold, 13,8kg gold jewellery and a large number of cigarettes.»
  • 00:33:45 Tweet: «Official video from Ukrainian National Police showing them entering Bucha on April 2, 2022, to “mop up area of saboteurs & Russian collaborators.” Except for one body very early on, before entering Buscha, not a a single body seen on the street.»
  • 00:38:35 Tweet: «Why is Russia demanding an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss alleged War Crimes in Bucha and why is the UK refusing it?»
  • 00:44:00 Tweet: «Mariupol 1/3…3/3 This is going to be the explosive story fo the whole 404 saga, not the Bucha false flag. Yes, there’s an array of NATO honchos still holed up with the Azov neo-nazis in the bowels of Azovstal. Yes the key is what was going on in this underground 8 floors down. Civilian prisoners of the “Biblioteka” at Mariupol airport said they were constantly threatened to be sent to a pit – from which they would never return. The “pit” may have been a NATO-run underground bio-lab at Azovstal. Avostal owner Akhmetov is freaking out. Bio-military experiments in 404 were carried by Akhmetov’s company Metabiota. The Russian Investigative Committee is frantically collecting evidence for a real, upcoming Nuremberg Trials-2. So the real story of the sinister “pit” will emerge soon.»
  • 00:49:09 Tweet: «We know Putin’s “trigger” biolab was Kharkiv in the North. What was Putin’s “trigger” biolab in the South? Azovstal vs Berdyansk? Pepe Escobar says Azovstal. I still am sticking with Berdyansk, British Navy and MI6 sea drone play pen.»
  • 00:52:26 “The Nathan Wolfe pictures with Ghislaine Maxwell will go down in History”
  • 00:53:00 Meme pause until 01:00:00
  • 01:00:30 Tweet: «They write that Bernard Henri Lévy, the architect of all the color revolutions of recent years, including the Ukrainian Maidan 2014, is hiding along with the Nazis at Azovstal. They will try to pull him out of Mariupol under the guise of a “hostage” of Azov.»
  • 01:06:04 News: Arnab’s Global Debate, GD Bakshi
  • 01:13:11 News: “North Korea condemns South Korea’s remarks on military ability, warns of destructive action“
  • 01:27:21 News: «One in seven dire Covid cases may result form a faulty immune response. Two new studies link some severe infections to genetics and the autoimmune reaction that attacks the body’s own defenses»
  • 01:27:59 News: Covid zombie “Southwest passenger arrested for masturbating four times during flight”
  • 01:33:30 Paper: “Omicron breakthrough infection drives cross-variant neutralization and memory B cell formation”, BioNTech
  • 01:35:45 JC Couey’s criticism of the primate paper and the mouse micro-injection paper
  • 01:45:30 Paper: «Branch retinal vein occlusion in a healthy young man following mRNA Covid-19 vaccination»
  • 01:46:28 Paper: «Small fibre peripheral alterations following Covid-19 detected by corneal confocal microscopy»

Jaxen Report

Jaxen Report

If you watched the last HighWire on this blog you will have already seen this but I thought it was that important that I cut this section out so that I could make 2 min tweets.  It is 30 mins long and is recommended watching.  The FDA is trying to force 5th and 6th vaccines (boosters) based on an Israeli study whose author admits it is ineffective.  All cost and no benefit.  This is criminal.  We also learn that Pfizer was forced to release the next tranche of documents so looking forward to new revelations. .  The report concludes by digging into Ukrainian bio-labs, Hunter Biden and Ecohealth -Metabiota connections. A very good report.