Flying cars and bike mountains

Flying cars and bike mountains

These videos are all on the topic of the enigma that is China. I am trying to present both sides of the argument and the propaganda is thick on both sides. 

China plans to dethrone the dollar (14 min)

This video (below) contains useful information but O’Connell has over-simplified and underestimated  the determination and power of Russia, China and Iran.

Since this video was made Russia has ground up Ukraine (and all of its NATO support) in the meat grinder that is Bakhmut. Russia is not a “gas station” with Nukes. And the Rouble did not dissolve into Rubble. If anything Europe is breaking under the tensions and facing de-industrialization.  Militarily China is no match for the USA but it does not need a Navy. Russia has demonstrated the power of missile and drone technology and the denial of airspace.
Ukraine is running out of missiles and artillery shells supplied from the West and it will
take a time to replace as they do not have the manufacturing capacity of China.
China does not need carrier battle groups it has built Islands in the China sea that function as aircraft bases.  Moreover, China is exercising soft power and has helped the peace process between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.  Russia has essentially defeated the Western policy and brought peace to Syria. China has got problems but so has the West. O’Connell is correct about this being about the multi-polar world order and he is correct about the Central Banks /WEF etc recruiting people like Putin etc., but Russia and China are not playing the game and are seizing the main chance. The Russians and Chinese have long memories. They remember the century of shame and Russia remembers the damage caused by the Bolshevik revolution. So perhaps it is not going as smoothly as they want. Perhaps the rest of the world has become sick of the “rules based order” (rules for thee and not for me”). And a reminder about American military might. It was Russia that crushed Germany in WW2.

How ironic that Brendon O’Connell calls Mexico intelligence central because that is where he lives along with many other “alt media” stars. And what is happening about his so called “UN refugee status” that he goes on about? Nothing. How does he travel? He must have an Australian passport he certainly has an Australian bank account. What he says about gold and silver is only partly true. It is not fiat and has held its value for thousands of years. Yes, they will try to confiscate it but it will hold its value and it can be privately traded and will always remain a  store of wealth that cannot be deflated like fiat.

186. China Collapsing – The World Economic Consequences (1:02)

Flying cars and bike Mountains

China is a place of contradictions and propaganda.  Wonderful flying cars (sic) and mountains of discarded bicycles caused by centralized investment.

China’s New $156,000 Flying Car FINALLY Hitting The Market! (14 min)

China is going green (lolz).  Is there any hope for humanity?

The Kill Box

The Kill Box

Highly Recommended.  I know this is not fake because many of the things she says have already been independently established.  This is truly shocking. Spread it everywhere.(16 min)

💥🔥 HUGE! Public Health Worldwide Has Been Militarized Creating “Kill Zones” For Global Depopulation and Control!

On January 24, 2023 Katherine Watt was an attendee at a press conference that discussed the ongoing emergency use rollout of bioweapons being marketed as Covid vaccines. She discussed the legal framework for which this is happening and provides ways to circumvent the WHO/BIS/DOD initiatives that undermine sovereignty. To follow her work and ongoing research, please go to:
Click here for the document describing the kill box:
The original press conference can be found here:
Please also take a look at this document from Silent Partner Media:



Kevin vs. Grifters

Kevin vs. Grifters

Target for lab work achieved

$5000/$5000 Raised



They keep popping their head up and distracting people.  It is like playing whack-a-mole.  I encounter them all the time.  Like I said to one of the “viruses do not exist” cult…you are helping the enemy get away with using a GOF bio-weapon.   Some of these people are signal boosted on the internet because they are a psy-op.  Others are just in it for the money and they are also not censored because the intelligence services want disinformation out there. Do you think the military would spend millions of $ over decades investigating viruses for bio-warfare if viruses were not real?  Utter nonsense. The people who support the “viruses are not real” narrative is like saying it is OK to walk through the mine field because mines are not real (lolz).   They are in denial and have blood on their hands.

Koch’s postulates was published in 1890. We now have Proteomics, gene sequencing, immunohistochemistry, EDX, Northern Blot and Electron microscopy (EM) to name but a few techniques. The spike protein has been found in the brain it can use the vagal nerve pathway.

The response was that stomach acid destroys the virus and the gut replenishes in two weeks but we carry a kilo of bacteria in our gut flora…which is why people fart when they are dead (lolz).  The virus is real…it is dangerous and it was made in a lab and released.


Rattling The Viruses Aren’t Real Grifters & Testing Equipment Before Lab Visit (2:31)

Worldwide Military Movement

Worldwide Military Movement

As the Covid narrative fails it will be replaced by other narratives such as hyperinflation and shortages and war.  They are all positioning themselves.  None of these superpowers can stop what is coming.  If the climate changes rapidly you can’t grow enough food.  All empires and dynasties fall because of natural climate change.   They are all positioning themselves for the coming New World Order.

P.s.  Flash Bang = Joe Biden

Gravitas | Ukraine, Russia crisis: Putin, Xi send joint message to NATO (5 min)

Gravitas: US deploys 3,000 soldiers to Europe (7 min)


Hold the line

Hold the line

Mandates are being reversed in many countries. It is only a matter of time and the truth will be exposed.  They cannot hide it indefinitely.  Vaccine injury databases like VAERS have often been dismissed with remarks like “anyone can fill in a VAERS report.  That is patently untrue , however, we have another database that is strictly controlled -namely the military database. The military even have their own doctors etc. and now whistleblowers have come forward and leaked the shocking data.  The whistleblowers are not anonymous, they are military personnel with access to the data and they have been offered legal protection for their testimony.  The military is trying to cover up the deaths and injuries.  This is corruption and malfeasance of the highest order.



The Bombogenesis storms that are suddenly appearing are thought to be Geo-engineered by some (like Mike Morales) and that is distinctly possible but we cannot discount the weakening magnetic shield and global electric effects.

Whatever the case might be it is looking pretty bad.

Military Will Be Called First Week of Feb to Deliver Food to N.E USA (14 min)

Record snow dump blizzard with 3+ feet of snow paralyzing the East Coast, but Maine is effectively cut off from re-supply as Canadian truckers stop driving and roads are impassable with six feet in that state recorded. Already emptied store shelves, the most reliant state in the US on food imports couple this with supply chain breakdowns. THE MILITARY WILL NEED TO BE CALLED IN TO DELIVER FOOD IN MAINE USA.

Huh?  Suddenly disappeared?

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Shelves full, but prices rise at Ottawa grocery retailers… Nor’easter pushes Atlantic City past snowiest January on record… Photographer captures formation of ice crystals in stunning detail… Storm Kenan –5,000 flights grounded East Coast blizzards & power cuts… Snow totals approach 2 feet as storm brings Northeast to standstill… Temperatures could set record lows in Florida… Arctic chill to bring 30s for first time in 11 years to Miami… Ottawa could see its coldest temperature since 1996… Natural Gas Weekly Update… Blizzard snow totals in Maine: a town-by-town look… Seacoast digs out from blizzard… Maine imports more food than any other state in the continental United States… Nearly 100-mph wind gusts reported inside nor’easter Massachusetts…

Watch this instead:

Vortex? (1:16)

Here is Mike’s sixteen day forecast and he is still standing and still fighting.  They took his internet down but he has it back now.