Russian missile Attack

Russian Missile Attack

Russian Missile Hit Ahead Ukraine Offensive + Kiev’s Obsession Over Territory Amid War of Attrition (29 min)

A change in targeting strategy on the Russian side (31 min)


Ukraine BATTERED By Missile Strikes. Wagner Threatens To Abandon Bakhmut Amid Ammo Row.(20 min)

Zakharova warns Poland. Szijjarto crushes Elensky. Podolyak warns China. Merkel’s Minsk 180. U/1 (31 min)

Destruction of Ukraine

Destruction of Ukraine

Let us call a spade a spade.   Ukraine is being dismantled by a Jewish cabal.  Whether that is Nuland and the neocons, or the clown Zelensky  or the corrupt  bankers like Blackrock or the corrupt Jewish Federal reserve or SBF and his ponzi.  These people have no compassion.

Missile strikes. Georgia withdraws foreign agent law. Nord Stream sabotage good for EU. Joe TZU. (31 min)


Nord Stream NYT story, McCarthy snubs Zelensky, modified MiGs (40 min)

Happy New Year Ukraine

Happy New Year Ukraine

Pity the poor people of Ukraine….both on the Ukrainian and Russian sides.

New Year Missile & Drone Strikes Continue Across Ukraine as NATO Recognizes Scale of Conflict (17 min)

WATCH THIS if you support Ukraine(21 min)



Oil Embargo Day!

Oil Embargo Day!

Oil Embargo Day! Biden “Ready For Talks”. 2 Girls VIOLATED By Polish Mercenaries IGNORED By Ukraine (15 min)

Russia Launches Big Missile Strike, Ukraine Bakhmut Losses Grow, Scholz Macron Talk Peace (48 min)

SITREP 12.5.22 – Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire. (36 min)